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Breaking News from RNC protests in NYC, Monday August 30th

This is the breaking news log, compiled by pdx indy activists, covering the street action in New York City around the Republican National Convention.

There were many different actions that took place throughout the day and there is some confusion in the earlier breaking news reports, however, the ones preceded with PPM are about the Poor Peoples March, and the ones with UN in front of them are reports from the United Nations Building.

breaking news
30-Aug-2004 21:57:An indymedia activist in NYC went down to check out the situation at 7th & 2nd and found that the remaining protesters had dispersed on their own. Police still have the block "sealed off".
30-Aug-2004 21:14:Entire block of 7th between Coopers Square and 2nd Ave is sealed off. There are about 90 protesters total.
30-Aug-2004 20:58:about 100 people have left. everyone has moved. there's some onlookers. 150 people or so left altogether, but more people coming over. about 15 police vehicles.
30-Aug-2004 20:56:report from corner of 7th and 2nd -- ton of police showing up now: 10 mopeds, 5 vans, 3 cars. 40-50 in riot gear with more coming. legal is there, but no medics.
30-Aug-2004 20:54:reported five minutes ago: 7th and 2nd, more people showing up, now 300, on all four corners. when light changes, everyone crosses the street, everyone marching clockwise.
30-Aug-2004 20:51:reported at 8:28 PDT: 7th & 2nd - 300 protesters at 7th and 2nd now. a dozen police vans have shown up, suiting up with riot gear.
30-Aug-2004 20:50:reported at 8:17 PDT: 7th Ave & 2nd - chanting at the cops to strike, cops videotaping, 5 cops with helmets on, 5 with handcuff ties, 20 total. no legal. potential for escalation.
30-Aug-2004 19:49:-----BREAK in breaking news (there were no reports to share in this time gap)------
30-Aug-2004 18:39:PPM: The protest is now a calm affair. 200 people, some singing songs.
30-Aug-2004 18:23:PPM: The situation seems to be continuing to de-escalate. Cops are even taking off riot gear.
30-Aug-2004 18:15:The Poor Peoples March seems to be winding down. At this point, 200 or so people are at 8th Ave. & 30th, while on 29th the cops are letting people do as they like.
30-Aug-2004 18:04:PPM: Michigan IMCista reports there are still 200 people at 8th and 30th. they are still letting people out on 29th. there's still a very LARGE police presence.
30-Aug-2004 17:59:PPM: IMCista at w. 33rd and 9th. whole area closed off. Police driving big black vans and hummers (unmarked) are comming through. she also says that her ID badge isn't working to get through lines.
30-Aug-2004 17:58:PPM: A husband & wife exited the pen. Police went by and the caller's husband was hit by a motorcyle. He's ok. The area seems to be calming. There are approximately 800 people, and 12 police around 29th & 8th Avenue.
30-Aug-2004 17:56:PPM: reporter at 27th and 8th says that the march has stopped because of police. People are just waiting around. Some are leaving.
30-Aug-2004 17:56:PPM: Earlier in the protest, a Vespa cop (the undercovers have been riding Vespa scooters) has punched a protester. It's on video.
30-Aug-2004 17:49:PPM: An IMC Reporter noted that Police on the corner of West 34th Street and 8th Avenue are only allowing people through who have press badges that are approved by NY State.
30-Aug-2004 17:46:PPM: a Safe Space has been declared at Holy Apostles Episcopal Church on the SW corner of 9th & 28th. Protesters are welcome there tonight and during actions tomorrow.
30-Aug-2004 17:43:PPM: undercover vespas are headed to 9th & 33rd to confront march organizers who are gathered there
30-Aug-2004 17:38:PPM: Police have barricaded Eighth Ave. from 26th to 23rd or 22nd.
30-Aug-2004 17:36:PPM: 8th & 29th - indy reporter reports that police were attacking crowd. his leg got "bashed up" pretty good a few minutes ago. a lady cop on a scooter was smashing into people with "a glazed look" on her face.
30-Aug-2004 17:35:PPM: Protesters are being let out slowly from the police barricade.
30-Aug-2004 17:26:PPM: White shirt cop is saying that they are going to clear 28th and 9th in several different directions. People will be asked to leave. Should they not leave they will be arrested.
30-Aug-2004 17:25:Poor Peoples March (PPM): On 29th between 7th and 8th Avenue, the police are not letting protesters through. They opened the barricade, people entered the street, then they started to push them back on 29th.
30-Aug-2004 17:21:PPM: indymedia dispatch is reporting that as people are leaving the penned-in area, that police are arresting them. Horses are also being employed.
