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pdx indymedia Breaking News archive for NYC events 8/29

The portland indymedia breaking news wire ran at the top of the site on 8/29 from 9:20am to 10:45pm. Updates were posted frequently throughout the day, sometimes more than once a minute. The news was gathered from call-ins from the street to the two web radio streams covering the day's events (pdx indy radio, produced in portland and NYC, and A-Noise, a NYC project), from the breaking news wire on NYC indymedia, and from an internal indymedia communication board. Dozens and dozens of people contributed information, and the result was an exciting account of the day, unfolding as you read it.

Here is the complete archive. All times are Pacific Standard (because that's how the portland software stamped them), so add three hours to figure out the time they happened in Manhattan. The times are also in military format (also because of how the portland software works), so subtract twelve hours from any time where the hour is 13 or above to arrive at the more commonly accepted 12 hour format.

Also, note that the first post is the most recent. To read these as a narrative, start at the bottom and read up.

Having been actively involved with posting this wire and helping cover the events since 7am this morning, i am too tired to figure out how to change the times and order so the whole thing makes more sense. Sorry!

Breaking News will appear on the pdx indy site for the remainder of the protests (through wed. or thurs.) as appropriate. Streaming radio will begin around 9am PST tomorrow (Monday, the 30th).

Thanks to all who called in or wrote with appreciation for the work the pdx indy folks were doing today. We were busting our butts and it was great to have words of encouragement.

breaking news
29-Aug-2004 20:45:Things are just about done at the Lincoln Center. No arrests have been reported.
29-Aug-2004 20:23:Delegates coming out of the Lincoln Center are being heckled. Most are ignoring the chants of 'corporate whores' and 'shame' by about 50 protesters.
29-Aug-2004 20:06:Delegates are starting to come out of the Lincoln Center - 5 full vans, an SUV, and a patrol car at lincoln center. only the 'highter ups' are exiting the vehicles. all 5 vans are FULL of police officers
29-Aug-2004 20:03:Conditions inside the detention centers are unsanitary, and some arrestees aren't getting the medical attention they need.
29-Aug-2004 20:02:Latest reports from the NLG is that at least 140 people have been arrested today; the numbers may be higher, but the NLG can't be sure because the NYPD isn't playing nice.
29-Aug-2004 19:52:The National Lawyer's Guild says: Delay in detention and additional delay bringing detainees to Court may be the NYPDs signal that peaceful protest is to be punished ....
29-Aug-2004 19:49:So far 8 legal oberserves have been arrested. The NLG is having an emergency press conference Monday at 10am EST to speak about the NYPD's behavior regarding arrestees.
29-Aug-2004 19:46:The NLG is calling on the NYPD to immediately stop targetting legal observers; to allow arrestees access to counsel, to quickly issue appearance tickets for minor violations, to process arrestees within 24 hours, and and to agree to meet with lawyers
29-Aug-2004 19:39:Director Stephen Marshall and 2 cast members of a Gorilla News Network movie "The Revolution" were arrested during filming. Although they had permits, policeman Bowers, badge number 3826 had them arrested.
29-Aug-2004 19:34:Central Park update - small group, perhaps 100 people on the Great Lawn in a pagan cluster joining hands in a circle.
29-Aug-2004 19:17:LINCOLN Center, police tightening perimeter around 100 protesters, looks like they are ready to arrest; legal observers on the scene.
29-Aug-2004 19:09:cops are following a peaceful protest heading south on broaway @ 47th in times sq, playing instruments singing, not impeding anyone. Perhaps 40 in the protest, although it's unconfirmed.
29-Aug-2004 19:01:People at the boathouse are dispersing. There are still a lot of riot cops, and they are bringing out vans of delegates; the scene is calming down by the minute. Times Square scene is also calming down, as well as Pier 57.
29-Aug-2004 19:01:75-100 people still protesting at the Lincoln Center. Cops moving from Times Square to Lincoln center, and the protesters there need legal observers.
29-Aug-2004 18:49:caller from 7th ave: riot cops and flashing lights speeding through central park. arrests are suspected,
29-Aug-2004 18:41:over the course of the last 3 hours, 5 full city buses have come into the pier to drop off arresties.
29-Aug-2004 18:34:Police are erecting barricades, making a pen at Alice Tilley, corporate media have shown up. People are trying to evade the pens by standing on the sidewalk.
