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Breaking News from NYC, Aug. 31, archive

Wow, what a day in NYC! Protests, marches and non-violent civil disobedience erupted all over lower Manhattan, all day long and into the night. Protesters gave law enforcement a run for their money. The number of arrests is hard to count, but the number of occasions of inspiring resistance is even more difficult to ennumerate. People were challenging illegitimate authority, putting their bodies on the line, and acting with the only permit they need -- not the U.S. Constitution (as some correctly claimed), but with the state of being ALIVE -- all day long. It was an honor and a pleasure to deliver breaking news reports on today's actions. Props to the audio teams in NYC and PDX, and to the dispatchers in NYC, and to everyone who helped to make the indymedia coverage of the RNC protests in NYC so detailed, accurate, and up-to-the-minute. Together, we put the corporate f'n media to shame! Only here, on indymedia, could you find the REAL story of A31!
This article -- Guide to events being covered on Breaking News wire -- helps give context on all these items.

breaking news
31-Aug-2004 21:14:Action on the streets seems to have calmed down for the night.
31-Aug-2004 21:13:Report from inside Pier 57: One medic who was arrested in Union Square today called the IMC from a cell phone inside the Pier. He sees approximately 600 other protesters in the cages. There is still periodic chanting of "let us go."
31-Aug-2004 20:58:Union Square: IMCista reports 200 people in the square, almost no police presence, "protesters wanted"
31-Aug-2004 20:39:Report from bus full of arrestees on West Side Hwy: is group of 150 people mass-arrested 1 1/2 to 2 hours ago in Herald Square, but still waiting to be processed. No food or water, but being treated well otherwise; allowed to call lawyers, etc.
31-Aug-2004 20:27:Parties to crash: 11-3am American Gas Association party at "Noche"; "Gran Fiesta Hispana" hosted by the Latino Coalition at the Rainbow Room; Young Republicans party at Taj - no invite required - party goes till 2am.
31-Aug-2004 20:14:49th and Broadway: busloads of delegates disembarking for their afterparty.
31-Aug-2004 20:10:NYC Indymedia has a newswire post asking for helping identifying a Republican delegate who assaulted a woman.
31-Aug-2004 20:05:32nd and West Broadway: Cascadian reports delegates, protesters, cops. Protesters and cops both "look tired".
31-Aug-2004 19:57:10th and Broadway: 10 people arrested.
31-Aug-2004 19:56:National Lawyer's Guild estimates 500-1000 arrests today. Several activists have been arrested more than once. Stories of brutality and unsafe conditions at Pier 57, where arrestees are taken.
31-Aug-2004 19:50:49th & Broadway: Outside of Republican gathering, 15-20 protesters arrived. Cops pushed non-protesting woman down onto street and a stretcher is arriving. Woman is definitely injured.
31-Aug-2004 19:47:IMC reporter has gotten into Madison Square Garden undercover; says security is lax.
31-Aug-2004 19:42:6th Ave and 14/13th Streets - lots of helicopters overhead (presumably over crowd area?)
31-Aug-2004 19:41:Union Square: Cops attempted to take an individual from crowd, but crowd physically "unarrested" him. Immediately afterward 100 riot cops moved in around subway entrances. All this near the square on University and 14th.
31-Aug-2004 19:40:Someone watching the convention on TV reports that close-up shots of delegates show "a bunch of people bored to death".
31-Aug-2004 19:38:Union Square: Reports of cops moving into formation in front of subway on the south side of the square.
31-Aug-2004 19:37:33rd & Broadway: People booing delegates. Police asked about 30-40 people to disperse. Some are not and a few have been arrested.
31-Aug-2004 19:36:Herald Square: cops announced to tame crowd of 100 that they will be arrested if they don't leave the sidewalk. 1/3 are moving east, 2/3 south. MSG will be emptying out soon -- possible reason why the cops are clearing people.
31-Aug-2004 19:34:Union Square: reports that the cops have mostly cleared the north end of the park, and are moving on to the south end.
31-Aug-2004 19:28:According to NYC Indymedia: At 33rd and 5th, and at 33rd and Broadway, people are heckling delegates and cops are letting them do it.
31-Aug-2004 19:26:6th and 34th: lots of police around, one bus, situation unclear.
31-Aug-2004 19:23:Union Square: According to a KBOO reporter, police are bringing in buses to bring away arrestees, though most people in park are no longer protesters.
31-Aug-2004 19:21:Union Square: Police closing the park, asking everyone to disperse. Cops are on north end of park with nets, so people must go south to leave.
