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More "Swift"-related smears > "Unfit to Command" > 9/11 Betrayal

The Swift Boat Veterans don't know when to stop. Now they have a website called  http://www.911betrayal.com . It's important that you go to Amazon.com to "recommend" Bush's "Pet Goat" book as an alternative to "Unfit For Command". To do so, go here:  http://tinyurl.com/4foyo -- and enter ASIN # 0026863561 .
SwiftBush subject of new book
SwiftBush subject of new book
(this is an image from  http://www.911betrayal.com -- also found at  http://www.MeetBush.com -- and at  http://www.NextPrez.com -- and  http://www.IstartedAwar.com --  http://www.iLiedtoAmerica.com --  http://www.NotaRealChristian.com -- and  http://www.Unpresidential.com ... )

homepage: homepage: http://www.NextPrez.com

Bump up Pet Goat story on Amazon 29.Aug.2004 15:02

trimtab trimtabsf@yahoo.com

Right now the number 1 seller on Amazon is "Unfit for Command" - the ridiculous anti-Kerry book by the Bush campaign appendix "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth". One of the authors already confessed he didn't believe what he wrote.

So. Let's take advantage. The book Bush was reading when the World Trade Towers were hit on 9/11 was Reading Mastery - Level 2 Storybook 1 - (aka "My Pet Goat" (ASIN # 0026863561 ). You can copy that number into the Unfit for Command page as a "recommendation INSTEAD OF this book".


1. Go to
2. Scroll down and find the "Other Customer's Advice" section.
3. Click "Recommend an item".
4. Paste in this number: 0026863561 and choose the "instead of" option.
5. Check back and watch the number rise. (Check out the funny reviews of this book, while you're at it. The earliest ones are better than the later ones.)
6. Then go back and add the same # into the "recommend in addition to" box also... since this category displays first -- and on that list, My Pet Goat (aka "Reading Mastery II: Storybook 2, Rainbow Edition" ) is way down at #10 --- we need to push it up to #1 book to read "in addition to" SwiftBoat piece of crap "unfit for command" ....

here's the user-friendly URL to add more review for My Pet Goat

here's the user-friendly URL to suggest My Pet Goat as a book instead of "Unfit for Command"

Be sure to read Lisa Pease's review of My Pet Goat: (and all the others) here:

Goat Slips 29.Aug.2004 22:01


MY PET GOAT does not seem to be anywhere on the "recommend instead" list. Somebody else is apparently countering whatever effort is underway.