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A Recap of August 29th in NYC: The UFPJ march, Central Park, and repression on Broadway

The August 29 United for Peace and Justice rally has been gathering press for months, due to UFPJ's altercation with the City of New York over the city's refusal to issue a permit for a post-protest rally in Central Park. In the end, both the City and the state court rejected UFPJ's request to use the park. However, several thousand people convened in the park regardless, in a peaceful. festive gathering which went mostly unmolested. Meanwhile, police arrested over 150 people - many of them bystanders - in Times Square and on Broadway,as protesters attempted to converge outside the venues where Republican delegates had gone to watch Broadway shows.
Times is no Tiananmen -- Radicals stay safe trying to save the world
Times is no Tiananmen but they are part of the same movement against oppressive forces everywhere. The U.S. government did little more than learn from the Peoples Republic of China about how to handle this uprising in NYC a little more gently and with better control of the media. So, since the leaders of America and China consort amongst themselves, why shouldn't the common people, who live in those occupied lands, act in solidarity?

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