30-Aug-2004 17:20:PPM: The organizers of the march have confirmed an exit on 30th street on the left hand corner. They are in progress of making it. People on 29th and 30th can access the exit.
30-Aug-2004 17:18:PPM: 8th Ave & 30th St. - Barricades all around. You have to ask cops to get through.
30-Aug-2004 17:17:PPM: horses at 29th and 8th, cops on bikes at 29th and 9th
30-Aug-2004 17:15:PPM: 8th & 23rd - large crowd pinned down here.
30-Aug-2004 17:13:PPM: 8th & 23rd - protesters barricaded in. Corporate media are not being allowed to come over. A non-protesting bystander is trapped and doesn't know how to get out.
30-Aug-2004 17:12:PPM: people are being allowed to leave in 2s and 3s, large groups will be arrested.
30-Aug-2004 17:11:PPM: police are locking down 29th and 8th, sealing off all sides. crowd at 29th and 8th is penned in and chanting "we are peaceful people."
30-Aug-2004 17:10:PPM: 29th & 7th. Police preparing for mass arrests. 5 coach busses there for arrestees. 40+ motorcycle cops.
30-Aug-2004 17:07:PPM: Caller from street - Police batonning people, pushing people to ground. However, almost everyone has been successful in escaping from barricaded area!
30-Aug-2004 17:05:PPM: use of tear gas by police has been confirmed.
30-Aug-2004 17:05:Poor Peoples March (PPM): 29th & 8th - Police are rioting; one cop drove scooter into crowd. at least one person is being beaten.
30-Aug-2004 17:04:PPM: 29th and 8th is barricaded, caller witnessed three arrests, police closing in further, running toward crowds, they have legal observers and lots of media there.
30-Aug-2004 17:03:PPM: Caller from street - "Smoke" in the air. Gas? Bike cops moving forward very quickly. Caller trying to avoid getting caught up in melee so she can continue reporting.
30-Aug-2004 17:02:PPM: Definitely have been arrests and there is some sort of confrontation. Crowd is spilling out from street onto sidewalks and is taking up several blocks. Riot cops.
30-Aug-2004 17:00:PPM: dozens of motorcycle cops on 29th and 8th ... protesters are still blocked in ... police are dispatching more and more officers... now they are blocking off all of the streets riot cops are comming in
30-Aug-2004 17:00:PPM: Apparently, the police are trying to pen in the marchers with barricades, but the marchers are avoiding this trap, and moving very fast.
30-Aug-2004 16:58:PPM: 100 people split up from march down 27th st going east towards 8th ave the rest of the crowd moving north on 8th ave and approaching 49th st..
30-Aug-2004 16:47:PPM: March turned North on 8th ave. Between 24th and 25th St, someone was detained for 15-30 seconds and released back to the crowd. March is headed toward RNC Convention at Madison Square Garden.
30-Aug-2004 16:45:Poor People's March (PPM): March is taking up 4 lanes of traffic. The group is dancing in the street and not losing it's energy. Caller says it feels bigger than when it started!
30-Aug-2004 16:36:PPM: People are chanting "give the cops a raise!" (This is a reference to the cops' two year lack of a union contract.)
30-Aug-2004 16:35:PPM: The cops have been barricading each Avenue, blocking them from 23rd Street, as the march has progressed. They've been 2-3 blocks ahead of the protesters the whole way along 23rd.
30-Aug-2004 16:34:PPM: Front of the march is still moving west on 23rd and has just arrived at 7th.
30-Aug-2004 16:31:PPM: 23rd & 6th -- Crowd is still over a thousand despite police charges and snatches. Arrests seem to be targetted against anarchists. Are the police wanting to take people out before tomorrow's declared day of Direct Action?
30-Aug-2004 16:22:PPM: march headed down 23rd, toward the Avenue of the Americas, perhaps to turn north (in the direction of Madison Square Garden).
30-Aug-2004 16:20:PPM: 13 arrests confirmed so far.
30-Aug-2004 16:19:Poor People's March (PPM): the people at the front are high spirited but we're hearing different reports from the back, where it seems the police are pushing people, etc.
30-Aug-2004 16:18:PPM: 23rd & 6th, moving west on 23rd - march has spread out to 5-6 blocks long.
30-Aug-2004 16:13:PPM: 23rd & Park: Lots and lots of police all around us. Caller says "lots of people are joining" the march, coming off of sidewalk and into street.
30-Aug-2004 16:08:PPM: Caller to A-Noise radio reports that crowd is getting more energetic with each arrest, not letting police get them down. Crowd numbers around 1500 people at 23rd & Park.
30-Aug-2004 16:07:PPM: At least 4 arrests. Situation described situation as "tense." Multiple snatches of people.
