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Keeping track of Portlanders

If you are a Portlander in NYC and other Portlanders have gone missing, please contact us. We are trying to keep track of each other to make sure everyone comes home.
Please report missing Portlanders and arrested Portlanders to the General Defense Committee. On the internet, write to  defense4@mailbolt.com. If you want to call a Portland number, call the GDC at the jail support line 503-234-4518. Please help us keep track of each other.

In solidarity,
The members and volunteers of the Portland General Defense Committee

phone: phone: 503-234-4518

Take care of Portlanders and everyone else 01.Sep.2004 06:37

Not a medic

Dear GDC,

Bless you for your work. We know that Portland folks are in the jails of NYC right now, along with scores of other people from across the country.

Could you please list the phone numbers, emails and addresses of the relevant New York City officials who should be flooded with phone calls, emails, faxes and letters urging them to drop all charges against all of the several hundred people who have been arrested protesting the RNC.

thanks, not a medic in the streets of NYC

Thanks for your good work! 01.Sep.2004 09:45


My son is in NYC on behalf of many of us left here in Portland. He has reported that he has seen no evidence of any organized effort such as your organization's. He reports a new found respect for the organization and support of Portland protests.

It is good to know you are watching out from afar.

(mostly) safe & sound 01.Sep.2004 11:01


thanks for the support on the home front. so far one member of our group has been arrested & released from guantanamo on the hudson (a.k.a. pier 57, a bus garage converted into a giant holding pen) in a fairly timely manner. another was voluntarily at yesterday's die-in at 28th and broadway - no news on when he'll be released. the NLG is swamped with the thousand arrests of yestersday, but we'll let you all know as soon as we so. xo solidarity xo

jail expression numbers 01.Sep.2004 14:20


Here are numbers you can call to voice your displeasure with NYPD behavior:

Police Commissioner - Raymond Kelly

NYPD Switchboard

Dept. Of Corrections Commissioner

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau

Mayor Bloomberg

hey dad 01.Sep.2004 17:06

GDC defense4@mailbolt.com

there is actually a network of people from all over the country doing what we are doing and we are coordinating with them. there is a legal support number 212-679-6018 out there so make sure your son and everyone else has it written somewhere on their body.

in solidarity!