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So far in NYC this morning...

Here's some breaking news updates from events so far in NYC today. Times are for NYC, not Cascadia.
4 or 8 row boats of protesters near Central Park Boathouse. Possible arrest situation.
Protest inside the Garden by ACT-UP: The activist group that staged the first protest of the Republican National Convention by "telling the naked truth," have just now dramatically disrupted the speech of White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card to the Youth Convention at the Republican National Convention (RNC).
Bush in Queens: Reports are circulating that Bush will be at Elmhurst Italian Charities of America Social Club at53-20 Queens Blvd. (nr. Broadway) Subways E,F,G,R,V. He plans to watch Cheney's speech between 10pm and 11pm tonight surrounded by NYC Firefighters.
The NLG is reporting that one of their legal observers, present at 29th St. and 8th Avenue on August 30 during the assualt of an undercover police officer has been contacted by the NYPD re: the incident. Following the advice of legal counsel the observer is witholding their information but is willing to give a statement to the DA. There have been approx. 13 legal observers arrested in the last few days.
The Bush "Pants on Fire" Vehicle continues to be detained for over an hour, police have made the driver lower the bush effigy into the bed of the truck.
100 people are at Jail Solidarity at Pier 57; people are being supportive of those who are being transferred to Central Booking.
Police have stopped "Liar liar pants on fire Bushmobile" between 10th ave and 16th st. This was a car that had an effigy of Bush with LED lights giving facts about the Bush Administration.
We are also getting reports from UCIMC reporters that there are a large number of protesters being held that have not been officially arrested (or even charged with anything) being held. These detainees may not be accounted for in mainstream media arrest numbers.
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UCIMC reporter who phoned in from the detention center mentioned that roughly 2000 other people are being kept at the pier 57 in razor-wire surrounded pens.
Jail solidarity action currently taking place at Pier 57. Recived a call from a person at 100 Center Street. It is full, and the NYPD keeps shuffling people between there are Pier 57. Numerous groups of arestees still have not seen a lawyer.
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