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Bombay Dreams Photos

Emailed from cell phone camera!
Bombay Dreams
Bombay Dreams
Bombay dreams
Bombay dreams
Delegates going into Bombay Dreams Restaurant
Delegates going into Bombay Dreams Restaurant
See breaking news archive for details about Bombay Dreams and the rnc protest
. 29.Aug.2004 17:50


Doesn't she know that it is all about code pink??????

What a fashion punk...

Don't take the bait 29.Aug.2004 19:53


Wow. you are not making any sense and therefore no one should pay attention to your strangely divisive comment...

A bloody reject! 29.Aug.2004 20:34

Sue Denim

I would have thrown my bloody tampon on the bitch if I had a chance!

. 29.Aug.2004 21:08

William Tell

Quick ! Do your best carrie impression!

get real 30.Aug.2004 12:28


can't you think of something that is actually constructive to do with your life other than dog delegates? get a life!

Yeah...real dumb 31.Aug.2004 09:32


More constructive eh...how about not giving a damn about anything besides making more money and becoming more powerful at the expense of the world...oh wait that job is already taken by our government officials. My mistake.

Bubble thought floating above there heads 31.Aug.2004 12:35

Ruth Letz

Why should we have attended the World Summit on Sustanability? I so love child labor and childhood deadly diseases. It's what makes America better than those people. They better keep me drunk tonight. Better call Rush and get some more drugs. I think I may be getting social anxiety disorder. I need more drugs to deal with this long line. I hope the cook's children work as well. These people are so lazy and I am so proud to be racist/republican.