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Reflections on protests in NYC so far

Folks on A-Noise radio are talking about the protests in NYC and about corporate media coverage thereof. Corporate media has been reporting lies or leaving lots of stuff out.
For example, corporate media is saying no protesters were kept in jail overnight. This contradicts the reports that have been coming in to indymedia. More than one indymedia reporter, in fact, has been held for 36 hours.

The folks were also talking about all the fear-mongering that was happening in the City before the protests; as a result, some people left town for the week, and many others are not coming in to work. This is ironic since Mayor Bloomberg and the corporate powers-that-be in NYC were promising wonderful economic impacts to the the city from the convention. But delegates have not been bringing their families (out of fear) and some businesses have had to shut down anyway. Instead of a boon, in other words, the convention is becoming a boondoggle in many ways.

Corporate media has also been under-estimating numbers of people at events, and over-emphasizing "violence". As with most protests, of course, the violence has been police violence, but corporate media people seem trained to see any tension between cops and protesters as being protester-driven. Nevermind the fact that it is the police who are armed and padded and authoritarian and unlawful. Yesterday, during the Poor People's March, for example, police trapped protesters in pens, something they have been told is illegal by a high court in NYC after a case brought from the Feb. 15 anti-war protests.

Corporate media has no vested interest in being "objective" (as if there is such a thing) or in trying to tell the whole story or even in being factual. The corporations that own big media are part of an interlocking network of entities that make weapons for war (both abroad and domestically), destroy the environment, taint the food supply, and imprison people. To expect anything positive from them is truly idiotic. The occasional "balanced" story hurts more than it helps, actually, as it gives well-meaning (but naive) activists and progressives the impression that big media is reformable. It is not. And it is less so, with each new corporate merger.

Corporate media lies create an atmosphere of fear. People don't know what's really going on, and are trained to fear what they don't know. Authoritarian control of the population is the result. A person is appointed to the pResidency though he didn't win the popular vote and almost no one goes out onto the streets. It really feels like we're fucked. Until the hold of corporate media over the minds and hearts of the population is broken, we really don't have much of a chance to change anything.

People were held overnight 31.Aug.2004 12:23


Some people in the Bike Bloc Saturday were held for over 30 hours, their bikes still in impound. Police are claiming to have impounded over 700 bikes so far.

Fabulous recap, but... 31.Aug.2004 12:27

Mrs Lovelytusch

I was following you until you got bitter at the end and said it looks like we are all fucked. Not true. It looks like we have brainstorming to do!

So To recap, great recap you did, excellent points well made, but I think that some people are celibate and not fucked.

NPR kisses corporate butt once again 31.Aug.2004 12:33

hear, hear "Sunflower" what you said about corporate media

check out this link

re. celibate not fucked 31.Aug.2004 14:32


i like your way of putting that, Mrs Lovelytusch! thx.

Republican Pigs at the Corporate Party Trough 31.Aug.2004 19:04

Cheney Watch

The news this evening was full of corporate-fueled, big money parties for the Dennis Hasterts and his ilk in the Republican party. When interviewed and asked if they were friendly with the pharmacuticals, giant car manufacturers and others who mounted these multi-million dollar wine-and-dine extravaganzas obviously hoping to buy influence in the future, the jolly hedonists with "for sale" signs sprouting out of the tops of their toupees grinned and replied, "We have LOTS of friends!"

Parties of this sort, on a smaller scale, occurred at the Democratic convention as well. WHY is this allowed to happen?

What do you want to bet that both parties will still respect each other in the morning? (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Why not? We're the ones getting screwed.