31-Aug-2004 19:20:We have confirmation that 11 IMC reporters have been arrested. Cops have reportedly been telling IMC reporters to "fuck off." So, sounds like IMC folks have been doing their job well!
31-Aug-2004 19:19:Union Square / E 16th: Police have given a dispersal order. Also, IMCista reports "white police armored hum vee vehicle with big round circular object mounted on its roof...possibly an acoustical weapon deployment" headed toward Irving Place.
31-Aug-2004 19:13:37 W 34th: a pdx indy activist reports -- Delegates but no protesters. Let's get busy, people!
31-Aug-2004 19:02:MSNBC reported 800 arrests total during the RNC, 270 tonight. But they're wrong. Way more than that tonight.
31-Aug-2004 19:00:37th and 6th: people arrested - cops have just grabbed people at the front. no legal observers.
31-Aug-2004 18:57:38th and 6th Ave: 50 bike cops in formation, sealing off blocks as police cars move. big crowd standing there.
31-Aug-2004 18:51:Reporter from Big Muddy IMC arrested near WTC.
31-Aug-2004 18:48:All day long, cops have been stalking and following people to train stations who look like "stereotypical" anarchists.
31-Aug-2004 18:44:IMC's Lotus says on 34th and Broadway there's a mass arrest situation. Police brought metal fence and are arresting protesters. At least 15 arrested, probably more by now.
31-Aug-2004 18:42:33rd between Broadway & 5th: Republican delegates are being led a couple at a time through a crowd of a few hundred protesters.
31-Aug-2004 18:41:Between 27th & 28th on Madison, caller reporting at least four vans full of arrestees, 7-8 in each van.
31-Aug-2004 18:40:17th & 5th: Mass arrest of Union Square marchers (who traveled on the sidewalk in single-file). At least 60-70 arrests.
31-Aug-2004 18:35:things are dispersed at Broadway and 35th but streets are still blocked off
31-Aug-2004 18:34:35th & 5th: Cops drove police wagon through area where the protesters are being held. 75 to 100 people penned in.
31-Aug-2004 18:31:Reports that delegates in blocked buses disembarked and walked to Madison Square Garden, with cops beating a path for them through the crowds.
31-Aug-2004 18:26:Corporate media is everywhere on the streets. So why haven't they been covering this stuff?
31-Aug-2004 18:25:North side of w. 35th and 6th: 50 violent arrests, people thrown to the ground, against walls,
31-Aug-2004 18:24:17th & 5th: Group of protesters that left Union Square stand-off are getting arrested. indymedia reporter narrowly escapes arrest by showing press pass.
31-Aug-2004 18:23:Union Square stand-off: 100s of riot police gathered around the square. People still milling around. Cops look "tense".
31-Aug-2004 18:20:Union Square: numbers of cops continuing to increase dramatically.
31-Aug-2004 18:19:Herald Square: about 50 cops on motorcycles. At least one person arrested 5 minutes ago.
31-Aug-2004 18:18:35th btwn Harold Square and 5th Ave: Police pushed ppl up 35th, where motorcycles barred exit. Police demanded that "everybody get off the street and onto sidewalk." Everyone obeyed, yet police have "systematically have been arresting every person there".
31-Aug-2004 18:17:Rumour has been reported on A-Noise radio that the trash fires on 29th might have been set by provocateurs, not protesters.
31-Aug-2004 18:10:16th and Irving / Union Square. Police are maintaining barricaded pens and are still arresting people.
31-Aug-2004 18:07:36th between Park and 6th ave: violent arrests happening, police give dispersal order. 200 people cannot leave bcause they are surrounded.
31-Aug-2004 18:07:35th between 6th & Park: big crowd on sidewalk. violent arrests. people getting heads slammed on pavement.
31-Aug-2004 18:06:33rd & 9th: 3-4 indymedia videographers arrested.
31-Aug-2004 18:06:29th between Park & Madison: trash fires!
31-Aug-2004 18:05:34th off 6th Ave: 80 people being cuffed
31-Aug-2004 18:04:35th & 5th: Michigan IMC reports imminent arrests
31-Aug-2004 18:03:35th btween 6th & 5th Aves: violent arrests.
31-Aug-2004 18:01:400 or so people are being "boxed in" t the intersections of 35th & 5th and 35th & Broadway.
31-Aug-2004 18:00:35th St & 5th Ave / 35th & Broadway: protesters blocking delegate buses are boxed in - pretty much it looks like completely.
