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A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers

As shit heats up, those claiming to want "radical change" would do themselves well to have a serious understanding, in order to protect themselves from the usual toolings of dominating paradigms (mainstream and "alternative").
getting radicalized,,,,,,,,
getting radicalized,,,,,,,,
From an article by Feral Faun
"Radical Theory: A Wrecking Ball for Ivory Towers"

"Radical theory springs from the energy of insurgent desire first as a basic recognition that the social context in which we find ourselves impoverishes our lives. Because we have been educated not to think, but rather to have thoughts, it is very easy to fall from this basic recognition into accepting one or another "radical" ideology, mouthing the appropriate slogans and paryicipating in mindless activism (better called reactivism) which jumps and dances for every cause and issue, but never attacks society at it's root."
"Radical theory is the attempt to understand the complex system of relationships which is society, how it reproduces itself and the individual as a part of itself, and how one can begin to undermine its control and take back one's life in order to become a self-creative individual. It has no place in either the ivory tower of the academy or that of the mindless ideological (re)activism. It is rather an integral part of an active insurgence against society.

Having recognized that society impoverishes our lives, it is a very small step to realize that the simplistic sloganeering that is frequently passed off as radical thought is part of this impoverishment. It belittles us as individuals by substituting itself for thinking and imagination. "Smash authority" is a wonderful sentiment, but that's all it is. It tells us nothing about the nature of authority, our relationship to it, its trajectories and tendencies or how we can go about destroying it. This is why those for whom this slogan is an adequate analysis of authority continues to repeat the same futile and insipid actions over and over again as signs of their resistance to authority, actions which have long since proven only to reinforce authority by creating easily confined rituals of pseudo-opposition which keep rebellion domesticated."

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