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Breaking News (NYC RNC Protests)

Your chronology from on-site reporters in NYC is giving me a headache because (a) military time used, which is alien to me and millions of other non-military readers, (b) is it our time (west coast, Pacific) or their time (east coast, NYC)??
Please change the format/style by using regular clock/time in numerals, not military time, with the time zone included (PDT? PST? EST? EDT?) so everyone everywhere who reads it can see immediately (without trying to figure out) the real time of the postings. And keep up the good work, Portland IndyMedia rocks! Your NYC Protest-RNC rocks too! Thank you, sonny!
Same here 29.Aug.2004 20:53


I've been trying to translate the time and counting on my fingers from 12. I don't want military time!
However, the coverage here is really sharp & I regret now I didn't plan to go. Tonight I'm running back/forth trying to catch glimpses of the Closing Olympic Ceremonies & Indymedia on RNC protests. The national news on ABC gave protesters less than a minute, and then showed evil Bush, the shithead, who'll appear Thursday or whenever. Nobody wants him except in prison or the nuthouse, either for life.

Old Dog, Learn New Tricks 29.Aug.2004 20:58

It's not that hard

Take a second or 2 to learn how to read military time. It isnt that hard. From 12:01 am to 12:00 pm the time is the same. After 12:00 pm, one just needs to count the hours. There are 24 hours in a day. 1:00 pm is the 13th hour. 2:00 pm is the 14th hour and so on.
An easy way to remember is if the # is greater than 12 just subtract 12. For example, if the time is 1700 hours, subtract 12. 17-12= 5:00. 2300 hours is 23-12=11:00 pm.
Not too offend anyone, but if the youngsters in the military can all learn military time, I am sure the average Indyreader can as well.

interestingly enough 29.Aug.2004 21:06


When the breaking news filled up I did have some thoughts on changing the timestamp. I will discuss it with others tonight. Perhaps it will be different tomorrow.

. 29.Aug.2004 21:12

Another perspective

Um, this time is kept in spain and other countries instead of american time. Though we call it Military time we should refer to it as world time.

a handy guide 29.Aug.2004 21:19


Twenty-four hour time is used widely outside the military. Here is a guide for the timestamp on the portland indymedia newswire. You can copy and paste it into a text file to keep on your desktop.


01:00 = 1 AM
02:00 = 2 AM
03:00 = 3 AM
04:00 = 4 AM
05:00 = 5 AM
06:00 = 6 AM
07:00 = 7 AM
08:00 = 8 AM
09:00 = 9 AM
10:00 = 10 AM
11:00 = 11 AM
12:00 = 12 PM NOON
13:00 = 1 PM
14:00 = 2 PM
15:00 = 3 PM
16:00 = 4 PM
17:00 = 5 PM
18:00 = 6 PM
19:00 = 7 PM
20:00 = 8 PM
21:00 = 9 PM
22:00 = 10 PM
23:00 = 11 PM
24:00 = 12 AM MIDNIGHT

sorry ,it should say pacific daylight time 29.Aug.2004 21:23


sorry i messed that up on the guide. the timestamp is in PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME (PDT) which is local time in Portland,OR.

oops, even the god of time has trouble 29.Aug.2004 21:32


umm, sorry, the 24 hour time guide should also list

00:00 = 12 AM MIDNIGHT

NOT 24:00 = 12 AM

there is not a 24:00, it goes from 23:00 (11 pm) to 00:00 (midnight)

Concept 29.Aug.2004 21:47


I believe in the concept of "World Time," as opposed to "military time." And I really wish America would get with other countries by using the metric system for measurements and math. But we're so unchangeable, it shows in the 2-party controlled system. It seems silly to be discussing "time," but it is a valid criticism.

World Time 29.Aug.2004 21:48


The twenty-four hour timestamp on this site is still local West Coast time. If you want World Time, you need UTC, or Coordinated Universal Time. This is also known by the outdated Anglo-centric but informative moniker "Greenwich Mean Time"
because it is local time in Greenwich U.K., which is located on the Prime Meridian, where we start counting longitude from (0 degrees longitude). In UTC the time is currently 7 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time. When Daylight Savings ends, you will have to add 8 hours to local Portland Time (Pacific Standard Time) for UTC. As of this writing the time is 04:38 UTC or 9:38 PM PDT.

Add 6 hours from Mountain Daylight Time, 5 hours from Central Daylight Time, and 4 hours from Eastern Daylight Time (local NYC time) for UTC.

UTC is used by international shortwave broadcasters and in other international applications. If you want to know what time it is in UTC, you can tune a shortwave receiver to 5, 10, 15, or 20 MegaHertz to tune in WWV in Colorado or WWVH in Hawaii, (you will often hear them both, WWV is in a man's voice and WWVH in a woman's voice, please pardon my gender binary paradigm). The minutes are announced, and the seconds ticked off with a soothing tone. WWV time is kept by the Atomic cesium clock at Fort Collins CO by the US government. Canada and other nations have their own time stations. UTC is kept in a 24 hour format. Every once in awhile, even atomic time must be tweaked to account for the shift between solar time (our local sun) and sidereal time (its galactic context).

A base 10 decimal time counting system is an interesting idea. When I work out the details I'll let you know.

Or... 29.Aug.2004 23:01

Tony Blair's dog

people adopt "internet time" which is the same all over the world.
Meaning no more mixing up of meeting times across timezones.

The big difference is that you count in "beats".

Read and experience the difference ;-)

Internet time

Get an Internet Time clock for your desktop.
(click "Internet Time" in top menu then "Downloads" at the bottom menu)

Sheeeit... 30.Aug.2004 00:32

lifer reporting for duty

Why does EVERYTHING in this country have to be "military"? Definitely time to rupture the paradigm.

Not really military time... 30.Aug.2004 05:40

Derek Maddox

It's really an international time format, for use in many venues. True, the military forces around the world use this format, but other groups benefit from the lack of confusion the format allows.

However, it is also common in the international community to use a standard zone based on Greenwich time (GMT), known as ZULU time in the military. Now, that IS a little confusing if you don't know what your own time zone's offset from Greenwich is. Eastern time, in the United States, is GMT minus five hours. Then add in any local daylight savings time considerations.

Since users from around the world access the Indymedia sites, use of ZULU time is an easy way to let everyone know when things are happening.

UNIVERSAL TIME 30.Aug.2004 11:46


Zulu Time, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Universal Time (UT) Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) - they are all basically the same, a twenty-four hour time format, used worldwide. There is nothing about it that is inherently "military". I prefer to call it UT (Universal Time) because that is the most updated and widely used name, it is not Anglo-centric OR military. It does, however, indicate that Earth is the only planet or the center of the universe...