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How to get a cam phone picture of an undercover cop

Please identify and take pictures of undercover cops and email them to indymedia. Word up is check for colored arm bands. Took this from another article.

Say Muenster!
Undercover armbands 29.Aug.2004 19:39

overheard the pigs oinking link

I overheard two cops talking at a coffee shop when I was in the city yesterday.

The first one said, "What color is it today?"

Second one: "Yellow."

Sure enough, on Saturday all the undercovers had yellow wristbands.

Sunday's color was green, apparently.

Tomorrow it could be white, orange, blue... etc. etc.

The color changes every day. So if you see someone you think might be an undercover cop, look at their body language first: do they seem very alert and not the least bit tired? Are they with people who are OBVIOUSLY not cops? Do they travel in pairs? Do they ask a lot of weird questions about events? Do they not speak to anyone at all? Do they mix messages, such as the anarcho-dreadlocked guy with brand new Nikes?

Goatees and mustaches are common for the guys too.

After all that, the little color coded wristband cinches it.

It's not difficult to spot an undercover. It just requires an eye for details and properly assessing body language. Best advice: always keep your eye on them and if possible, steer clear or isolate them by telling your friends.
undercovers were doing the arresting 30.Aug.2004 06:21


Undercover cops are doing alot of the arresting!