29-Aug-2004 18:34:Police moving towards arresting the Alice Tully protesters. They are requesting legal observer presence
29-Aug-2004 18:30:300 people protesting at 65th and Broadway, Alice Tully hall, also called Lincoln Center
29-Aug-2004 18:27:Police have started arresting protesters at the Boathouse.
29-Aug-2004 18:18:UFPJ Press Conference ended a few minutes ago in NYC. Organizers described the march as "festive". [ UFPJ press conference in NYC - a brief critical rant ]
29-Aug-2004 18:05:Entire area in front of Boathouse is filled with police. Caller says the nyc cops aren't very co-ordinated, but will probably start arresting people soon.
29-Aug-2004 18:02:Cops tried to dispurse protesters, but they took over the street again. Another brigade of riot cops have arrived, and police van is ready to go.
29-Aug-2004 17:59:Update on jail solidarity demo: lawyers at Pier 57 say there are no arrests being made. In other parts of the city, there have been 180 total arrests; total number of protesters: 500,000; total duration of march: six straight hours.
29-Aug-2004 17:49:Police say they are getting ready to arrest jail solidarity demonstrators in front of Pier 57, which is the "arrest pen" where they are keeping arrestees.
29-Aug-2004 17:45:boathouse report -- police in riot helmets, protesters have shifted attention to police instead of diners. 2 columns of cops, 1 few dozen. So far, they are in formation but not moving
29-Aug-2004 17:43:In Times Square, protesters are circling, drumming, and having a fun time. Cops are laid back at Times Square right now, but they are heading towards Madison Square Garden.
29-Aug-2004 17:33:Protesters chanting at delegates at Boathouse, as the delegates are drinking wine and smoking cigars. caller says one arrest at the restaurant. Police are pushing people back from the barricades. Police dividing the crowd and penning them in.
29-Aug-2004 17:13:Boathouse: Cops putting up barricades. Seem to be wanting to create a clear area in front of restaurant. Not everyone in that area wants to leave.
29-Aug-2004 17:12:Update from Boathouse in Central Park: Cops are gathering, and look like they might want to clear the protesters to get the delegates out of the restaurant.
29-Aug-2004 17:04:Cops have dispatched a bus to central park, where they have 100 demonstrators they are waiting to arrest .
29-Aug-2004 17:02:53rd & Broadway: 50 motorcycle cops pulled up. Not clear if they're staging for some action, or "just resting".
29-Aug-2004 17:01:150 people protesting Rethuglican delegates outside the Boathouse Restaurant in Central Park . Police have blocked one of the two exits from the area. Lots of secret service.
29-Aug-2004 16:47:Rumour: the Bush twins (W's daughters) might be having a party somewhere in the City tonight. this party might or might not be "the official MTV party". stay tuned for details.
29-Aug-2004 16:42:53rd & Broadway: standoff continues in front of Bombay Dreams. protesters shouting at delegates as they're coming out. riot cops there. big teams of undercovers on scooters. lots of police video cameras, at least 10.
29-Aug-2004 16:39:5 minutes ago: "a shit ton" of delegates headed from 47th to 48th on B'way right now
29-Aug-2004 16:38:10 mintues ago: Large police line forming at B'way and 53rd at Bombay Dreams, caller says it looks like their gonna put delegates on busses soon, people are waiting to see what happens
29-Aug-2004 16:28:52nd and Broadway: at least two arrests total. Caller is moving to keep himself from being arrested.
29-Aug-2004 16:27:52nd and Broadway: street vendor (who happens to be a person of color, quelle surprise) being harrassed by secret service and police. Cop yelling at uninvolved Hispanic family.
29-Aug-2004 16:25:52nd and Broadway: undercover cops have been riding around on mopeds. 18 of them are here. [ photos of undercovers ]
29-Aug-2004 16:24:52nd and Broadway: 1 person just arrested.
29-Aug-2004 16:23:52nd and Broadway, Mouse Bloc moving back onto Broadway. Cops telling people if they leave right now they will not be arrested. Cops saying you'll get fingerprinted, etc.
29-Aug-2004 16:15:Great Lawn in Central Park: ~3000 people hanging out, "chillin'". And now cops are going home!
29-Aug-2004 16:14:"total circus" in Times Squares: tons of Rethuglican delegates, tons of media, tons of activists. Delegates are easy to spot, as they're all carrying bright red NYTimes bags.
