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The Daily Poetry Movement

There is a national governement- pepsi, coca cola, walmart, halburton, Lockheed and Martin - to name a few countries with laws unto themselves. Yesterday we found that Fox news was their emmissary. Strike it down!!! We must resist! Speak up. Do not be silent! Create loudly!
Search Warrant

The Interrogator:
'Look here, Bibi, here is the search warrant;
The contingent were with me,
but I left around the corner
I thought, I can manage on my own.
We are looking for a piece of writing.
What's the point in making a scene?
Why don't you find it,
Fetch it yourself?
Or else, where it lies, hidden in the house,
Show us, without a fuss, yourself.'

Never have I seen my house in this light before
I can hear a heartbeat throb its very walls
Blood drips from the veins of stones and steel
Warm breaths, wakeful eyes, parted lips surround me
Repeat their whisper to me once again
Of the promised eternal bond with my country
My four walls, dear land, nestle in your arms
the few moments of refuge I had, I owe to you.
Countless cellars arise before my eyes
Countless possibilities open their doors for me
Beneath my feet opens the tunnel of my hopes
all seven colours of life glowing on its walls.

New words will be inscribed now on the walls of this city
O passing moment! I swear by your desecrated honour
Red is the dust around my house
Beyond this window blooms a red flower.

All these tribulations I endure
over a book buried in my past?

Look beyond the curtains instead
At the dreams my future holds!

Fahmida Riaz