31-Aug-2004 17:58:Madison and 25th, way more police than anybody on street, police gave dispersal orders with bullhorns.
31-Aug-2004 17:57:33rd and Broadway: police have blocked off sidewalks. 200 protersters, 2-300 sympathetic bystanders watching delegates be escorted to MSG individually by police, shouting "shame" and go home".
31-Aug-2004 17:57:Update from Union Square: LOTS of cops came out of their vans puttting pepper spray in holsters, walking up behind protesters, opposite US West. Several hundred protesters trapped. Mass arrest possible. Person on a stretcher being taken away.
31-Aug-2004 17:55:Delegate buses being blocked in two locations: 34th & Broadway, and 35th & 6th. Reportedly 150 people involved now.
31-Aug-2004 17:55:400 protesters are now heading west towards Broadway on 35th. Minimal cop presence right now, people are chanting "whose streets? our streets!"
31-Aug-2004 17:54:Madison & 24th: Cops continuing to make arrests of protesters who had escaped pens and made a break for it.
31-Aug-2004 17:53:28th & Madison: caller has birds-eye-view reports -- 150-200 protesters ran up Madison, behind them cops w/ vehicles after them, another battalion behind them, caller saw arrests on 28th street.
31-Aug-2004 17:51:POTENTIAL MASS ARREST on corner of 17th Street on 5th Avenue, in the middle of negotiations with police, police suddenly protesters shoved against wall. This is the group that took off from Union Square.
31-Aug-2004 17:51:26th and Park: Caller says: "shitload of people being beaten up and arrested". one girl was pushed against rail by undercover cop. another was grabbed by a motorcycle cop and tackled by 6 other cops. they were pepper spraying too.
31-Aug-2004 17:49:E 16th & Irving / Union Square: about 150 people chanting at police to let the people go that are being arrested.
31-Aug-2004 17:48:26th and Park: people face down in the street being arrested
31-Aug-2004 17:47:A reporter from Puerto Rico Indymedia has been arrested.
31-Aug-2004 17:47:12 people with Abu Ghraib style hoods blocked 9 delegate buses for over 20 minutes at the intersection of W35th and Broadway. Police put barriers between Civil Disobedience and protesters. People are going limp In C.D.
31-Aug-2004 17:46:26th/25th & Park: impromptu march. Lots of cops. Arrests. "Crazy". Hopefully more details soon on this chaotic scene.
31-Aug-2004 17:43:17th St & 5th Ave: Crowd that left Union Square stopped by hastily erected police barricade. March negotiating with police.
31-Aug-2004 17:41:28th & Madison: cops have lost control of protesters, everyone's running.
31-Aug-2004 17:41:28th, off of 5th: this group is "running as a pack", cops have dropped their bikes, chasing down and arresting people on Madison and 28th. the group started to run as cops chased them down. some protesters have scattered and escaped.
31-Aug-2004 17:39:28th just off of 5th: 200 people have taken over the entire street being followed by many many cops
31-Aug-2004 17:35:Union Square / 16th & Irving: Almost all marchers headed north, leaving from NW corner. They're marching on the sidewalk, very spirited, chanting.
31-Aug-2004 17:34:35th and Broadway: About 100 protesters cheering in the streets, cheering on the 12 people blocking the buses.
31-Aug-2004 17:30:35th and Broadway / Delegate bus blocking: delegates are getting out of buses taking pics of protesters.
31-Aug-2004 17:29:35th and Broadway. 12 protesters sitting down in the street blocking delegate buses. they're chanting: "nypd arrest bush not me!" YAY!
31-Aug-2004 17:26:28th and Broadway, WRL Die-in: Things are relatively calm. People who had been dying-in are being arrested one by one.
31-Aug-2004 17:16:Update on Johnny Cash: wrapped up at 7 o'clock , cops were overwhelming, occasionally letting ppl out, Protesters sang loud, delegates were made to feel "ashamed" of being in this city. Approx. 600 protestors, 100 cops.
31-Aug-2004 17:14:Herald Square / 34th and Broadway- "tons of cops, protesters, new yorkers... I think they're waiting for it to get dark and for the convention to end and then they'll swarm through this area and sweep everyone up."
31-Aug-2004 17:13:Union Square / 16th and Irving: 3 buses have been filled and left with arrestees. caller estimates 150+ people.
31-Aug-2004 17:10:Union Square, on Broadway: Police have arrested an African-American male, picked up quickly by a dozen police officers who said he "committed a crime yesterday".
31-Aug-2004 17:09:Madison Square Garden: "frozen zones" are being set up. you can be arrested for having a swiss army knife. you will not be warned that you are entering a frozen zone.
