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Swatch: New makeshift concentration pen

Update from New York. Mad Sq Garden: heavier police presence. more and more press and police. huge crowd. 10 more people arrested at 36th and broadway. Around 40 riots cops and barricades @ 35th St. 45th & 7th st. near broadway. several protests when delegates coming out of shows. Police making many more arrests, creating volatile situation. Call cut off...
Cops blocking off street; telling people that protestors have blocked off streets. Using Swatch shop on corner of 46th, dragged protestors into the store and put orange netting around it. Caller in middle of pen in Times Square. No way for media, protestors and legal observers to get out.

Officer Alles reading out orders to disperse. No orders to disperser were read before cops penned in protestors with orange netting. Also present: Officers Caneco, Esiky, Powers. Caller being pushed off sidewalk by cops.

45th & 7th: Cops yelling "Let's go! Let's go!" All protestors are on sidewalks. Only place protestors can go is to leave. Whole area has been closed off to protestors. Witnessed 4 people being arrested while caller has talked to us; not all people yet subject to arrest. A lot of press are leaving. No call for civil disobedience yet.
Swatch... 29.Aug.2004 18:53


Switzerland is, in fact, "neutral."