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The new Northwest Progressive Community

When Congressman Kucinich visited Portland on June 27, he asked local
progressives to keep the message alive, to stay organized, and to keep
working for progressive change. In Boston, Howard Dean gave a wonderful
speech starting off with "Just voting isn't enough anymore!" He went on
to talk about how we need to work together to run candidates in every
election and to run in elections where we don't have a chance of winning.
Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, and the others built on the same theme. It
was very inspiring to see all of the garden variety activists who came to
Boston from across our great land because they are fed up with the status
quo and want to make a difference.
In response to this call, we've taken the first steps toward forming a new
organization, Northwest Progressive Community (NWPC). We are grateful to
everyone who advanced the Kucinich and Dean campaigns here in the
Northwest. We honor and respect all of you who have worked on our
campaigns and ask you to join us in forming a progressive caucus. We are
reaching out to all progressives, regardless of whom they supported in the
primary, as your participation is essential to success in this effort.

To find out more about us, go to our website at  http://www.nwpcnews.org.
There is much to do as we build the organization. We've created a 5-10
minute survey so that we can develop our focus with your feedback. Thank
you for taking the time to learn about our fledgling effort and to
complete the survey!

Survey link:  http://kucinich-oregon.us/survey

To learn more or participate in our brainstorming, visit:

Our Mission Statement and Statement of Values at

Our online collaboration tool at  http://kucinich-oregon.us/twiki