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Local Green Party activist responds to Counterpunch article

Counterpunch has been critical of the Green Party and individually attacking Green activists here in Oregon. Here is one response about the inaccuracies in their articles.

Dear Jeffrey, Alex and Michael,

Your article ("Situational Democracy: The Show Me the Green Party", August 27, 2004) contains many factual inaccuracies...

  • I'm not in the "inner circle" of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon. I have never been elected to serve on any of our state party's committees.
  • No committee or group in the Pacific Green Party of Oregon decided "not to pursue a replacement candidate" for Oregon's 5th Congressional district. Mitch Besser, our nominee, withdrew on the day of the Secretary of State's filing deadline. I was not aware of that Mitch actually withdrew until after the filing deadline passed. Moreover, I haven't seen, spoken with or written to Mitch Besser since May, 2004.
  • It is wrong that there are no PGP candidates will impact the election of Democratic incumbents. Teresa Keane is running a strong campaign against US Senator Ron Wyden.

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