30-Aug-2004 16:06:PPM: 23rd, between Lexington & Park: March getting split up. Front has gotten ahead and is slowing down to regroup.
30-Aug-2004 16:04:PPM: Cops are making arrests on 23rd between 3rd and 4th. individually dragging people out, at least 3 or 4 people arrested. they tackled on guy, chased him through the crowd. Crowd not happy with it.
30-Aug-2004 16:04:PPM: 23rd & Lexington Ave. Police charging crowd. Arrests. Riot cops came up alongside parade.
30-Aug-2004 16:02:Poor People's March (PPM): 23rd & 3rd - Caller is describing "a serious situation". Cops are charging the crowd, going into the middle. Caller was nearly pushed to the ground.
30-Aug-2004 16:00:PPM: Arrests reported by caller to A-Noise Radio.
30-Aug-2004 15:59:PPM: Caller on A-Noise reports that march might try to go North. The crowd is boisterous and festive, with lots of anarchists and drumming and chanting.
30-Aug-2004 15:56:PPM: Radical Queer contingency is part of the march. "We're Here We're Queer Don't fuck with us."
30-Aug-2004 15:53:PPM: A pdx indy radio person on the street has confirmed that the march has been able to turn west on 23rd. the protesters have steered it this direction, not letting themselves be led by police.
30-Aug-2004 15:52:PPM: report from Indymedia dispatch that march is turning west on 23rd.
30-Aug-2004 15:50:PPM: Police are letting march go south on 2nd Ave, but aren't letting them go west. This means the march might not be able to go past Madison Square Garden as they wanted to.
30-Aug-2004 15:49:PPM: Caller is at 2nd & 27th. March is at 2nd & 25th, taking up three lanes on the right side. 1500-2000 marchers. Police in remaining left-hand lane(s).
30-Aug-2004 15:30:PPM: Rumours of civil disobedience arrests at 34th & 2nd are unfounded. Apparently, someone only fainted. This is to correct radio reports that went out earlier...
30-Aug-2004 15:23:PPM: Crowd is stopping at 34th & 2nd, "pooling" there, and looking at cops. Rest of march is catching up....
30-Aug-2004 15:20:PPM: Caller also says march is 4 city blocks long and "seems like an empowered group".
30-Aug-2004 15:19:PPM: Caller reporting from 35th & 2nd, one block ahead of march, which is heading south. she sees a large contingent of cops at 34th and wonders if the cops want to stop them from going to madison square garden.
30-Aug-2004 15:15:Protest Tip of the Hour: Police filming rallies, marches, and parades are from TARU (Tactical and Rescue Unit) and a badge # should be on right side of shirt. If the shirt is light blue and says DCCA that's Deputy Commissioner of Community Affairs.
30-Aug-2004 15:14:PPM: pdx indy person on the scene has noted that cop behavior at this event will seem better or worse depending on your personal experience at such actions.
30-Aug-2004 15:11:PPM: 2nd & 43rd, anarchist contingent drumming, no cop problems. [Some parts of the march seem to be getting harrassment, but not others. Reports are varying from caller to caller.]
30-Aug-2004 15:10:PPM: A-Noise Radio reporting that police are getting angry, starting to get belligerent.
30-Aug-2004 15:08:PPM: Michigan IMC reports: march getting harassed by cops at 42nd and 2nd. Police are breaking up march into several sections, shoving from behind. Police van in front slowing down preventing people from moving faster.
30-Aug-2004 15:05:PPM: Destination is probably 34th. Marchers are in street. Crowd estimate: 3500 people.
30-Aug-2004 15:05:PPM: pdx indy person is with march, going south on 2nd Ave, toward downtown. She'll be calling back.
30-Aug-2004 15:00:PPM: Police detective told indymedia reporter that protestors would be allowed to march to 34th but didn't know what will happen from there.
30-Aug-2004 14:58:PPM: Marchers have half of 2nd ave, moving N. slowly. Cops split march into 2 sections, both moving N. Pretty peaceful
30-Aug-2004 14:57:PPM: Cops say they're going to let the march go to 34th St. on 2nd. This was heard from Deputy Commission.
30-Aug-2004 14:52:PPM: March was heading south on 2nd Ave, and after 3 blocks, protesters stopped and started running back other way. Some chaos ensuing.
30-Aug-2004 14:52:PPM: March was heading south on 2nd Ave, and after 3 blocks, protesters stopped and started running back other way. Some chaos ensuing.
30-Aug-2004 14:51:PPM: There are cops on foot in the front and the back of the march, but they don't seem to be in the section of the march he's on except those in police vans on either side of the street.
30-Aug-2004 14:50:March moving west on 47th. A policeman told indy reporter that people will be allowed to march past Garden. Marchers are chanting "health care now".
