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PDX Indymedia vs. MSNBC & FOX

PDX indymedia is carrying information about the protests to the world. I am grateful to live here. Thanks to you all who are doing this! MSNBC and Fox carried the protests for only a few minutes when the dragon float was on fire, then quickly abandoned them. C-Span is giving great coverage. None of the mainline media is carrying the protests. Yet, you can watch it on the walls of Amsterdam.
What is wrong here... folks have been calling in to the webstreaming radio from wisconsin, texas, colorado, and elsewhere. yesterday, a few FM stations were rebroadcasting the stream and a woman called who was listening in her car in florida! san diego is restreaming the pdx indy radio broadcast. [Calls have come in] from nashville... and blacksburg virginia. Another caller feels the best coverage is to listen to pdx indy radio while watching CSPAN with the sound turned down. [f*ck yeah]