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Antiwar Demonstrators in New York Impress Seasoned Portland Protester

Jeff's getting old and feels a need to take David Reinhardt's place.
Published on Monday, August 30, 2004 by The Oregonian
Antiwar Demonstrators in New York Impress Seasoned Portland Protester
by Jeff Mapes

NEW YORK -- Electrician Fred Faveluke has often participated in antiwar protests back home in Portland, but he said he never saw anything quite like the march he took part in Sunday in New York City.

Besides its sheer size, Faveluke said he was impressed by the seriousness and maturity of the demonstrators who sought on the eve of the Republican convention to show the depth of opposition to the war in Iraq.

"There would have been a larger contingent of troublemakers in Portland, I believe," said Faveluke, an intense, soft-spoken 32-year-old who is taking a week off from his job to demonstrate at the convention. He has frequently participated in demonstrations sponsored by the Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.

Sunday's march, he said, was "a very mainstream, family-oriented event . . . I didn't see anybody making trouble."

Portland protests have often been marred by so-called anarchists, Faveluke said, who "are just kids looking for a party."

He said protests in Portland, which was dubbed "Little Beirut" by officials in the administration of the first President Bush, often draw groups interested in advancing a wide variety of causes.

Faveluke said he and other demonstrators know their protests could backfire if they lead to violence and widespread property destruction. For example, Oregon Republican Chairman Kevin Mannix last week noted that if protesters leave a bad impression, voters are likely to associate them with President Bush's opponent, Democrat nominee Sen. John Kerry.

At the same time, Faveluke speculated that additional demonstrations this week could be more confrontational and include acts of civil disobedience. In Portland, for example, he participated in an attempt to shut the Burnside Bridge to vehicle traffic when the Iraq war started.

"I'm completely committed to nonviolence," he said, "but we've got an administration that just completely ignores the people."

Faveluke added, "There's arguments both ways on civil disobedience. I'm not here to do anything to people. But I don't think we can let the Republicans have a night on the town here, have them just think nothing's going on."

Faveluke, who sported a "RNC Not Welcome" logo on his T-shirt, said he didn't know what he would do later in the week but would wait to see how things develop.

He's also looking forward to playing the tourist. A rail buff, he wants to visit the subway museum in Brooklyn.

He said he's staying with a family he met through a Web site for demonstrators looking for lodging. He said his hosts have a son in the New Jersey National Guard who may be called to active duty in Iraq and a daughter-in-law who is in the military in Baghdad.

Faveluke argued that the invasion of Iraq was a distraction from the real war on terrorism, which he said should involve a more committed effort to dismantle al-Qaida and catch the group's leader, Osama bin Laden.

"Bush says he doesn't care about bin Laden," said Faveluke, referring to how he said the president no longer makes many references to the hunt for the al-Qaida leader. "But I'll tell you, in this city, 10 million people do."

2004 The Oregonian

ok..... 30.Aug.2004 09:51


That sucked.

WUSSA MADDA with these Nyorkers???? 30.Aug.2004 10:18


What a pathetic turnout. This was one of the only publicized antiwar marches in the last 2 years and those lazy NYorkers couldnt leave their homes and show up on a sunday afternoon???? Now I remember why I moved to the left coast....

what's the matter with the nay-sayers? 30.Aug.2004 11:07


what do you mean, what a pathetic turn out? half a million people (as reported by both the organizers and the police) is hardly pathetic. i'd like to see such a large demonstration back in portland, but it's unlike since that's nearly the population of our fine city. and even though i've witnessed (and documented) a few cases of the police being quite hevy handed, overall they were much more restrained than the storm troopers of pdx. some were even polite and friendly. wow! this event was amazing for sheer size and variety, as well as the fact that the march lasted for over six hours, in ninety degrre weather. again, i'd like to see that repeated in my hometown. give credit where it's due, please.

and shoutout to our indymedia center, whom the nyc page has linked to for coverage of the protests. thanks for keeping it all together back there, so we can be out on the streets and reporting it all back. stay strong.

Damn straight! 30.Aug.2004 11:37

You're darn tootin'!

There would be more trouble makers here in Portland, and thank goodness. Sometimes when you see an administration murdering people all over the planet and destroying the last of what is wild it calls for something more than walking with a sign. If it was effective, it would be illegal.

WWKT ? 30.Aug.2004 12:15

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Oh, yes. I never, but never, make a move at a protest without asking myself "What Would Mannix Think" ?

<shakes head> Hopeless...

wow what a load of bullshit 30.Aug.2004 13:28


Yeah- troublemakers huh? It sounds like you were terribly pleased that everyone there (or most people) shared your class in society... IE Middle-class college intelectuals. And for the record I've heard the term "Family Oriented" enough to be aware of its real meaning... Freaks l;ike you need not show up. When will the Paternal Left realize that they are every bit the fucks that the right wing is sometimes. Oh, and by the way Anarchist describes a lot of different ways of thinking, and should not be so easily pidgeon-holed. That said somtimes you need to raid the Bastille. Oh and hey everybody... we made it!

ya gotta stir things up a lot more, people. 30.Aug.2004 14:26

leon twatski

I am sure that the establishment is pleased with the pathetic efforts of the so-called,"peace movement". The facts are, you need to make big waves to sink or slow the progress of a warship. Bush and the neo-cons will never notice anything that doesn't impede their progress toward ww3.

