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Guide to events being covered on Breaking News wire

for people just tuning in to this website, trying to make sense of the breaking news wire (or even those who've been reading all day long), here's a quick sum-up guide of what's been happening.
Union Square: A31 organizers called a convergence for 4:00. A bike bloc was forming there and leaving in sections. At least one section seems to have been stopped by police, where many arrests followed. Legal observers were advising people to "get the hell out" of the square.

War Resisters League (WRL): This event was intended to be a die-in along with a march from the World Trade Center (WTC) Ground Zero to Madison Square Garden (MSG). Marchers negotiated with police to march 2 by 2 along the sidewalk, but after a block (at Church & Folsom), the police penned in a block worth of people with bicycles and then stretched orange netting around the whole group and then began arresting everyone one-by-one. Some corporate media were apparently inside being arrested, too. Apparently 300 people have been arrested there and hauled away in vans. Another section of the march continued on and is still heading toward MSG. Police are perhaps heading that way with orange netting?

Fox News Shut-up-athon: Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Fox News, 41st & 6th, to tell Bill Reilly and the rest of the awful Fox crew to "SHUT THE FOX UP!" Police surrounded them, tried to sweep people off the sidewalks, made some arrests, then mostly left to reconvene "a few blocks away". This protest is still happening.

Defend Johnny Cash: Hundreds gathered in front of Sotheby's, under the name Women and Men in Black Bloc. They have been singing Johnny Cash songs. Police surrounded people there, penned them in, and made arrests. More info on this style of protest: [ defendjohnnycash.org ]

5:16PM PDT Update: Johnny Cash wrapped up at 7 o'clock , cops were overwhelming, occasionally letting ppl out, Protesters sang loud, delegates were made to feel "ashamed" of being in this city. Approx. 600 protestors, 100 cops.

Public Library gathering: A31 organizers called for people to meet here at 6pm, to march to Madison Square Garden by 7pm.

"No Leaders" March: Folks who left Union Square for Madison Square Garden. Participant describes the march as having "no leaders" or concept and just being people who are just "pissed off about what's been going on". :) Last we heard, they were headed for MSG, along with a police escort.

An address like 34 & 6 means 34th Street and 6th Avenue. In the parts of Manhattan where these actions are happening, most of the time the smaller number is going to be an Avenue (which run north-south). Broadway, Park & Lexington are Avenues that run north-south interspersed with the numbered Avenues. 6th Avenue is also called "Avenue of the Americas".

Some important locations:

  • Madison Square Garden = 34th and 7th ave
  • Public Library = 42nd & 6th ave
  • Union Square = 14th & Broadway
  • Herald Square = 34th and 6th avenue

There's more scheduled for this evening. Check with A31 for more details. The portland indymedia breaking newswire will continue to be updated as frequently as possible to cover all these events, as information comes in.


Defend Johnny Cash 31.Aug.2004 15:28

a better link

For those without flash:

thx 31.Aug.2004 15:50


i changed it. thanks for the suggestion. (flash doesn't work on the machine i'm using, myself!)

ya'll rule 31.Aug.2004 15:56


nice guide, it was getting pretty confusing! more proof our media is better than theirs!

things are now moving on from here... 31.Aug.2004 17:03


Union Square: The street party didn't make it very far and got stopped at 16th & Irving on the east side of the Square. As of this posting, protesters are penned in and arrests are happening.

War Resisters League: At 28th & Broadway, 40-50 people staged a die-in.

Herald Square / 34th & Broadway / 24th & 6th: Tons of people, tons of cops. This location is just a couple three blocks from Madison Square Garden. It started out that Republicans were rallying there, but it seems to have turned into an anti-RNC protest. Folks have been pepper-sprayed here.

Madison Square Garden: is between 7th & 8th Avenues, and 31st and 33rd Streets. More people seem to be converging there. (the plan was to do so starting at 7pm EDT, 4pm PDT).

union square narrative 31.Aug.2004 18:14


hopefully the Union Square narrative will make more sense with this sum-up:

paraphrased from radio broadcast, from caller on the scene: "we marched down park avenue, were forced to take a right on 16th. we were blocked between irving and park on 16th. there were a few hundred of us. police started grabbing people, folks with instruments first. pushed other people up against walls. nobody was pushing back against cops. instruments were broken. at least three busloads of arrestees have left. at this time (16:15 PDT), folks are still being arrested."

34th & 35th Streets; 5th, 6th & Broadway Avenues 31.Aug.2004 18:38


There have been tons of reports from intersections on the above streets and avenues as people have been attempting to move east toward Madison Square Garden. Police have been attempting to trap protesters behind barricades or inside nets to arrest them. Many arrests have happened. In one case, a group of protesters broke free and took off running. Police ran after them too but many protesters escaped. Those who were caught were tackled. As of this time (about 6:45 PDT, 9:45 EDT), people are still trapped in pens.