31-Aug-2004 17:08:Sit-in update at Union Square: Riot cops are moving into crowd. Sit-in on opposite side is refusing to move.
31-Aug-2004 17:07:34th and Broadway, police clearing the sidewalks but ppl are sitting down... arrests could be imminent
31-Aug-2004 17:07:wireless internet at Union Square seems to be down. possibly cut, to keep people from communicating.
31-Aug-2004 17:07:West 34th & 6th Street, Police have begun to lock ppl in with barricades and helmeted police lines, moving into crowd with batons on both side
31-Aug-2004 17:06:Union Square: ppl are being trapped at E 16th off Union Square East. Violence witnessed.
31-Aug-2004 17:05:34th st station has been closed down, masses of people on sidewalks and cops and busses filling the streets.
31-Aug-2004 17:05:Reportedly a man wearing an Abu Ghraib - style hood broke through barricades, busting in on an MSNBC live session.
31-Aug-2004 16:57:Union Square update: indymedia reporter seeing sharpshooters on surrounding rooftops.
31-Aug-2004 16:56:Current stand-offs & arrests sum-up: Union Square street party (in the square & on E 16th); WRL die-in at 28th & Broadway; Herald Square aka 34th & Broadway or 34th & 6th.
31-Aug-2004 16:52:32nd & Greeley near Madison Square Garden. People in the streets everywhere. Huge long line of delegate buses trying to get in. Kajillions of cops. Told to move along and not stop anywhere.
31-Aug-2004 16:50:At Herald Square, a medic was arrested for no reason that the caller could see.
31-Aug-2004 16:49:East of Union Square: Reports that the Infernal Noise Brigade has been arrested.
31-Aug-2004 16:48:Union Square - Car Traffic going through, people penned in on sidewalks. Reporter witnessed medic arrested. Cops continuing to arrive. "A little bit chaotic".
31-Aug-2004 16:47:28th & Broadway WRL die-in: Hundreds of people standing around. Still 50 people dying in in the street, with arrests starting.
31-Aug-2004 16:46:6th Av. btwn 34th and 36th: Protesters put on black hoods Abu Ghraib style. Tied themselves to metal barricades with rope. Media is there docummenting the action.
31-Aug-2004 16:46:34th & Broadway - cops moving in with buses for mass arrests.
31-Aug-2004 16:38:16th, east of Union Square: mass arrests, pandemonium and chaos. Cops cleared two corners on West by force.
31-Aug-2004 16:37:Sum-up: about 300 people from Union Square marched east on 16th because park was blocked off; now they are surrounded. protesters linked arms and infernal noise brigade played music. arrests now going down.
31-Aug-2004 16:35:people being beaten while handcuffed at 16 and Irving.
31-Aug-2004 16:35:Caller reports: A block East of Union Square- ALL CIVILIANS ARE UNDER ARREST, about 200, some media were arrested, credentialed media were let out.
31-Aug-2004 16:30: [ Photos taken in Herald Square, moments ago ]
31-Aug-2004 16:29:Just reported: "Police planning to arrest everyone at Herald Square." Only exits are south and through subway.
31-Aug-2004 16:28:Union Sq. E.: corporate media camera crew was arrested for violating a police barricade. 200-300 protesters still there. Protesters are being pulled of the sidewalk and arrrested one at a time
31-Aug-2004 16:28:ARRESTS being made at 16th Street & Irving UNION SQUARE EAST. police "yanking ppl out of the crowd".
31-Aug-2004 16:27:pepper spray victims being handcuffed, peppersprayed again after handcuffed.
31-Aug-2004 16:26:Cops pepper spraying people at 33rd and 6th confirmed.
31-Aug-2004 16:25:Union Sq. E. - Infernal Noise Brigade is surrounded by cops.
31-Aug-2004 16:25:16th & Irving: about 300 cops. crowd chanting "let them go" to the cops that have made arrests.
31-Aug-2004 16:20:pdx indy reporter: 36th & Broadway, 2 blks north of Herald Square. "Many many many" police officers. "Red carpet event" for delegates in Haier Building.
31-Aug-2004 16:19:16th btwn Irving and Union Sq East. a little less than 1,000 ppl penned in. police are not letting people go anywhere. everyone's on sidewalks.
31-Aug-2004 16:18:huge situation at 34th and Broadway. Maybe 2,000 ppl split up on corners. chanting at buses where delegates are getting off. police have penned everyone in w/metal fencing. atmosphere tense, everyone's pissed off and got a lot of energy.
