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Infernal Noise Brigade arrested in NYC

The entire band has been arrested, along with at least 100 other people
Infernal Noise Brigade has been arrested, along with at least 100 other people, on 16th St. east of Union Square, at 7:30 this evening EST. They wanted their friends in the northwest to know, so I am taking a few minutes to post this.

Free, Free the INB! 31.Aug.2004 17:10

INB Fan - NJ

Free the INB!
Free all our people!
No more police provocateurs!
Drop all charges!
Drop Bush, not bombs!

Why? 31.Aug.2004 20:02


What were the police's lame reasons to arrest them? They are the coolest band & I now call them my heroes,too. Please let us know!

Didn't you know? 31.Aug.2004 22:16


Its a federal crime... "Drumming in public." Those guys are in so much trouble.

It's ridicules!