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The Color Today is Orange!

Undercover police use color-coded wristbands in NYC.
On Saturday, 8/28, the color of the day was yellow.

On Sunday, 8/29, the color of the day was green.

Today, Monday, 8/30, according to sources in NYC,
the color of the day is ORANGE.

If you are in NY City, look for orange wrist bracelets or tees,
but a few obvious undercovers/plainclothes on Sunday still had yellow on,
so just look for usual signs of baconosity plus colorful, hosptial style wristbands with NO MARKINGS and/or DESIGNS. Just solid colors.

But whatever color, wristbands, t-shirts or hats, etc., undercovers will always have to be identified by other police in some way or another. Just be mindful of details out there.