31-Aug-2004 16:16:people have taken the street at 33 and Broadway
31-Aug-2004 16:15:"Huge number of people" gathering at Madison Square Garden. Right there, not blocks away. Hundreds of cops. Can't keep people out of the streets. Situation escalating.
31-Aug-2004 16:13:Dispersal order given at WRL die-in at 28 and Broadway
31-Aug-2004 16:13:16th & Irving, Union Square march: cops are now pushing people, into cars, throwing people around. There's already been 3-4 arrests.
31-Aug-2004 16:12:Harold Square: 500+ ppl there, a constant stream of ppl coming, at 34th and Harold "enormous" numbers of cops
31-Aug-2004 16:11:cops are preparing to make arrests on the east side of Union Square
31-Aug-2004 16:11:Cops headed north on Bowery: 2 vans of riot police, several unmarked police cars, 10 cars on motorcycles
31-Aug-2004 16:10:East 16th and Irving. March from Union Square was stopped at 16th and Irving. At least 1000. Everyone is on the sidewalks.
31-Aug-2004 16:09:28th st. & Broadway WRL die-in: 50 people dressed in white doing a die-in in the street. police still not doing arrests. a couple thousand are gathered in the area watching the die-in.
31-Aug-2004 16:08:march of 300-400 ppl from Union Square went East on 16th St., police sealed block behind them.
31-Aug-2004 16:07:LEGAL UPDATE: IMC at Pier 57: 3 Busloads from WTC arrests arrived, 2 more busloads: approx 250-300 ppl seen to arrive for jail
31-Aug-2004 16:05:34th and 6th. a huge battalion of riot cops, storming a crowd of protesters gathered in front of GAP store.
31-Aug-2004 16:04:Cops have blocked 15th and Irving, UNION SQUARE IS "GETTING UGLY". Cops are bringing up second line, arrests might be imminent.
31-Aug-2004 16:03:At least 40 people involved in War Resisters League die-in at 28th and Broadway. Traffic is completely shut down. Yay! Police are not arresting yet.
31-Aug-2004 16:02:Union Square street party: everyone's happy, trumpet playing, drumming ppl, "ordinary people, not troublemakers"
31-Aug-2004 16:01:Union Square: Street party is taking off, going up east side of park, taking up entire north side of street. About 300 people. "really festive" with people joining as it goes. no cops in sight!
31-Aug-2004 15:59:Library - witness says that non-protesting bystanders are not happy with arrests and are keeping an eye on things. Also seems to be more people than cops now.
31-Aug-2004 15:58:Union Square: Secret Service beginning to appear in square (suits, earpierces, etc.)
31-Aug-2004 15:57:Library - witness of civil disobedience says cops were on them right away, including one protester being tackled. Many witnesses. All kinds of cops going back and forth on bikes, horses, everything.
31-Aug-2004 15:55:20 scooter cops are near US at 13st and 5th avenue, caller says cop presence growing.
31-Aug-2004 15:55:Folks blocking street in front of Library (42nd & 6th) are now face down in the road being arrested
31-Aug-2004 15:53:Library: 8 people linked arms and sat in the middle of the road and are being surrounded by police.
31-Aug-2004 15:53:Union Square: a small march of about 75 people came up from the south off of Broadway and there are about 400-500 people in the square.
31-Aug-2004 15:52:42nd & 6th: Several dozen people being arrested and put into vans. Some being told they're charged with "obstructing the sidewalk". One police officer said the cops are targeting medics so they can't take care of protesters.
31-Aug-2004 15:45:W 34th and 6th Ave... over 20 buses full of cops heading down 6th Ave
31-Aug-2004 15:43:Union Square march going down 8th Avenue approaching 28th, cops have constructed cages in street, riot cops behind them.
31-Aug-2004 15:42:34th and 6th Ave: mass arrests, large numbers.
31-Aug-2004 15:39:FOX news is reporting favorably on a pro-bush event at herald square, at 34th and 6th avenue. Close to Madison Square Garden, which is at 34th and 7th ave.
31-Aug-2004 15:39:multiple buses of riot cops on 32nd and 34th on 6th
31-Aug-2004 15:37:school bus full of riot cops at 2nd ave and 6th
31-Aug-2004 15:36:Library: IMC reporter called to say elderly woman (in 60s) was hit in the face by undercover cop, ppl around saw it and were shocked. cops would not arrest the man despite her attempts (he was still around)
31-Aug-2004 15:34:mass arrests at 42nd and 6th ave. police moved in really fast
31-Aug-2004 15:34:Library, 42nd & 5th - Police have blocked off stairs and arrested 12-15 people.
