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What's up with Indymedia?

I just posted a letter from Marnie Glickman to Counterpunch, responding to misinformation they've been circulating. The letter appeared on Indymedia for about 2 minutes then was gone.
I'm concerned about Indymedia.

On the Selection 2004 page, 8 of the 9 featured stories are about Nader. Many of them have been up for 2 months. Isn't there anything new to feature? What about stories on Greens and the Green Party?

As stated above, I posted a response on Indymedia, from Marnie Glickman to Counterpunch. The letter/article appeared on the list of self-publish stories for about 2 minutes then was gone. I have not been able to locate it. Is Indymedia biased against Greens?
hmmm 30.Aug.2004 12:42

indy geek

What was the title of the article?

what's up 30.Aug.2004 12:43

pdx indy featurizer

it's true that the features on the sElection 2004 page have not been updated often. that's because there's been very few original stories published to the newswire about the sElection that are about local events.

your post re. a letter from Marnie Glickman to Counterpunch fits the bill, and will be featured soon. thanks for pointing it out -- pdx indymedia workerbees are concentrating on the RNC events now, so didn't check out your post 'til you mentioned it.

your post did not immediately appear on sElection 2004 because, during the RNC protests, all the topic pages are not being refreshed very often. this is in order to conserve system resources for updating the "breaking news" frequently.

so, this is a matter of system resources and current priorities, not bias. thanks for writing!

Biased...? against the greens...? 30.Aug.2004 12:57

ted... sorry

What are you talking about.

Th "greens" are a political party.

If you give time to one,
you got to give time to them all...

Do you really want GW-rebtiblican crap on this website...?

So perhaps, all of the polical parties are banned. (fairness..)

---- instead of re-posting green-party propaganda, try writting your own words ------


I think all political-parties are banned.

(perhaps the parties should stick to their platforms... rather than making conssession...!)

Besides.... Look at what's happened in canada to the green-party.

a bunch of right-wing morons have taken controll. (check vancover indy)

Green-Party..... = bought & paid for...!


Most of the stuff you like about the green-party,
is already called "communism".

But don't be confussed. Communism.... not that Stallen dictator bullshit either.

Communism, as reflected by the "people's tribunals".

(smoke that at your next 4:20 meeting)

your post now featured 30.Aug.2004 13:17

pdx indy activist

it's now on the front page and on the sElection 2004 page. thanks again for writing.

Missing 30.Aug.2004 13:37


I've noticed some of my responses to posts missing lately. I don't see why this is happening.

response to "L" re. missing posts 30.Aug.2004 13:55

pdx indy activist

when that happens, it'd be great if you could drop a line to the pdx indy editorial group right away so it can be looked into. i won't put the email address here, as it will get picked up by 'bots and spammed, but you can click on a link to write editorial from the "contact" page,  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/contact.shtml

btw, i am a pdx indy workerbee and sometimes my own comments don't go up, so it's sometimes just some technical glitch...

Reply to Ted 30.Aug.2004 14:43

Brian Setzler

It would be news to me that Canadian Greens have been taken over by right wing nuts. I don't believe it. I just spent a week with a large group of Canadians, a number of whom recently voted Green. All were progressives and they said nothing about an infiltration. I also went to the Vancouver Indymedia site as suggested and couldn't find any source. Please provide a link. It seems impossible to take over a party when the party is based on prinicples.

You then accuse the Green Party at being bought and paid for. By whom? Greens don't accept corporate money so they certainly don't own us. Real human beings finance the Green Party and personal contributions are limited as well (I think $10k and I doubt anyone gives at that level. However if they do, it doesn't by them any influence or a special seat at the table).

Finally, you can lump Greens in with communism if you like but nothing could be further from reality. I am an active Green and I've never seen anything in Green circles, writings, documents or discussions that looks to communism for solutions to our problems. Every communist country has had the exact same problems we have (injustice, top-down control, militarism, eco-suicide, etc.). Our problems, IMO, are caused by the social model known as civilization. Capitalist and communist countries built on the social order civilization experience the same problems. Greens are searching for something different.

Update on Canadian Greens 30.Aug.2004 15:37

Brian Setzler

The Greens have hardly been taken over by right-wing nuts. Seems like the party leader used to be an elected official for a conservative/business orientated party 17 years ago. Because of this affiliation, he was attacked by party purists.

If we attack all Greens for their past affiliations, we will have no party. The Green's success must come from people changing parties. We expect more and more of this as the earth succumbs to the corporate party agenda and people look for a solution minded political party.


can you say "witch-hunt"? 31.Aug.2004 17:34

i knew you could

It's a tiresomely common rhetorical tactic to accuse one's nearby, internal political rivals of being in league with or in thrall to a distant, mutually-hated external enemy. Watch how often it happens. It's such an easy smear, and I've heard it often enough in situations when I knew it to be factually false.