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Breaking news from NYC, Aug. 31, as of 12:40pm EDT

Activists have promised to make Aug. 31 a big day in NYC: "One No and a Million Yesses - A Day of Non-Violent Civil Disobdedience and Direct Action".

NYC Indymedia and A-Noise radio are reporting that direct actions have already been happening around The City, with several arrests already.

Here's the breaking news from the morning's events.

A31: Breaking News
Listen to Anoise radio, live from the IMC. Call in: 212-233-5767.
you can also call the RNC protest infoline (212) 400-7458
Listen to PDX IMC, live from Portland. Call in: 800-939-7973. Get text messages by signing up at www.txtmob.com Email camera-phone photos directly to the web at rncphotodrop@yahoo.com or rncphoto@infotage.net.
Things have cooled off somewhat at Thomas Paine Park. Half the park is filled with protesters (about 200 people), and police (also about 200) are discussing whether/when to give the order to clear people out. Lots of plainclothes officers both inside the crowd and out.
Police have arrested at least 1 person at Thomas Paine Park; tension high now at Worth and Center St. Police are encircling the park as people are leaving; there is still an exit.
Thomas Paine Park: Street theater dramatizing Guantanomo Bay and Abu Ghraib. There are about 12 people with black hoods over heads kneeling down silently, while a huge corporate media presence surrounds them.
SOCL march has arrived at Thomas Paine Park. There is going to be street theater dramatization of Abu Ghraib and other detention camps.
The Save our Civil Liberties march is moving from columbus park towards Federal Plaza. There are about 500-600 demonstrators chanting "no one is illegal," and "open the borders, close the RNC."
More info about today's Wall St. action. At about 8:20 AM on Beaver St. (off of Broadway and Wall Street), a small group started weaving yarn across the street. Plainclothes officers immediately appeared and began tackling people, and there were 40-45 riot cops on the scene within a few minutes. About 10 of 12 people doing the action were arrested. One IMC videographer was arrested, and a legal observer may have been arrested as well.
The latest Columbus Park: 200+ people; Organizers negotiating with police. About 2-3 counter-demonstrators are there also.
Protest against the Bureau of Immigrant and Customs Enforcement leaving Columbus Park at around 11:30. There's a little over 100 people there now; lots of corporate media. Some protesters are helping to clean up the park.
The INS march group at Columbus Park is now negotiating with the police about a march route. Group of about 100 people or so. Lots of corporate media and police there. So far, police are chill.
Tavern on the Green in Central Park has been entirely blocked off by a heavy police presence. Today's event at the Tavern is the "BoA Financial Rountable." Cant get into Central Park anywhere near the Tavern.
Confirmed 6 arrests at 125th and MLK. 5 men, one woman. A street theater group boarded trains at Union Sq., wearing black with white face covering. Carried anti-war signs. Followed by heavy police presence onto the train. Group exited train at 125 and MLK to go downtown and was arrested. Possible charges: masks, loitering, disorderly conduct. UPDATE: This particular action may have been the 7:30 subway action listed on the A31 website.
Unconfirmed reports of a rush hour Wall St. action. Attempts to block access to Wall St. From an organizer: "the police were out in heavy force and did a better job of clogging Wall St. up than we did."