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A-Noise update from NYC

Toys, kissers and hummers galore! Man in uncle sam hat, using hand puppetry to illustrate insanity and violence of the republicrat regime... Another Caller: Corporate media swept out Time Square area as well. Chaos on Broadway successfully organized by protestors and police. Queer Kissin participants targeted, many taken away in paddy wagons. Now, all people remaining in Times Square subject to arrest.
Caller targeted by cops as person of color. Protestors ducking into stores for modicum of safety.

Another call: 7th Ave and 47th st. One person being detained. People shouting down delegates. About 300-400 people, cops included. C. 150 mousebloc people. Glass barricades delivered a while ago, but not penned in yet.

7th Ave between 46th and 47th: Cops coming down other side of street now, in front of Toys'R'us. Giving caller NLG #. Delegates yelling at protestors. Protestors telling delegates they should be ashamed of themselves. Line of delegates dressed up in finery. Shuffling around from one shop to another. Protestors doing everything they can to ruin delegate shopping experience. Many delegates smiling because they are concious of their cynical, evil policies and enjoy the devastation their policies wreak.

Protestor to delegates: There are ONE MILLION of us marching today. <Delegate on way to steak dinner to further his mad cow disease.>

Giant hummer limousine advancing. 6 bullet-proof windows. Sounds of retching from delegates choking on own bushit.
Great report 29.Aug.2004 19:40


Great report of sounds, like I'm almost there, and gawd how I wish I were. Can just see delegates shopping with glee & chomping flesh with steak knives in fat mouths.