30-Aug-2004 14:48:PPM: march moving towards 2nd ave (on 47th) and 30 cops trying to contain protesters who are on bikes.
30-Aug-2004 14:46:PPM: Caller is from Portland, & she says cops aren't as mean as Portland cops, let her cross street against the light, etc.
30-Aug-2004 14:44:PPM Update: March is starting from UN, but situation is unclear. Apparently, cops told marchers not to move west down 47th, but that's where they're going. People are spilling onto street and are no longer surrounded by police.
30-Aug-2004 14:39:Caller to pdx indy radio says Poor People's March (PPM) is finally underway.
30-Aug-2004 14:34:More details: KWRU has permit for rally at UN, but not for a march. KWRU organizers are currently talking to police, trying to negotiate something. They hope to have the march start soon.
30-Aug-2004 14:29:Sum up, 2: The KWRU doesn't have a permit (and doesn't want one), and legal folks are in negotiations with police about the march route.
30-Aug-2004 14:28:To sum up: the story currently being updated in "breaking news" is about the Poor People's March, organized by the Kensington Welfare Rights Union (of Philly). 2-3000 people have been rallying at the UN Building & want to march to Madison Square Garden.
30-Aug-2004 14:23:Poor People's March wants to go to Madison Square Garden without a permit via 42nd and 7th. Cops could be more cooperative. Human rights observers are in attendance to witness violence if it happens.
30-Aug-2004 14:22:2-3000 people rallying energetically as speakers discuss issues facing poor people. crowd is diverse, and includes immigrants. march expected to begin w/in a 1/2 hour. cop presence still huge, but people want to take streets.
30-Aug-2004 14:15:UN: March is getting underway soon, caller thinks. Good feeling in crowd. Signs express sentiments against bush, call for ending the occupation of palestine, etc.
30-Aug-2004 14:14:UN report: Kensington Welfare Rights Union (KRWU) has rejected 2nd Ave to 42nd St.route and negotiations are continuing.
30-Aug-2004 14:09:Cops have been attempting to "hustle away" the Billionaires for Bush, despite the elegance and poise of the billionaires, who were holding a vigil. Crowd of 350 people there.
30-Aug-2004 13:58:UN: A San Diego IMCista reports 2-3000 people at UN Plaza.
30-Aug-2004 13:48:(from Michigan IMC): 40th Street protest planned by cops (regarding their lack of a union contract with the city) is no longer happening. Was a fake-out. Bloomburg and police lieutenants were not present at site. Even police were surprised at this.
30-Aug-2004 13:40:Caller from UN says police are going to let the crowd there march in the street (taking 1 lane only) to Madison Square Garden.
30-Aug-2004 13:36:UN: NLG reports that police are going to let people march. Caller says some people are very wary of trusting police. Movement, if it happens, will happen soon...
30-Aug-2004 13:31:UN: Protest participants have negotiated a march route with police: 2nd Avenue to 23rd Street, 23rd to 8th Avenue. This info has been confirmed by the People's Law Collective and ACLU.
30-Aug-2004 13:30:UN: Cops outnumber people 2 or 3 to 1 and have zipties for arrests. Some protesters are standing on street outside pen 'cause they don't want to be in there.
30-Aug-2004 13:29:UN: A few hundred people surrounded by cops & barriers. Everyone is trapped, smushed together on one block. Side streets are blocked. Some have started chanting, "Who's protest pen?"
30-Aug-2004 13:24:1st and 47th (near UN)- People are congregating in park. Blue, wooden police barricades completely surround the march, & cops are filtering people through. 50 bike cops on 47th, 100 cops in helmets.
30-Aug-2004 13:22:UN Building: Large crowd of people gathered with colorful signs. Speakers have started. Cops standing 3 and 4 deep around protesters. Much different tone than Poor People's March earlier today.
30-Aug-2004 13:15:UN Building: People continue to arrive for protest at UN. The newer folks (including the caller) are on the outside of the police lines. This second crowd is getting bigger.
30-Aug-2004 13:14:corner of 7th ave and 28th street. 3 vans of cops. aprox. 15 cops in each van were seen leaving area traveling east on 28th.
30-Aug-2004 13:13:UN Building: Crowd numbers 8-900 and wants to march. Police and riot cops have it surrounded. The tension on the street is matched by an approaching thunderstorm in the sky.
30-Aug-2004 13:10:Caller from UN Building: Cops are setting up a stand-off situation for those who are trying to bring their message there. The intention is intimidation. The fewer protesters, the weaker the message.
