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Fundraising for NYC bail?

i'm so frustrated that i'm stuck here in PDX while my friends are getting run over with scooters, peppersprayed, arrested, and who knows what else.

are there any plans here in portland to raise $$$ for bail to release our friends & comrades in NYC, especially those involved in the bike blocs and critical mass? i want to figure out a way to contribute & show my support, even though i'm on the opposite coast.
help is on the way 01.Sep.2004 11:05


there was a pre-emptive benefit show before Team Cascadia left town & hopefully we won't end up using any of the money on ourselves. the best bet would be to make a donation to the Nation Lawyers Guild, who have sent out throngs of legal observers into the streets for our safety. you best believe that their very presence in keeping the cops somewhat inline. so far at least a dozen of legal observers have been arrested in mass arrests. the kid accused of setting the dragon on fire at sunday's march has had bail set at something ridiculous like $200,000 - i'm sure he'd appriciate the help.