29-Aug-2004 16:08:cat and mouse on 7th. nimble, clever activists are evading lumbering police. amused bystanders joining in or following along to watch. seems to be a fun, anarchic scene!
29-Aug-2004 15:58:45th & 8th: about 40 people from the Queer Kiss-in are being arrested. they're all zip-tied and up against a wall. [ photo, emailed from cellphone camera ]
29-Aug-2004 15:57:Helpful Hint: according to one person on the ground in NYC, delegates can be spotted by the red NY Times bags that they are all carrying
29-Aug-2004 15:53:45th and 8th: people being arrested after kiss-in
29-Aug-2004 15:44:Protestor to delegates: There are ONE MILLION of us marching today.
29-Aug-2004 15:44:Aida update: giant police hummer has arrived. Caller: "uh, we're gonna move a bit."
29-Aug-2004 15:41:7th & 47th. 1 person being detained. 150 of the Mouse Bloc shouting down delegates.
29-Aug-2004 15:41:Aida update: 80 people out front chanting "Republican Scum Your Time Has Come". one arrest confirmed- catering to delegates mock action- feeding hor d'oeurves to delegates
29-Aug-2004 15:38:45th and 6th police are blocking the street and pushing back protestors. police: "anyone in the street is subject to arrest"
29-Aug-2004 15:37:Report from inside Toys R Us in Times Square: police paddy wagons line the street; cops trying to clear everyone away, off sidewalks and streets. delegates to be escorted away afterwards?
29-Aug-2004 15:36:Central Park Great Lawn: Thousands of people, having a good time.
29-Aug-2004 15:33:National Guard has moved from Brooklyn to Newburg, NY (upstate)
29-Aug-2004 15:31:45th & 7th: Cops yelling "Let's go! Let's go!" All protestors are on sidewalks. Only place protestors can go is to leave. Whole area has been closed off to protestors.
29-Aug-2004 15:30:dispersal warning in front of marriot -- 46th & bdway
29-Aug-2004 15:29:Cops blocking off street; telling people that protestors have blocked off streets. Using Swatch shop on corner of 46th, dragged protestors into the store and put orange netting around it.
29-Aug-2004 15:29:Caller in middle of pen in Times Square. No way for media, protestors and legal observers to get out. Officer Alles reading out orders to disperse. Also present: Officers Caneco, Esiky, Powers. Caller being pushed off sidewalk by cops.
29-Aug-2004 15:26:police closing the streets and relating that the protesters are closing the streets, 45th & 7th
29-Aug-2004 15:26:Police are beating and arresting at 45 & 6
29-Aug-2004 15:26:45th & 7th st. near broadway. several protests when delegates coming out of shows. Police making many more arrests, creating volatile situation. Arrests were unprovoked. About 200 officers there, triple the # of protestors.
29-Aug-2004 15:25:Mouse Bloc at Aida 42nd and 7th
29-Aug-2004 15:25:Mad Sq Garden: heavier police presence. more and more press and police. huge crowd. 10 more people arrested at 36th and broadway. Around 40 riots cops and barricades @ 35th St.
29-Aug-2004 15:24:45TH AND broadway cops are starting to make arrrests again with the orange netting
29-Aug-2004 15:24:cops have issued a "dispersal warning", folks not allowed to congregate. last warning but not everyone willing to disperse in front of marriot. seems like cops are getting ready to move in with mass arrests if people don't leave.
29-Aug-2004 15:18:Mad Sq Garden: heavier police presence. more and more press and police. huge crowd.
29-Aug-2004 15:16:previously it was reported that paramilitary personnel with machine guns shut down the Holland Tunnel. this has been confirmed as a prank.
29-Aug-2004 15:15:report: downtown: talked to legal observers: c. 200 arrests, c. 4 people injured; police denying medical attention to injured.
29-Aug-2004 15:14:CALLOUT: large police contingent heading north on 8th above 50th. request: legal observers begging for media to come out. concern location: 47th & 8th, a couple blocks over from broadway, right in Times Square.
29-Aug-2004 15:10:Now c. 2000+ people in Central Park. Lots of people in and out. Varies with what is going on. Been back in Central Park c. 1 hr. People are chilling out, enjoying drum core, Direct Action Network training, Not in My Name.
29-Aug-2004 15:09:Live call from Ralph: Central Park: INB came by: Awesome sound: Organizing people: Police consficated INB sound system. Two INB members went off with police; unclear whether being detained or whether INB trying to get equipment back.