30-Aug-2004 13:06:On the corner of 7th and 28th St [not near the UN Building], about 150-200 cops in riot gear and helmet bags standing in circles. Looking bored, like they are waiting. Doesn't look like they have cars or transport available.
30-Aug-2004 13:02:UN Building: situation changing quickly. About 200 cops on motorcycles [or bicycles - wasn't clear] have arrived. at least 10 paddy wagons. Caller feels that arrests could be imminent.
30-Aug-2004 13:00:UPDATE FROM National Lawyers' Guild: People are being arraigned slowly; at least 5 are coming up with very large bails, like 100Gs.
30-Aug-2004 12:44:About 200 protesters now at the UN, completely surrounded by barricades. Cop to protester ratio is about 2 to 1.
30-Aug-2004 12:39:Poor People's demonstration is heading toward the United Nations Building. A caller from the UN building will be reporting when they arrive. She says there's lots of media there.
30-Aug-2004 12:38:Between 42nd and 43rd St , two or three paddywaggons filled with cops with heading south on 9th avenue. Number of cops high.
30-Aug-2004 12:14:Report from someone at Port Authority: 1 police car speeding down 9th ave with siren on; cops heard to say "load 'em up" and "it's on" and then exit the building. there are empty paddy wagons sitting further south on 9th ave.
30-Aug-2004 12:02:The total crowd making up the Still We Rise march is 3-4000.
30-Aug-2004 11:59:Still We Rise, 28th & 8th: 6 people playing soccer told to stop by police. Police then surrounded one player, searched his bag. Police released him when marchers surrounded them.
30-Aug-2004 11:56:UPDATE from Still We Rise - cops letting only some marchers (usually organizers) through barricades... march emptied 50% on southside, but northside is still going strong.
30-Aug-2004 11:48:Still We Rise report - Cops are converging on 27th and 8th, majority of march is on 29th and 8th... Cops: lots of them.
30-Aug-2004 11:29:A-Noise radio report: Participant at Still We Rise march, commenting on police harrassment, and why she's not getting down about it: "They can control our bodies, but they cannot control our voices."
30-Aug-2004 11:27:Still We Rise: Other than strange police behavior, energy is high, and a participant describes it as a great event.
30-Aug-2004 11:26:Still We Rise update: W 29th & 8th Ave. Police have set up a barricade at 29th to separate the march, near it's planned finish, claiming there's no room for everyone to go at once. [?]
30-Aug-2004 11:21:Cellphone camera photos of Still We Rise march, just emailed to pdx indy: [ click here ]
30-Aug-2004 11:09:26th & 8th Ave. Still We Rise March proceeding fine, enthusiastic, excited. Cops are headed in same direction. 20-30 foot cops and about a dozen vehicles behind them.
30-Aug-2004 11:09:6th Ave (not sure the cross street) 6-7 people mostly dressed in black were detained (not confirmed if they were arrested, reporter left scene), they were sitting on sidewalk and cops detained them
30-Aug-2004 11:06:... One cop felt one of the kids back pack and called to the other cop that "something is in his bag." Cop took the kid behind police line and arrested him.
30-Aug-2004 11:06:Still We Rise march update: 23 and 8th Ave. Four Cops in white uniforms approach 2 kids who had drums and back packs. Cops Said "don't cause any trouble." ...
30-Aug-2004 10:54:PHOTOS from the beginning of the Still We Rise march, currently going on.
30-Aug-2004 10:50:between 17th and 8th ave. Police tried to arrest people for chalking sidewalk. Still We Rise marchers gathered around and police let the chalkers go.
30-Aug-2004 10:43:PDX INDY RADIO IS ON THE AIR. click here.
30-Aug-2004 10:38:NYC Police, who have been working without a contract for 2 years, are holding an "informational picket" at 40 Fulton. A busload of Boston police have just joined them in solidarity.
30-Aug-2004 10:28:Still we Rise March going very well, very diverse crowd with dancing and drumming, APOC feeder march joined at Union Square, very festive environment, cops lining the streets at various locations but it is quite peaceful.
30-Aug-2004 10:18:March has left Union Sq. March is moving along 8th and 15th street.
30-Aug-2004 10:18:[3 minutes ago] Caller from 15th Street, cops now letting people through on 5th Avenue, March was stalled because of barricades but is under way again. Energy reported high.
30-Aug-2004 10:07:blockade removed. march is moving down 15th. police are video taping.
30-Aug-2004 10:06:[2 minutes ago] Still we Rise march stopped on 5th ave and 15th street, 40 cops pushing march onto the sidewalks, clearing the street.
30-Aug-2004 10:05:[6 minutes ago] caller from union square, 1000 ppl, 100 cops. not much going on. march starting soon.

