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Arturo Commando, pdx indymedia radio reporter, arrested in NYC on Tuesday

Well-loved and much-listened-to pdx indy radio personality Arturo Commando was arrested Tuesday in NYC. Arturo had been calling in reports from the streets during the chaos in the Union Square environs [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ], and was apparently swept up during the mass arrests there or in Herald Square [ 1 | 2 ]. Arturo is one of at least a dozen indymedia activists who have been arrested in NYC, where police have been targeting alternative media, legal observers, and medics.

From the Free State of Cascadia, we send all our love and best wishes to our dear brother Commando, and look forward to seeing him again soon, healthy and safe and happy.

NYC indymedia reporters arrested earlier in the week of actions were held for over 30 hours in unsanitary spaces without enough food and water. Other arrestees have also reported poor treatment during detention. Hundreds of people remain in custody at Pier 57, where large detention cages have earned it the moniker, "Guantanamo-on-the-Hudson".

Updates about Arturo, and other political prisoners in NYC, will be posted to this website, and to NYC Indymedia, as they emerge.

Archives of Arturo Commando's radio shows can be found here.

Jail Support 01.Sep.2004 12:58


Who is organizing jail support? I was planning leaving today but decided I might just send my money for the plain ticket for getting people out of jail. Please post a contact in pdx. Would like to organize fundraiser ASAP.

Jail Solidarity 01.Sep.2004 13:22

secret in nyc

Please please please call these numbers...we need as many people put the pressure on. Everyone in jail needs your support, and the phone call or fax is so easy to do. These arrests were illegal and illegitimate like Bush's presidency. I am begging everyone to flood the phone lines for Arturo and all the brave people in jail.

Appended below is an example letter you might fax or email to the following city offices, or use to structure a telephone call. Feel free, of course, to express your outrage in your own terms. Feel free to call other decisionmakers, but a deluge on the following three might
be most effective.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
or call
(646) 610-5410
FAX: (646) 610-5865
NYC Police Switchboard
Ask for Commissioner`s office

Department of Corrections Commissioner Martin Horn (Jails)
(212) 266-1212 or (212) 361-8977
FAX: (212) 361-8985
Email:  http://www.nyc.gov/html/mail/html/maildoc.html

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau
(212) 335-9000
FAX (212) 335-9168

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
(212) 788 7418 or (212) 788 3000
FAX (212) 788-2460 or (212) 788-9711
E-MAIL:  http://nyc.gov/html/mail/html/mayor.html


Dear [decisionmaker],

Over a thousand people were arrested yesterday in NYC. In moves that echo the imperial practices of U.S. foreign policy, the NYPD preemptively and in some cases violently arrested hundreds of dissenters, a clear attack on political expression. Combined with exceptionally unhealthy conditions in detention, unlawfully delayed periods before arraignment or release, and excessive bails, these arrests and the concomitant legal harassment undermine the ability of our movements to organize political dissent.

We will resist the militarization of our streets, our cities, our lives.

We will act in solidarity with those arrested, those abused, in this country and around the world. In specific, we will ensure that you and others responsible for oversight of the NYC police and corrections departments will either curb this illegitimate use of power, or pay a heavy political price. This story will not die. The pressure will not cease, until you respond effectively in defense of civil and human rights.

* Transfer all detainees out of the toxic Pier 57 warehouse.
* Release and drop the charges of those illegally arrested without clear warning or ability to leave.
* Reduce exorbitant bails (up to $200,000) to appropriate and reasonable
* Negotiate with all arrestees engaging in jail solidarity and
withholding their identities. Allow them to occupy rooms together, to
speak collectively to their lawyers, and to bargain directly with the

In solidarity with all political prisoners,
[your name]

arturo ok 01.Sep.2004 15:32


nyc legal spoke with commando- he says he is ok. he has been booked- I don't know charges. He is expected to be out within the next 12 hrs. We miss him.

thanks arturo 01.Sep.2004 21:11


i just wanted to thank arturo for being out there and for his reports from the field. wish i could be there, too. hope all is well and i will see you soon.


Arturo Here 02.Sep.2004 17:26


Hey folks,
Thank you for your support, I just wanted to say in person that I am ok and doing well. There are still hundreds in jail under horrible conditions and need your support. As of now I am catching up on sleep from not sleeping for about 36 hours. I have already scheduled to be interviewed ,on Indymedia web radio, to tell my story but have no set time as of yet. So stay tuned.
Love ArturoCommando