29-Aug-2004 14:58:phone reports from NYC: arrests and direct actions on broadway... anarchist drum core; grey with orange stripes; sound great. call cut off...
29-Aug-2004 14:56:43rd & broadway: queerfist came marching and merged with mouse block in front of marriott on broadway; at least six arrests; not charging them with anything; not telling them where they're being taken.
29-Aug-2004 14:51:Times Square: Picture: swatch, footlocker, mtv. Protestors chanting "Shame on You" to 4 delegates who "just want to have a good time" and were seen slipping flag lapel pins and wedding rings into breast pockets.
29-Aug-2004 14:50:Times Square: it's crowded and hard to tell protester from tourist, so it's easy to get involved and not be profiled. "C'mon down!"
29-Aug-2004 14:49:Four delegates standing on corner. Looking for good time.
29-Aug-2004 14:47:Times Square, outside Marriott Hotel: Confrontation -- Protesters have surrounded Rethuglican delegates and are chanting "RNC Go Home!" Delegates are running away or being pulled/pushed away by police. Hee hee.
29-Aug-2004 14:46:marriott - times square; direct confrontation between rnc delegates and protestors. all wearing out-dated boots, blue suits and american flag lapel pins. Don't they know that's so 4 years ago?
29-Aug-2004 14:45:46th & Broadway: about 40 people rounded up by police in a large orange net. legal observers also being arrested.
29-Aug-2004 14:42:Republican delegates/donors will be at Howard's Chili Hall on 65th Street tonight, 9:30ish, for a concert. Will they be greeted by direct action?
29-Aug-2004 14:42:Phone report from great lawn at central park; helicopters; police laying back; large media presence; # of people astill growing; people sitting down, hanging out, large # of people congregating in center part of central park; mouse block singing.
29-Aug-2004 14:42:"Mouse Bloc" protesters "harrassing" Republican delegates leaving Broadway shows by singing. [ More about Mouse Bloc ]
29-Aug-2004 14:40:46th & Broadway: Entire block of protesters (100-150) getting arrested one-by-one. They are completely surrounded by police. 15 legal observers are witnessing.
29-Aug-2004 14:37:A-Noise radio reports: Paramilitary personnel with machine guns have shut down the Holland Tunnel. Whoah.
29-Aug-2004 14:37:About 100 people people arrested at Times Square. Area has been sealed off.
29-Aug-2004 14:35:41st and Broadway: Billionaires For Bush are successfully performing a street theater protest.
29-Aug-2004 14:35:Entire block of 45th and 46th being penned in. Cops surrounding the area with orange netting. A-noise ponders whether this is to catch the republicans in their cowboy hats and fur coats.
29-Aug-2004 14:33:Cops coming down Broadway from 45th to 46th.... looks like they're getting to arrest everybody.
29-Aug-2004 14:27:lawyers being arrested at 45th & 8th.
29-Aug-2004 14:25:w 45th and 8th ave -- mass arrest. cops have people on their hands and knees. at least 20 cops taking down about 25 protesters. cops utilizing rough behavior. "oh shit!" -- 15-20 more cops showing up.
29-Aug-2004 14:22:Central Park: at least "a couple thousand" people on Great Lawn, according to a listener who's monitoring webcams.
29-Aug-2004 14:20:police surrounding broadway theaters in force.
29-Aug-2004 14:19:7th ave and 46th st. Medic and another person has been arrested. dispersal order given, mass arrests might be imminent.
29-Aug-2004 14:17:Two people arrested on 15th, in SE corner of Union Square.
29-Aug-2004 14:16:Police making lots of arrests, loading them into vans, and are pushing and batonning people in Times Square.
29-Aug-2004 14:15:5-6 police vans just came down 5th & 23rd. Huge SWAT team-type vans, apparently to arrest people. (Witness is watching NYC's DOT website.)
29-Aug-2004 14:14:Riot cops arresting people in Times Square who are "refusing to disperse".
29-Aug-2004 14:12:Cops at 46th & Broadway making arrests. Over a hundred people are there.
29-Aug-2004 14:11:"Protest Warriors" counterprotest moving up Broadway. Give'em a hand and congratulate them on those brown children they helped kill.
29-Aug-2004 14:10:Times Square: police are telling people to move along, but are having trouble telling protesters from tourists. As if protesters don't have the same right to be there as tourists.