31-Aug-2004 15:33:protesters going s.bound 5th ave and 35th st. - 34th street
31-Aug-2004 15:33:42nd and 6th Ave- 50 ppl penned in in orange netting
31-Aug-2004 15:32:about 40 cops on scooters running after protesters with nets down from the library
31-Aug-2004 15:30:War Resisters League - 250 people headed north on Fifth Ave. toward Madison Square Garden.
31-Aug-2004 15:30:Northwest corner of Bryant park at 42nd - protesters are being blocked in by cops on bikes, and also being chased into park and arrested.
31-Aug-2004 15:26:"no leaders" march marching 6th, escorted by riot police, undercover and uniformed PO on mopeds, escorted to 23rd. police count keeps growing, and marchers are being videotaped.
31-Aug-2004 15:25:Library: ppl are heading W toward 42nd street and 6th avenue.
31-Aug-2004 15:22:Fox News showing coverage of a pro-Bush group at Herald Square (rather than the protest in front of their building!). Caller suggests people head over there to spoil their shots.
31-Aug-2004 15:20:200 cops on way to 42nd and 5th Ave.
31-Aug-2004 15:19:WRL is on 5th Avenue, 250 ppl estimated, headed to where the cops are, "don't want to play cat & mouse" with cops, headed to penn station.
31-Aug-2004 15:16:Public Library- 15-20 arrests and an "absolutely obnoxious police presence". ~200 protesters and ~500 cops. WTF?!
31-Aug-2004 15:13:Undercover cops at St. Mark's Church, a center of organizing and haven for activists.
31-Aug-2004 15:09:A group that began marching from Union Square has reached W. 30th btwn 6th & Broadway. No concept or leader to this march. People are just "pissed off about what's been going on".
31-Aug-2004 14:58:Library: people are being carried off the steps and toward police vans.
31-Aug-2004 14:56:Public Library: "old man" with camera arrested. Reports of cops in plainclothes attacking protesters, too.
31-Aug-2004 14:55:300-400 people at the library, where A31 organizers have called a 6pm EDT (3pm PDT) gathering to march on Madison Square Garden.
31-Aug-2004 14:53:Main library, caller saw 2 people arrested for banner drop. Banner dropped by Queerfist.
31-Aug-2004 14:52:30 cops heading south on 5th and 17 w/ orange netting they use for penning people in
31-Aug-2004 14:51:caller says that one person was just arrested at Union Square
31-Aug-2004 14:50:Demonstration going up 5th ave and 17th st
31-Aug-2004 14:50:4 more arrests at 6th ave and 41st st (the Fox protest)
31-Aug-2004 14:49:WRL march update: organizer at Ground Zero says that about 300 people have been taken away on buses.
31-Aug-2004 14:49:confirmed 3 arrests at banner drop at library
31-Aug-2004 14:48:btwn 7th and 8th Ave on 34th: maybe 3 buses have dropped off delegates, 3 more waiting to drop off freshly shuttled delegates. Caller says: "it's probably incredibly hard to block buses coming in; it'll be probably be better to meet them at hotels."
31-Aug-2004 14:46:riot cops at public library arresting banner droppers
31-Aug-2004 14:45:pdx indy reporter calling from Fox protest: large majority of Police have left in vans. Reporter heard cops say they were "regrouping down the street". Protesters, in the hundreds, chanting, "Get the Fox out!"
31-Aug-2004 14:45:pdx indy reporter says police were trying to sweep people off the sidewalk at Fox protest.
31-Aug-2004 14:43:Johnny Cash action: there's a pen in front of Sotheby's. maybe 200; another 50-60 hanging out with a band playing back from the march
31-Aug-2004 14:42:police and fire union are having protest against bloomberg at 45th and park at 6pm
31-Aug-2004 14:35:Union Square: ppl are leaving the square and walking toward E15th. Police are funnelling ppl through street.
31-Aug-2004 14:34:WRL marchers crossing Canal Street on W. Broadway, heading toward Madison Square Garden, ultimately. Going 2-by-2 as per negotiation with police. Police are following with vans, etc.
31-Aug-2004 14:29:Church & Fulton. 100-200 people from WRL march being arrested right now. These folks are penned in by police with orange nets.
31-Aug-2004 14:26:Fox protest: protesters at north and south side of 47th are still penned on the corners and some are being let across the street to the northeast corner.
