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Cheney in PDX this Friday??

Is this true?
Think I heard the other media say the war criminal returns. Anyone hear this and/or have details??
according to kgw 30.Aug.2004 22:34


VP Cheney to headline rally in Pendleton Friday

01:31 PM PDT on Monday, August 30, 2004

Belo Interactive and the Associated Press

NEW YORK -- Confirming its status as a battleground state, Vice president Dick Cheney will be heading back to Oregon as soon as the Republican National Convention is over.

Vice-president Dick Cheney.

U.S. Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon told reporters at the Republican Convention that he and Cheney will appear together at a rally in Pendleton on Friday.

Smith said about 4,000 people are expected at the event in his Oregon hometown.

Tucker Bounds, a campaign spokesman confirmed that the rally would be held Friday at 10:30 a.m. at the Pendleton Convention Center at 1601 Westgate. Further details were not immediately available.

Cheney visited the state twice last month, including a July 30 rally in Medford, and President Bush visited the Portland area Aug. 13 the same day as Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry.

Cheney's wife, Lynne, was in Oregon last month to address the state Republican convention.

"They all campaign (in Oregon) on a regular basis," state GOP chairman Kevin Mannix said. "They know how important Oregon is."

This time, Cheney will be two weeks early for Pendleton's biggest event of the year, the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo -- which is scheduled for Sept. 15 through Sept. 18.

Meantime, Smith predicted the Pendleton rally could attract people from as far away as Walla Walla, Wash., and western Idaho.

"It does show how seriously (Bush and Cheney) are taking our state, and how desperate they are to win it," Smith said.

Despite Oregon's importance however, the state has no scheduled speakers at the RNC.

But Oregon's 31 delegates have seats on the main floor at Madison Square Garden, right in front of the stage, a position Mannix interprets as a major honor.

and KATU 30.Aug.2004 22:34


Dick Cheney to headline a rally in Pendleton on Friday


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NEW YORK - Looks like Vice president Dick Cheney is heading back to Oregon.

At the Republican Convention today in New York, Oregon Senator Gordon Smith told reporters that he and Cheney will appear together at a rally in Pendleton Friday.

Smith says about 4,000 people are expected at the event.

Friday's rally, which comes right on the heels of the Republican convention, again underscores Oregon's importance as a swing state.

Cheney was recently in Medford for a rally.

Also, President Bush made a recent visit to the Portland area, on the same day as Democratic candidate John Kerry.

This time, Cheney will be two weeks early for Pendleton's biggest event of the year.

That's Pendleton Round-Up rodeo. This year it is scheduled for September 15th through September 18th.

(Copyright 2004 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

hey, M., learn to research! 30.Aug.2004 22:38


it took me about 2 1/2 minutes to find these two stories. i went to  http://news.yahoo.com and searched for "cheney portland". kgw requires registration, so i filled in all the blanks with information that would allow me access, and got it. without that dumb registration process, it would've taken me about 73 seconds, total. now, in order to answer your question, i had to expose myself to the poison of corporate media, albeit briefly. geez, those sites are ugly! awful colors, and yucky advertisements. i don't know how people can stand to read those sites. i guess if you watch tv, go to movies alot, or listen to corporate radio, that you get used to it, and it doesn't hurt your head anymore, but it SHOULD hurt your head! it's ugly! kinda like when you first start smoking and it just makes you kinda nauseous, or you even throw up, but then after awhile you can't stop. addiction. that's why people read that shit, i guess. ugh! i'm glad i'm over that one. it sucks!!!

so, where the heck is pendleton, anyway? 30.Aug.2004 22:45


i didn't know, so i looked it up.
map of where pendleton is
map of where pendleton is
map of where 1601 westgate is
map of where 1601 westgate is

Where It Doesn't Rain Much 30.Aug.2004 23:36


About 210 miles from Portland to Pendleton--straight shot on I-84. About 3 hours one way.

Anyone know of a cheap bus charter--50 or 75 passengers?

Probably wouldn't be the same as Embassy Suites cage, although the SS praetorian guard would still be running security.

Would be nice to let them know that they're not exactly in "bu$h country."
"Your state is important for our victory."

lets do it 31.Aug.2004 02:04


Let us protest. Making this happen is in our hands. It is not that far and important eh? Considering that half a mil showed up to protest the RNC let us at least get a hundred to stand up to the brains of the operation.
I will talk to the group I work for, they may be able to provide transportation.