29-Aug-2004 14:05:The Great Lawn is packed and a festive atmosphere is pervading.
29-Aug-2004 14:04:Richmond IMCista and friends waiting for delegates from their state to emerge from "Beauty and the Beast". Cops are around, and NYers are talking to them. They plan to let the delegates let them know how they feel about them.
29-Aug-2004 14:04:CSPAN has ceased coverage of the streets. Corporate media's big stories tonight: Meth labs around the country, Madison Square Garden is still empty, if you eat well you might live to be 100. Can you say, "gag me"?
29-Aug-2004 14:03:Arturo update continued: a lot of cops with helmets and sticks headed toward this area; not mobilizing yet, just getting ready... numbers are growing. more police cars, vans & helicopters heading toward Central Park.
29-Aug-2004 14:02:report from arturo: in central park: police presence, media encampment. Rode subway to south end... had to walk about 25 blocks. a lot hotter in the city, cooler in the park.
29-Aug-2004 13:54:Bush Cheney and Bloomberg at 500 or so.. With New York IMC slow or down...CSPAN just announced Bloomburg will be at a meeting to greet him sponsored by AIPAC at the NY Pier... PIER 6 or 60 is what they said.
29-Aug-2004 13:51:CSPAN reported 396,000 at march today. Corporate media is saying "tens of thousands", the jerks.
29-Aug-2004 13:15:Near Madison Square Garden, "8 vans of cops" hassling bicyclists
29-Aug-2004 13:12:Central Park: A participant in the Cascadia Bloc reports that lots of people are in the park, and that it's no problem to get in. [ Read more ]
29-Aug-2004 12:58:NYC indymedia: Reports are coming in that the National Guard will be flying in to wall street, to survey but not land.
29-Aug-2004 12:40:per caller from NYC: cops already ushering republican attendees into Broadway shows.
29-Aug-2004 12:36:masses of people still passing Madison Square Garden.
29-Aug-2004 12:36:Two journalists arrested. Whether corporate or indymedia is unknown.
29-Aug-2004 12:28:6 arrests at 34th & 6th (near site of burned dragon float?)
29-Aug-2004 12:26:Union Square: UFPJ organizers are saying 400,000 people marched.
29-Aug-2004 12:23:Standoff on Broadway! cops have cleared Broadway west and have formed a line across the street. Protesters and cops in standoff.
29-Aug-2004 12:20:Cops using horses to force people to disperse at 34th & Broadway.
29-Aug-2004 12:18:multiple reports that a paper dragon that was part of the march was started on fire by cops. [ related newswire item ]
29-Aug-2004 12:17:Report that UFPJ organizers in Union Square are linking arms, attempting to stop protesters from going to Central Park.
29-Aug-2004 12:14:Protester convergence center surrounded by police in riot gear, who are "circling" it. caller who reported this felt she "had to go".
29-Aug-2004 12:13:On 34th street - police told everyone to jump over the barricades and get off the street. Police on horses and with vans surrounded people.
29-Aug-2004 12:06:broadway and east 42nd. tail end of march arrived finally. UFPJ estimates over a quarter of a million people altogether.
29-Aug-2004 12:02:Report from the street: It's hot! (temperature) it's hot! (energy of people in streets), it's hot! (determination to change the world)
29-Aug-2004 11:53:Five people have locked themselves down in front of Madison Square Garden!
29-Aug-2004 11:53:If you have cellphone that can take pictures you can email them off your phone to rncphoto@infotage.net
29-Aug-2004 11:43:People in NYC can listen to real time feed at local radio station. Listen to 99.9 or 80.7
29-Aug-2004 11:39:People are staying in Union Square. NOT dispersing. Riot cops are moving out of area to Park and 34th street.
29-Aug-2004 11:35:arrests at 23rd & 7th were for civil disobedience; that is, they were willingly arrested.
29-Aug-2004 11:34:100 cops are congregating and starting to close in union sq park on s side.
29-Aug-2004 11:33:End of march seems to be at 17th and 7th. Feeder marches still seem to be trying to get top the march.
29-Aug-2004 11:32:Message from legal: if you or anyone you know has been arrested, call 212-679-6018
29-Aug-2004 11:29:34th & broadway. counter-demonstrators are surrounded by corporate media, who are giving them lots of attention, even though there's only about 200 of them, compared to 1000x that many protesters.
