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ny traffic cams

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This is the much better link to streams and still-photos of traffic 29.Aug.2004 14:43

Pet Goat

thanks theresa! 29.Aug.2004 14:43


The link has been added to the RNC special feature.

Broadway & 46th: "This Camera is Being Serviced." 29.Aug.2004 14:51


just in time for the mass arrests happening right now . . . guess they had to give it the SWAT paddy wagon service, huh?

Coincidence? 29.Aug.2004 15:02


I've checked several of the listed cameras, the ones near where there is stuff happening, and every time I check one, it's "Being serviced".

This seems entirely too coincidental to me. I somehow think it's deliberate. They're taking the camera's off line so we can't watch what's happening. Of course, this is speculation, and not confirmed fact. I'd love to be able to find out for sure!

ps - IMCstas, keep up the good work! Stay safe! I wish I was with you!

"being serviced" 29.Aug.2004 15:09


I sat and watched everything that happened at 6 and 34 earlier, but the view was so bad that it was hard to tell what exactly was going on - just that police blocked everyone off and brought their vans and horses in.