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photos: undercover cops and queer kiss-in arrests

emailed from a cell phone camera
as reported in the breaking news wire, lots of undercover cops have been around today, riding mopeds. some of these undercovers are shown in the first two photos.

the third photo is of the arrests after the queer kiss-in at 45th & 8th

Undercovers 29.Aug.2004 16:42


As you can see in the first picture, the undercover cop is wearing a green armband. Stay on the look out for these. They were wearing them at the Critical Mass Ride yesterday too.

Go buy yourself a green armband.

Correction 29.Aug.2004 16:52

NOT Disinfo

Green arm bands signify normally signify "legal observer," not undercover piggie. Legal observers are there to protect YOU. Several have risked arrest, and many were arrested today, to defend your right to free speech.

Thoughts 29.Aug.2004 17:14


Even if that is the case about legal observers wearing green armbands, which I'm not sure it is, I have definitely seen undercovers wearing green armbands. Check out the picture for yourself.

If you need a legal observer, talk to one of the nice people in green hats. They are legal observers from the National Lawyers Guild. If you need to call them, call 212-679-6018

Obvious 29.Aug.2004 17:38

Mr. Notthere

Obvious thing to do, get a green armband.
Infiltrate. Misreport.
Be the system.

Undercover armbands 29.Aug.2004 19:39

overheard the pigs oinking

I overheard two cops talking at a coffee shop when I was in the city yesterday.

The first one said, "What color is it today?"

Second one: "Yellow."

Sure enough, on Saturday all the undercovers had yellow wristbands.

Sunday's color was green, apparently.

Tomorrow it could be white, orange, blue... etc. etc.

The color changes every day. So if you see someone you think might be an undercover cop, look at their body language first: do they seem very alert and not the least bit tired? Are they with people who are OBVIOUSLY not cops? Do they travel in pairs? Do they ask a lot of weird questions about events? Do they not speak to anyone at all? Do they mix messages, such as the anarcho-dreadlocked guy with brand new Nikes?

Goatees and mustaches are common for the guys too.

After all that, the little color coded wristband cinches it.

It's not difficult to spot an undercover. It just requires an eye for details and properly assessing body language. Best advice: always keep your eye on them and if possible, steer clear or isolate them by telling your friends.

Bust Them 29.Aug.2004 21:24

me here

Say quickly to them, "officer!" They have a hard time fighting the instinct to look at you if you are in their peripheral vision.

Bust them permanently 29.Aug.2004 21:34


take pictures -- email them in or post them directly. people in new york and protestors want to know who they are. then they get really busted-- permanently.

don't forget 30.Aug.2004 03:28


another good way to isolate them is to make a giant yellow cardboard arrow that can be pointed down at them from out of the crowd. not much they can do after that.

Art Institute 29.Oct.2004 10:59


the art institute employs undercovers in there colleges which in turn have other police harass student the art institute schools are fully aware of this and are supporting them fully at our school I have interviewed at least twelve students who say they have been repeatedly harrassed by police. I have a question if you ask them if there cops do they have to answer you somebody brought up entrapment?

no they don't have to answer you 16.Oct.2011 11:21


that's just an old wive's tale. if you ask an undercover cop if they're really a cop, they aren't required to say yes. they can lie to you. that's part of being undercover.