29-Aug-2004 11:23:8-9 people arrested at 23rd & 7th. other arrests at 34th & 8th.
29-Aug-2004 11:15:police dragged away guy with a bullhorn in union square. police making other arrests.
29-Aug-2004 11:14:People in the park playing soccer with a ball with GWB face on the ball. called it an offical soccer team playoff so cops will leave them alone
29-Aug-2004 11:12:CSPAN (channel 24 in PDX, and streaming on the web) is showing unedited footage of the protests.
29-Aug-2004 11:11:from union square: loudspeaker announcements are saying "the march is over, disperse". thousands of people milling around, not sure what to do. others seem to be dispersing(?)
29-Aug-2004 11:06:Report from the street: At 7th ave and 34th outside Macy's, dick chaney and george bush are on the tv screen People are booing.
29-Aug-2004 11:05:Police deploying mobile arrest units from Union Square to Central Park
29-Aug-2004 11:04:NYC indymedia website sputtering a bit under high traffic; please follow the news here at pdx indy instead to give 'em a break.
29-Aug-2004 11:00:cops are on North side of Central Park's Great Lawn
29-Aug-2004 10:54:flyers being passed through the crowd that say, "See You in the Park at 3pm"
29-Aug-2004 10:51:NW corner of w 34th and 7th. march is full strength and moving. street is packed.
29-Aug-2004 10:49:report from BHT: cops are docile at park. not stopping people. People entering park
29-Aug-2004 10:48:according to A-Radio, corporate media not showing aerial shots of huge crowds. (apparently 200-250,000 people).
29-Aug-2004 10:47:electronic protest announced for today 2 EST - call/fax White House to protest Bush administration: white house: 202-456-1111 switchboard: 456-1414 whitehouse fax: 202-456-2461
29-Aug-2004 10:47:people are told to disperse: some head to park anyway
29-Aug-2004 10:37:reports that people at front of the march who have reached Union Square are dispersing. [What about taking Central Park?]
29-Aug-2004 10:35:"protest warriors" (anti-protest citizens) have been "infiltrating" the march.
29-Aug-2004 10:35:front of the march has reached Union Square, the starting and ending point. the tail of the march has still not left Union Square!
29-Aug-2004 10:29:protest warriors are at 7th btw 29th and 30th on west side of street, provoking members of the APOC anti-imperialist contingent in arguments, trying to incite violence. police have stepped in, trying to keep them in check.
29-Aug-2004 10:28:Overall vibe from the march (from what we can tell): Large, slow moving, generally peaceful. Very, very bogged down.
29-Aug-2004 10:25:Police have given order to disperse! But people have not yet left the beginning of the march at Union Square and cannot hear the order
29-Aug-2004 10:25:photos from today's march: click here
29-Aug-2004 10:19:Caller to pdx indy radio vows that "We will take Central Park"
29-Aug-2004 10:15:Police have surronded black bloc people at 14th and 7th ave
29-Aug-2004 10:14:Protesters attempting to surround Madison Square Garden. March is over 25 blocks long.
29-Aug-2004 10:12:The big picture so far: march moving slow b/c of size and media press at front. there is much more side street access at the front and cop presence is low key there. Tail end is around 13th street.
29-Aug-2004 10:10:200,000 plus walking a mile from Times square to the GARDEN..
29-Aug-2004 09:45:Undercover motorcycle cops attack cyclists in the bike bloc at 6th ave and west 41st. Appx 40 arrests have been made. Cyclists are reconvening at Union Sq. south.
29-Aug-2004 09:41:the march has turned right on 34th street, stretches down to 12 st. at least. despite some arrests occuring, the energy is strong and positive
29-Aug-2004 09:38:bike bloc reportedly experiencing mass arrests at 7th and 34th
29-Aug-2004 09:35:TAKING BACK THE GARDEN:12:23 PM NYC TIMEthe march has spilled over onto 6th ave, thousands of people are trying to get to 7th ave.
29-Aug-2004 09:32:12:12 NYC TIME 2 activists making a film "this revolution" filming at 8th and 34th - 2 actresses wearing masks, one was Rosario Dawson. the police sped up in a van, jumped out and arrested the 2 actors for wearing masks.
29-Aug-2004 09:20:There's movement! The crowd is moving toward Madison Square gardens...estimated crowd over 100,000 people. Hard to tell because groups of people are coming from different directions.