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Photos of Still We Rise march, just emailed from a cellphone camera

text report below from an earlier post on nyc indymedia about this event ( http://nyc.indymedia.org/newswire/display/107438/index.php)
On Monday, August 30, several thousand vocal and spirited people joined the Still We Rise Coalition's march and rally for justice. It addresses housing, healthcare, jobs, the criminal justice system, AIDS policies, immigration, and education.

The Still We Rise Coalition is a non-partisan coalition of over 35 organizations led by New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS, New Yorkers who are or have been homeless, New Yorkers struggling with the welfare system and New Yorkers who have experience with the repressive drug laws and the criminal justice system.

These pictures are from the beginning of the August 30th march at Union Square. The march will end with a rally outside Madison Square Garden.

homepage: homepage: http://stillwerise.org/

two more photos from the cellphone camera, just emailed in 30.Aug.2004 11:45

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riot cops arrive, with busses