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Glickman responds to Counterpunch mistakes

Counterpunch has been critical of the Green Party and individually attacking Green activists here in Oregon. Here is one response about the inaccuracies in their articles.
Dear Jeffrey, Alex and Michael,

Your article ("Situational Democracy: The Show Me the Green Party", August 27, 2004) contains many factual inaccuracies.

1) I am no longer co-chair of the Green Party of the United States. My term ended in June, 2004.

2) There are seven co-chairs of the Green Party of the United States, not three.

3) I did not ever raise money for the Clintons or US Senator Paul Wellstone.

4) You imply that I'm an east coast refugee. Actually, I'm from Minnesota.

5) I'm not in the "inner circle" of the Pacific Green Party of Oregon. I have never been elected to serve on any of our state party's committees.

6) No committee or group in the Pacific Green Party of Oregon decided "not to pursue a replacement candidate" for Oregon's 5th Congressional district. Mitch Besser, our nominee, withdrew on the day of the Secretary of State's filing deadline. I was not aware of that Mitch actually withdrew until after the filing deadline passed. Moreover, I haven't seen, spoken with or written to Mitch Besser since May, 2004.

7) It is wrong that there are no PGP candidates will impact the election of Democratic incumbents. Teresa Keane is running a strong campaign against US Senator Ron Wyden.

8) The article only reported on my Democratic credentials, and conveniently omitted my work for the Greens. I was elected to serve as the co-chair of the national party. I was elected to be the co-chair of the national party's fundraising committee. I was also elected to serve as the national party's representative to the Global Green Network. I've advised and trained many Green candidates on fundraising and organizational development issues. For example, I served as finance director on Ralph Nader's presidential campaign in 2000.

9) Donnelly implies that because I switched parties from the Democrats, I must be a Democratic spy. But people change parties all the time. Matt Gonzalez and Peter Camejo are two good examples.

Doesn't CounterPunch check the facts in its articles?

Next time, Donnelly might consider interviewing the people he writes about. It's an easy way to prevent so many sloppy mistakes.


Marnie Glickman
Portland, Oregon
Counterpunch Article Link 30.Aug.2004 16:19


For those who would like to read the article she is responding to it can be found here:


How did Michael do in his PGP election? 30.Aug.2004 17:05

Inquiring minds want to know

Since Michael Donnelly continues to trash the PGP based on his perfect view of the world from his own special perch, maybe Mr. Donnelly can answer the following: Q: How effective was his 1998 campaign? A: Mr. Donnelly got just under 1.6% of the vote and came in 3rd. Q: Did he unseat the Democrat? A: No, he lost to Hooley. Q: What were Mr. Donnelly's accomplishments from his campaign? Q: Why isn't he running for office this year? Q: Why isn't Jeffrey St. Clair running for office here in Oregon?

Michael needs to apologize for his inaccuracies! 31.Aug.2004 07:25


My respect for Michael Donnelly has not wavered with his latest attack on Greens because I believe his heart in the right place (as misguided as he might be in this regard).
Furthermore, Greens must be willing to take criticism and respond accordingly.
Many times criticism provides the mechanism for needed change.

But when a writer contributes inaccuate and factually misleading statements in the media, journalistic integrity demands that they acknowledge where they were wrong.
Clearly, Michael Donnelly's articles in counterpunch were filled with factual inaccuracies that led (in part) to his incorrect analysis. That's what happens when a writer only seeks to create the story they want, versus communicating with the people who know the facts. Only time will tell if Michael Donnelly has the integrity to admit his latest slam against Greens was based on inaccurate information and filled with factual flaws.

The "Anybody but Bush" logic along with Ralph Nader's ego driven campaign has crippled the Pacific Green party, both financially and from the standpoint of volunteer involvement! This is a temporary condition that will remedy itself with time. But if progressive and Green minded people start to implode this party from within, the causes we all fight for will not be served.

If Michael Donnelly or other critics feel it is time for a housecleaning, then it is incumbent on them to get involved and help make the needed changes. Otherwise their criticisms are no more valuable than the spin from the corporate media and the sellout Democratic party that Michael and others also routinely criticize.

We have discovered the enemy and it is us.

Ralph Nader's ego driven campaign 31.Aug.2004 18:58


Give me a break!

I'm not in Portland but am a Green in the Bay Area in CA, so I was looking here to see if these were really inaccuracies, or just those exposed trying to cover their asses.

But when I read that you think Nader is running an 'ego driven' campaign, I know I need not read the above comment any further. You have a strong bias, not to mention a lack of understanding about the importance of Nader's campaign and work in general.

Counterpunch tends to take strong views and make radical statement - but generally, they are right on. And that's often what provokes the powerful backlashes against them.

For example, I served on Ralph Nader's presidential campaign in 2000. 31.Aug.2004 18:59


So did David Cobb.