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Times is no Tiananmen -- Radicals stay safe trying to save the world

Will the revolution spread from NYC?
Times is no Tiananmen -- Radicals stay safe trying to save the world

Times is no Tiananmen but they are part of the same movement against oppressive forces everywhere. The U.S. government did little more than learn from the Peoples Republic of China about how to handle this uprising in NYC a little more gently and with better control of the media. So, since the leaders of America and China consort amongst themselves, why shouldn't the common people, who live in those occupied lands, act in solidarity? All over the world we suffer the effects of capitalist plutocratic corporatism moving towards a devastating totalitarianism. And why should Americans show solidarity with Abner Louima and not the victims of Africa's genocides? What about the India/Pakistan standoff? What about mass-extinction, deforestation, Agent Orange, toxic rivers, DU, and water crises around the Earth? The population may be growing but they could easily reduce our numbers (as the oil runs out) until what's left of humanity starts to act in a common global interest

Isn't it possible that people around the world will someday show solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of people in the streets of New York, NY, U.S.A.? Everywhere people can see that revolutions till the eternal are a systematic necessity -- morally necessary! Christianity as it is in the states, if religion must play a part and be used as an demonstrative example, calls for sacrificial revolt. It might be fun to question the Christianity of the NYPD. Bush probably already knows he's in league with devil via skull and bones.

And if Kerry gets elected then we, the people, can look forward to 300,000 new cops protecting our civil liberties while probably feeling underpaid as they serve as the urban grunts of the ruling class. It's ridiculous! How much more war, poverty and general suffering can the servants of the police state bear before they lay down their guns and take up a new occupation. Already officers have a higher rate of suicide than most professions, and maybe it's genetic, but rates of depression are increasing in the industrialized first world especially -- so how much more can they take?

Even the vast majority of Republicrats themselves must eventually start to develop some qualms about what they and their government is doing. Kerry and Bush are obviously two sides of the same oppressive coin with their penchant for war and authority over the "free" world. It may even be best if Bush stays in office till their system collapses. In any case, of course NYC is ripe for revolution after September eleventh! When it comes down to it, 3000 families lost their families due to the policies of the power elite. Then, in the aftermath of 9/11, the world leaders start wars that kill more of us abroad while civil rights are reduced in our homelands in the name of security and patriotism. But what will it take for the common people in America, and around the world, to rise up together?

The 2004 uprising in NYC may prove to be pivotal point in the revolutionary disorder of things. It's only 12:34 CST on Monday the 30th, 2004, and I'm merely observing this phenomenal event from afar, but my spirit is with the revolutionaries in New York. Day one of the big protest is now over and I'm hoping, more than ever, that day two is even better. You radicals try to stay safe while saving the world. Best wishes. In solidarity... vive la revolucion!