31-Aug-2004 14:25:Reports of 30-40 bikes being detained at 40th & Broadway, and of 20 arrests at the same location.
31-Aug-2004 14:22:Legal observers are advising that people "get the hell out of Union Square", as cops are moving in quite threateningly.
31-Aug-2004 14:17:Fox shut-up-athon: Protesters still penned in, police have moved closer to barricades. Hundreds of protesters feeling pretty positive.
31-Aug-2004 14:16:55th & 11th - Hummer dealership, protest starting?
31-Aug-2004 14:14:WRL March: has reached Church & Thomas - march is 3 blocks long, keeping to sidewalk on west side of Church. As has been reported here, another part of this march is penned in near Ground Zero, where people are getting arrested.
31-Aug-2004 14:09:Reported but not confirmed: Union Square bike bloc that went north was arrested, about 50 people.
31-Aug-2004 14:08:30 Billionaires for Bush getting shoes shined at concourse of Grand Central Station. Media filming them, maybe 12 cops.
31-Aug-2004 14:07:WRL Update: Marchers who were penned by police are being arrested one-by-one en masse for "not having permits".
31-Aug-2004 14:06:Union Square: Still 500 ppl there, possibly more (caller says up to 1000), police and riot lined up on 14th street, energy good.
31-Aug-2004 14:04:6th and 40th: infernal noise brigade still walking and they are not able to stop, because cops will not let them.
31-Aug-2004 13:58:Riot cops advancing on Union Square.
31-Aug-2004 13:57:Fox News shut-up-athon: Fox employees being snotty. Caller: They are "the most annoying thing about the protests so far" in NYC.
31-Aug-2004 13:55:Union Sq- 30 bikers in bloc have just taken off up Park Ave. they're the 2nd or 3rd group of bikers who have managed to leave. cops are mounting up -- about 25-30 moped cops are about to hit the road.
31-Aug-2004 13:54:Fox News shut-up-athon: reports of people being pushed off the sidewalk by police.
31-Aug-2004 13:53:War Resisters League- people who aren't penned in are starting to march down Church St to Madison Sq Garden. About 300 ppl. Police aren't following this one [yet].
31-Aug-2004 13:50:Current events being covered: War Resisters League Die-in and March (stopped at Ground Zero, mass arrests seem imminent), A31 folks in Union Square (situation escalating), Fox News Shut-up-athon (penned in by police), Defend Johnny Cash event.
31-Aug-2004 13:48:Ground Zero: NYPD busses have arrived, the type that are used for mass arrests.
31-Aug-2004 13:47:Union Square: A31 folks starting to gather in middle square. Starting to be surounded. A Lieutenant Conely (sp?) was overheard saying "on my word, move in".
31-Aug-2004 13:45:Ground Zero - 70 people being arrested. No dispersal order was ever given by police.
31-Aug-2004 13:45:Holly from Michigan IMC, reporting from Ground Zero with good summary of events so far. [ Read it here ]
31-Aug-2004 13:43:Union Square: Bike Bloc is forming or has formed. This seems to explain police presence.
31-Aug-2004 13:42:Johnny Cash update: about 500 people singing. About 100 cops.
31-Aug-2004 13:36:Fox News shut-up-athon: Cops getting hostile, shoving people, grabbing them by whatever part of the body they can reach. Police handed bullhorn to woman, then arrested her. "Very bizarre", says caller about this last detail.
31-Aug-2004 13:34:Johnny Cash protest - 100+ in the pen, singing. Cops are keeping the sidewalk clear. [ed. note- singing Johnny Cash songs gets you surrounded & penned by police?! What's going on?!]
31-Aug-2004 13:33:Fox News protest: caller estimates at least 5 have been arrested so far.
31-Aug-2004 13:32:Ground Zero (WTC): 20+ arrests besides those already reported. Cops moving orange arrest netting up around pen, from which caller is reporting. "Looks like I'm going to be arrested soon, my friend!"
31-Aug-2004 13:29:Ground Zero: 2 elderly ppl arrested at WRL march, including one nun. It appears mass arrest is imminent.
31-Aug-2004 13:28:Union Square: "ridiculous" amounts of police (in hundreds), 10 more cop vans just showed up, despite not much going on there.
31-Aug-2004 13:27:clarification: references in this breaking news wire to WRL, Ground Zero, Church and Fulton, & WTC are all talking about the same event: The War Resisters League march and Die-in.
31-Aug-2004 13:25:Fox News: Caller says police arrest wagons have arrived. Radical Cheerleaders are on the scene. Group of people are penned in and surrounded.