umm... 30.Aug.2004 22:16


Why is this so different from the nyc indymedia rss feed?

two breaking news wires 30.Aug.2004 22:50

pdx indy activist

portland indy and nyc indy both ran their own breaking news wires today. most of the information on the nyc wire is also on portland, and portland has additional details. nyc activists choose to wait longer between updates and write them up a little more carefully. portland's style is to throw them up there more raw and more often and let the story tell itself that way. two approaches, each with their advantages.

the folks doing updating in both places drew on mostly the same sources, but there were some differences. call-ins would come to either nyc or portland. the radio streams (which were separate) would sometimes combine when good updates were coming in, but sometimes different updates would come into both radio stations at the same time. breaking news folks here and in nyc compared notes throughout the day and helped each other with leads, etc.

there was so much going on in nyc the last two days, that it was too much for either website alone. complementary coverage from portland indy has helped tell a more complete narrative than nyc could by itself.

Epiphany 31.Aug.2004 02:00


, hearing reports coming in from the front.
When ever else in history did the Resistance have the ability to broadcast -across the globe instantly- minute-to minute reports of what's happening at ground zero. From numerous vantage points.

This free, unfettered and unlimited information sharing must be one of our most powerful tools, and I wonder what excuse they'll have when it starts getting ruled and regulated.
It'll be "for our safety" or "a Mystery Hyper Cyberworm from Iran"

We must keep Rocking the Casbah