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Provoking your thought via seasoned challengers (with image)

quotes by seasoned social challengers for those daring to pursue radical culture and its excellent gifts
resistance consciousness, a way of not allowing the severely alienated to smash
resistance consciousness, a way of not allowing the severely alienated to smash
possibly thought-provoking quotes from a resistance of consciousness (comments below) :

"...We must not become confused and deceived by their illusions. There is no such thing as military power; there is only military terrorism...That is all that it is. They try to program our minds and fool us with these illusions so that we will believe that they hold the power in their hands...All they know how to do is act in a repressive, brutal way...They want us to believe in them and depend on them, and we have to assume these consumer identities, and these political identities, these religious identities and these racial identities [not to mention sexual ones]. They want to separate us from our Power...from who we are...

"...We must consider the Spiritual genocide that they commit against us. The spiritual genocide that the white people have been victimized by for thousands of years...

"We must move to the time when we truly understand our connection to real power because these people who deal with illusions and imitations...they want to keep us confused with [the self-limiting concepts of?] sexism and ageism, racism, class. They want to keep us in a confusion so that [we] will continue to believe in one lie after another as they programmed them into our minds and into our society...The ruling class...are going to lie to us and they are going to create the illusions of change...

"We have to understand our role as a Natural Power. We have to understand that when our oppressor treats us this way and does these things to us, that we allow him to do it as long as we accept his lies...We have been allowing it for too long...

"When I go around in America and I see the bulk of the white people, they do not feel oppressed; they feel powerless... We see the physical genocide that they are attempting to inflict upon our lives, and we understand the psychological genocide that they have already inflicted upon their own people...

"We must be willing in our lifetime to deal with reality. It's not revolution; it's liberation. We want to be free of a value system that's being imposed on us... Liberation --we want to be free."

My interpretation of being free is that we *all* liberate ourselves from the Chain of Command mentality. We *give ourselves permission* to live beyond perpetual war mentalities, and move into focusing on our desires--the propellant that keeps us LOVING LIVING on this planet! (How to do this is up to the limits of your imagination! Your daring!)

"The commitment to genuine individual freedom of thought and action here and now directly confronts not only the complicity of the entire political left with political authority and institutionalized repression, but also exposes each individual leftist's fear of the practice of personal freedom and autonomy in their own and in others' lives." --Jason McQuinn, who is leaving the Left behind. Source:  http://www.libertyforum.org/showflat.php?Number=292851917

See the comments in the comments section of this IMC.

and a SHOUT OUT to cat prrwah (beings we call our pets)

and kudos to Ken Carey, re: enhancing the lives of the people we call "mere animals" all around us (who have so much to tell us and teach us via their reflective style)

re: military-style terrorism at home via soldiers called police 29.Aug.2004 23:32

guy number 43

My interpretations of the following statements:

"There is no such thing as military power; there is only military terrorism...That is all that it is. They try to program our minds and fool us with these illusions so that we will believe that they hold the power in their hands..."
A few points.

First, domestic soldiers called police are only pawns being utilized to serve the interests of the severely alienated folks who have been able to tool them and us for many years. Thus they do not hold power; they hold only a type of controlled access to *terror*, with the permission to direct it at people just like them --different, at root, only in the upbringing (or path) and communities each of us have been around.

The crucial angle here is that *all* are to *believe* (or have faith in) the Wizards of Is, and subordinate *our* individual desires, like any soldier (frontline troops or background support). "Citizens" are to follow the orders from on high when it is deemed "necessary", and if they refuse, or engage in "rebellious" behavior, they/we are met with a mindset similar to the parental stereotype.

The ideology says that *we* (collectively, open rebels and silent rebels, "rebels" and soldiers on all sides) are "not capable" of leading our own lives, and therefore the scientific terrorism of military force, both at home and abroad is entirely appropriate.

As long as we can be kept distracted, whether in "fights" with the domestic military or bogged down in the courts (or watching sports on TV, etc.), we are in not truly threatening. As long as we bow down to the Given dogma, we *may* be rewarded, and when no longer "useful", discarded. Cut and dry as any of you who have experienced the belly of the beast have been forced to wake up to.

Our coherency is our way out. Our *beliefs* limit us. Our beliefs about "The Way To Do Things". Everything. The way we "rebell". The way we imagine ourselves "rebelling". The places we pick to dare to speak our minds. The assumptions we make about "what we can do".

Now we can awaken to these realities and not allow them to smash us, collectively and individually. And realize the value of such consciousness, and putting the desires THAT BROUGHT US INTO THESE ACTIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE AT the FOREFRONT of what we are doing and how we are doing!

We wake up to the reality that we live in a *Chain of Command* oriented society; and we *hear* the foolproof analysis of Noam Chomsky when he shows how "our" country is acting in a capacity as *Paid Enforcer State* for persons called world elites.

We awaken to these realities and we begin to see our power. That we do not have to play into their traps. We do not even have to interact with them *all the time*.

Notably, my remarks will need your input to strengthen them, or show how they are way off target.

our connection to real power 29.Aug.2004 23:59

daring to speak

Note: I made a mistake in the post: the first quotes before my comment were by John Trudell, a seasoned Santee Sioux social challenger since the 1970s. Read more about him at:  http://www.bigmonkeypress.com/Jtrudellinterview.html

Our connection to real power is the magic of each of our individual fabulous potential. This potential that all of us were when we were kids, and systematically beaten out of us up until (and continuing in new forms) we became "groanups".

The things we do, the way we live life, that keep us wanting to stay on this planet, that is our power. Our strength in this power comes when we *remember* our abilities, the excellence of our imagination, our Cartesian common sense, and STOP giving our power away to mere "recreation" or "weekend" consumer identities, and all these ways in which we convince ourselves that we are powerless.

We have been entranced by what Raoul Vaneigem calls the *spectacle*, and we have been compelled to block and suppress our individual desires, since we were kids. We have been divided up into all these categorizatins and kept alienated from all of this; from even having a realization of what has happened to us.

*All* of us.

And this is the key element. Diversity is strength. The more diversity we can admit into our collectivities, the more resonance we may inspire with more and more people.

Then we start seeing more people like John Stockwell risking their careers and their lives to speak their truths.

Inclusion is key.

But state-sanctioned terrorism, at home and abroad, fears this coherency. Severely alienated as the designers and strategists of world domination keep themselves (and, in turn, our own reinforcement of such), they have continually reacted with terrorism.

The crucial insight here is that *we* can each wake up to these realities and learn to avoid them, while creating our own strengths in myriad forms.