31-Aug-2004 13:21:Police have created protest pen at Union Square.
31-Aug-2004 13:20:Update on Johnny Cash: Rude Mechanical Orchestra making lots of noise
31-Aug-2004 13:20:WRL action: arrests at Fulton near Broadway.
31-Aug-2004 13:19:Fox News (40th & 6th): riot cops ammassing, protesters penned in on sidewalk and getting pissed off at Fox News. Infernal Noise Brigade at nearby Gap store. Two arrests so far.
31-Aug-2004 13:18:Church and Fulton: lots of cops, whole bunch of ppl have been netted in and arrested, police buses arrived. police telling ppl anybody on sidewalk will be arrested (about 75 ppl).
31-Aug-2004 13:16:War Resisters League still being prevented from marching to Madison Square Garden, even on sidewalk. Police have orange net out (which they've used to corral protesters in the last couple days).
31-Aug-2004 13:14:Several simultaneous actions happening in Manhattan. A few are: War Resister's League Die-in (currently hemmed in by police), Defend Johnny Cash event, Fox News Shut-up-athon (where there are arrests).
31-Aug-2004 13:10:Ground Zero: War Resisters League action. When protesters left (about 500 of them), they were surrounded by police. Negotiations led to sidewalk march but now no one is allowed to move.
31-Aug-2004 13:09:Shut-Up-A-Thon. At least 250 ppl shouting "shut up" at Fox News. Cops are on street mainly keeping ppl off the street. So far so good.
31-Aug-2004 13:09:Johnny Cash event: participants singing "Ring of Fire"
31-Aug-2004 13:08:Church & Fulton: Die-in participants marching in street.
31-Aug-2004 13:08:Union Square: Classic case of cops trying to provoke people when nothing was going on and no one was "causing trouble". Moral of the story: Cops Cause Trouble.
31-Aug-2004 13:06:Grand Central Station: About 60 Billionaires for Bush with about the same number of cops.
31-Aug-2004 13:05:Union Square: Cops hitting people and arresting people out of the middle of the crowd, which is about 100 people. Woman with camera grabbed by cop. "It's getting really ugly".
31-Aug-2004 13:04:Inferno Noise Brigade in front of Gap.
31-Aug-2004 12:59:Union Square: at least 5 people arrested and crowd is marching west chanting. Sounds like people with PVC pipe or cardboard tubes taped to their arms were apprehended.
31-Aug-2004 12:53:200 protesters at 55th & 7th.
31-Aug-2004 12:52:Women and Men in Black Bloc / Defend Johnny Cash action. Cops setting up barricades. [ defendjohnnycash.org ]
31-Aug-2004 12:49:FOX Shut-up-athon at 47th & 6th underway.
31-Aug-2004 12:46:WTC, near PATH Train: Lots of people waiting for War Resisters League Die-in to start. Lots of media, both indy and corporate, talking to folks. Cops, too, including several-to-many paramilitary types with assault rifles.
31-Aug-2004 12:27:At WTC Ground Zero: Port Authority personnel carrying either AR 16s or AR 17s (urban assault rifles). All of them are NOT wearing nametags or badge numbers. Others have longer brown riot sticks about 3 1/2 feet long.
31-Aug-2004 12:20:World Trade Center: 150-200 people and lots of police out.
31-Aug-2004 12:13:Secret Service personnel harrasing person at Union Square, but a crowd started chanting around them and they left.
31-Aug-2004 12:00:Good news update: Bus Riders Against Bush took responsibility for the banner hang, and none of them were apprehended by law enforcement officials.
31-Aug-2004 11:55:Banner dropped at 42nd and 8th and says "Four More Months".
31-Aug-2004 11:36:Police are surrounding St. Mark's Church, which has been a congregating point for activists during the protests. Police surrounding a church in NYC is highly unusual.
31-Aug-2004 11:04:Just posted to NYC: [ Images from immigration protest, A31 ]
31-Aug-2004 10:29:An Asheville IMC activist reports that the Immigrant Detention March has reached its end at Columbus Park. Police have arrested one and are harrassing others. [ more ]
31-Aug-2004 10:27:For breaking news reports from earlier this morning, click here.
31-Aug-2004 10:10:A-Noise radio from NYC is reporting that direct actions have already been happening around The City, with several arrests already.
31-Aug-2004 10:06:Activists have promised to make Aug. 31 a big day in NYC: "One No and a Million Yesses - A Day of Non-Violent Civil Disobdedience and Direct Action". Stay tuned for reports.