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Let's Build Solidarity With the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners!

Appeal For Solidarity with the Political Prisoners of Abnaa elBalad
Free the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners!
Free the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners!
Let's Build Solidarity With the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners!

---John Paul Cupp, Public Relations Officer for the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism


(Abnaa elBalad has comprehenisive and informative website available on-line at www.abnaa-elbalad.org. They can be contacted via e-mail at  nur@netvision.net.il.)

International law will never be a true substitute for the all-out people's struggle being waged by the Arab Popular Classes, for the Liberation of Palestine. It is only in resistance, that the masses will find the quest for land and justice met in full.

Their is nothing more clear and obvious, more necessary and effective, than resistance to oppression. In Palestine, all of Historic Arab Palestine, on both sides of the "green line", this has taken the form of the glorious Al-Aqsa Intifadah. At the cost of martyrdom and incarceration, cruel torture and repression, the Palestinian people know that the Intifadah is their guiding light of National Salvation and Arab Self-Determination.

Today, let us raise our voices for the Release of the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners, and all Arab Resistance Detainees rotting in the Zionist Entity's dungeons, refusing to bow on matters of principle, boldly and with revolutionary defiance in their hearts.

On February 7th, the Zionist Entity's goons arrested General Secretary Muhamad Kanaane, Husam Kanaane, and Sahar Abdou. Five days later, Yusuf Abu Ali was also detained. Throughout this process, the Zionist Entity took it upon themselves to smash up Abnaa elBalad's offices, and to spread fear and intimidation aimed against them. In fact, Muhamad Kanaane's mother, wife, and 14 year old son were beaten by the Zionists, in order to add insult to injury.

Why does the Zionist Entity repress leading cadre of Abnaa elBalad?

Abnaa elBalad is a secular democratic Arab Mass-movement, operating within the borders of the illegitimate fascist settler-colonialist state of "Israel", defending the Arab identity of Palestine, against ever-worsening ethnic cleansing and apartheid, and boldly upholding the banner of socialism.

The Zionist Entity uses its settler-colonialists as a human base for imperialism, in the heart of the Arab Nation, and in so doing is attempting to fully annihilate Arab Palestine's legitimate inhabitants. In contrast to this, Abnaa elBalad, from the very epicentre of Zionism, is a pro-active force for the Arab Cause, rejecting normalization of relations with the Zionist Entity, within the confines of having to operate within the Zionist Entity's "laws".

It is so often the case, that the Zionists, including pseudo- "leftists" deny that the very foundations for the creation of "Israel" are illegitimate, and rest upon the blood loss of a native population, upon the colonizer's hopes for the natives to become exterminated or scattered. In contrast to this, Abnaa elBalad, is a voice that says the Arab Palestinian masses are alive today, as alive as ever and with a will to resist.

Abnaa elBalad is a confirmation that the Arabs are as much with breath

and heart beat, as ever. Even within "Israel", Arab Palestine is here to stay! It will never go away, but rather continue the path of popular resistance, through whatever forms are deemed necessary and effective, by the Arab Palestinian people.

No doubt, the detention of Abnaa elBalad's political leadership, was a telling blow, but history has proven, that even in the harshest of climates, the seeds of the people, planted in resistance, shall enivitably produce a towering and majestic tree of victory!

Abnaa elBalad is a revolutionary movement, for and by the Arab Palestinians, that is deserving of our support. We cannot dream of tolerating the incarceration of them or of any other Palestinian Political Prisoner.

For the inalienable right to resist, for the cause of democratic _expression, for the cause of a world free of imperialism and Zionism, I pledge my full support for the campaign to free the Abnaa elBalad Political Prisoners and call on your distinguished organizations and personages to do the same.

Solidarity with Abnaa elBalad and the Arab Palestinian Mass Resistance in "Israel"!

Freedom to Muhamad Kanaane, Husam Kanaane, Sahar Abdou, and Yusuf Abu Ali !

Yes, Yes, Intifadah!

homepage: homepage: http://www.abnaa-elbalad.org