I wonder... 30.Aug.2004 15:53

party at Fred's next Friday

...if we could get some commentary by Mr. Faveluke himself about why he chose to say such retarded bullshit to an Oregonian reporter? Is he really that ignorant? Or did his words get twisted around, or made up?

Portland protests have often been marred by so-called anarchists, Faveluke said, who "are just kids looking for a party."

How about... Portland protests have often been marred by so-called peace activists, who "are just lazy, guilt-ridden members of the middle and upper classes looking for a safe, power-sanctioned way to appease their nagging consciences and get a pat on the back from Big Brother at the same time."

There we go again, doing the FBI's dirty work for them...

Hmm 30.Aug.2004 17:08

A mean ol anarchist

Well I remember this time when I pulled a mentally disabled man out of a police riot on the broadway bridge. I was bieng peppersprayed and batoned from the back because I was shielding his body with mine. I went to the protest with the "red squad" to defend both militant and passive protestors alike from police violence. After the protest I saw local actavists talk a lot of crap about the militant anarchists. It made me wanna throw away my hoodie, turn on my tv and start cheering for the pigs. I'm glad that passed.
The truth is our blac bloc had a big part in shuting down a 1 key bridge, the burnside standoff, and shut down 30 e and w. One thing that a lot of famous actavists, including your revered ghandi, have believed is that a small group of dedicated people can do a lot. I've been in enough large liberal mobs to know they're for the birds.

2,000 DNC
500,000 RNC what the fucks up?

Kerry the candy coated Bush.

Bush/Kerry 2004 -for genocide

Skull and Bones represent!

Corperate Party Posse in the House,

Give 'em Hell in NYC, Fred! 30.Aug.2004 20:29

Lawrence Maushard

Let it be said here and now that Fred Faveluke has dedicated his life to the good cause, anti-Bush/GOP and pro-social justice worldwide, ever since that murdering illegitamite refugee from Texas took up residence in the White House. He's been out in the streets when it counted, March 20/21, 2003 and so much more, and has offered up his time, efforts, resouces, money, and plain hard work.

The time will come when Fred can explain the context of the War-egonian article in question here. The earlier posting is right. We don't yet know the process involved: was he quoted accurately, etc.

But Fred Faveluke has more than earned the right to the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this or any other issue. Just by talking to the War-egonian in this instance, Fred has put his job on the freakin' line.

Did ya think about that?!

Does anyone with an understanding of reality believe that business owners, shop stewards and all the rest of the establish folks that control the salary strings for a work-a-day man like Fred are gonna feel good about his demonstration activities in NYC? Just by his being there (like a lot of other working people) he's put his job situation at considerable risk for the good fight, not to mention talking about it for attribution in the major daily newspaper in his hometown.

Think about it, for chrissakes. Stumptown is not a big place. Have any of you yahoos giving him shittake ever done anything, really laid your health and your livelihood on the line when it counted? If you have, then you can appreciate what he's doing.

Anyway, I'm immensely proud to call Fred Faveluke one of my dearest friends in this or any other world.

He's one tough, intelligent man from Portland -- like a lot of the other good women and men from these parts currently out in NYC -- doing what he can as part of one of the largest and most important anti-Bush demonstrations of our time. Although he'd never agree to it, he and so many more people like him are are heroes in the finest sense of the word.

Fred certainly doesn't need anyone to defend himself or his positions.

But I damn well felt like someone should.

Lawrence, everything... 30.Aug.2004 22:21

Party at Fred's place

you said may be true about Fred. However, any way you slice it, he participated willingly in the corporate/state project to divide the "law-abiding citizens" from the "dangerous direct action terrorists", and thereby isolate anyone willing to push the envelope and actually throw some wrenches in the gears of business as usual.
I resent this, and I hope he can explain himself and offer an apology or cogent explanation. This kind of crap, gifted straight to the corporate media no less, is no longer acceptable in our community. And btw I'm not talking about the exchange of reasoned critique, which i'm sure most of us would agree is important. Nor am I arguing for some sort of false unity--just using some common sense before you spout off a bunch of reactionary rhetoric to a corporate news reporter.

Wonder if Jeff Mape's editors made him write this-- 30.Aug.2004 23:16

Smelling of rat

This is a dumb piece that doesn't even hold together. Jeff Mapes has been a boregonian reporter for 25 years. Might there be something else at work here?

Whatever... 31.Aug.2004 00:55

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

"Fred certainly doesn't need anyone to defend himself or his positions."

He also didn't need to pooh-pooh other Portlanders who aparently haven't conducted ourselves in enough of a gentlemanly/ladylike fashion for his personal comfort zone. Are our only choices between that of a beaming, placid, perfectly groomed marcher in a suit or a psychotic, rock-throwing marcher covered head to toe in black ? Forget it. I like political cartoons but I have no wish to be one. :p

ack 31.Aug.2004 17:43

barf barf barf barf barf

Some people wonder why other people sneer "fuckin' liberal" as an insult.


Here's a clue, you fuckin' idiots: Whatever Kevin Mannix is most afraid of, that's what you better fuckin' do. Otherwise you're either helping him or wasting your time.