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Man's HIV diagnosis reversed 8 years later

SAN FRANCISCO ? A California man who once tested positive for HIV has learned the diagnosis made eight years ago was mistaken and he never had the virus that causes AIDS.
Jim Malone spent years battling depression and losing weight, expecting to die at any time. He attended support group meetings and accepted free meals from an AIDS charity. Malone's main doctor, Richard Karp, acknowledged the error in an Aug. 4 letter to the Department of Veterans Affairs clinic where Malone was treated.

"As his primary care provider, I take full responsibility," the doctor wrote.

Malone, who is gay and has lost friends to AIDS, said he is relieved but angry at his doctor.

"He told me, 'We made a very big mistake. We did not do our job,'" he said. "I said, 'You mean to tell me that all you have to say is you are sorry? Sorry that I lived for all this time believing I was going to die?'"

The Oakland Department of Veterans Affairs is investigating.

The error may have occurred because Malone arrived at the clinic in 1996 with lab results from a testing firm showing he had HIV, said Karen Pridmore, spokeswoman for the VA's Northern California Health Care System.

The clinic performed its own HIV test on Malone to confirm the first set of results and it came back negative, but that information was never shared with the patient, Pridmore said.

The mistake was uncovered by the VA's computer system, which tracks HIV patients and conducts a periodic review of cases.

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Don't get tested, period 30.Aug.2004 18:33


All the tests are (viral) loads of crap.

there is no evidence that any virus or retrovirus causes AIDS anyways.

Gringo Stars, you are full of shit 30.Aug.2004 23:05


If you are going to say something like that, at least back it up so I can check your sources and decide if I am going to believe you or not. A friend of mine has AIDS, and she doesn't believe that it doesn't exist.

Who what and why 31.Aug.2004 05:18


Here's a thought provoking question, where are all the well known public personalities that have died from aids? Sports stars, politicians, movie stars, musicians? Why is it primarily the poor and invisible populations that are dying in large numbers?

My guess is aids was a bio-weapon that is serving the goals of depopulation through race-specific engineering. The pharmacuetical cartels make tons of money through vaccines(bio-weapon delivery) and government financed AZT treatments and the global elite get targetted depopulation. Fits in quite nicely with their stated interests.

Gringo Starrs is right on! 31.Aug.2004 17:04


Despite being the most reasearched disease there ever was, there still is no evidence that HIV causes AIDS. Gringo's got plenty of links to countless articles that nakedly show how flawed the HIV=AIDS hypothesis is. Questioning the supposed 'HIV' link to 'AIDS' in no way diminishes the real health problems of many who have been diagnosed 'HIV'-positive. It's time to get beyond the fear and propaganda and ask real questions of those who study 'HIV'. Most people would be surprised to find out that 'HIV' has never been isolated and shown to cause disease according to Koch's postulates. They'd also be surprised to know that the supposed 'HIV' is grown in immortal T-cell lines...it doesn't KILL the T-cells in which it's supposedly grown! Check it out! Free your mind and others' from the unnecessary terror of 'HIV'!