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Cobertura de las movilizaciones de Nueva York en directo, en castellano.

Informaciˇn e imagenes continuamente actualizadas, en castellano, en este enlace:  http://www.lahaine.org/b2/articulo.php?p=4215&more=1&c=1
awkward google translation of the linked article 29.Aug.2004 13:48


* New York: Info and imagenes of the manifestation in direct (Web-cam)
x Dakota - [ 29,08,04 - 19:13 ]

At the moment traves of THIS WEB the manifestation against the National Convention of the Republican Party can be seen that this being developed in New York (between 7¬ Reconciled and street 22, concretely). By this time no longer you go away the manifestation by this camara .

Another Vista from a Web-cam (to puncture camara of 6¬ with 34) in THIS CONNECTION

The first estimations turn around the 200,000 demonstrators.

Photos of manifestation AQUI ( Indymedia-Nueva York ).

The head of the manifestation has arrived at Square Union, end of the route, without moment incident nor arrests have taken place - of.

In the march they are distributing flyers with the message " we see ourselves in the park 3p.m. ". It is possible to indicate that the City council of New York has prohibited the concentrations in Power station Park, although between the activists it occurs by fact that will be a massive mobilization in the place.

Periodic the USA Today speak in their Web of 45 cyclists stopped in the environs of the march, specifying that the police sources have not indicated the reason for the haltings. Indymedia-Nueva York speaks of 40 cyclists stopped in 6¬ with 41 and another source bases the prisoners in 50. The Web of the policia not yet it mentions the haltings.

At brief moments it is predicted that the concentration in Power station begins Park, is possible that something traves of webcam of THIS PAGINA is seen (Click on ┤Central Park Area ┤)

Three of afternoon in New York. People mainly direct towards Power station Park. The general atmosphere is quite calm in spite of small isolated incidents with the policia and the provocations of a handful of against-demonstrators. Two people have been stopped in 6¬ with 34 to photograph to policias of countryman.

To those who speak English will interest to them to know that from Pacifica Radio and the Radio of Indymedia-Portland covers in direct of the mobilizations are being made. It is possible also to be connected to other free radios - in English from THIS CONNECTION .

[ More imagenes of manifestation AQUI ]

Three and quarter in New York. As opposed to the Madison Square Garden a small fire has taken place, that already has been extinguished by the policia. Some information aim at that policias black dresses have initiated the fire.
There have been two haltings in 6¬ with 34. Apparently members of ┤United for Peace and Justice┤ (┤Unidos by La Paz and the Justicia┤) have mounted cords taking hold itself of the arms to dissuade people to go to Power station Park. The policia also cuts to the passage to Power station Park in some places [ In
Web-cam of 6¬ with 34 certain police activity can be seen and, according to where it points camara, a street cut by policia ].

Three and twenty-five in New York. Indymedia-Nueva York informs into 12 arrests in 6¬ with 34 and of which 7¬ with 34 has been evacuated of demonstrators by policias to horse.

In the Radio of Indymedia-Portland they finish giving a new number of demonstrators: 400.000

The policia policia has partially retired the blockades of several streets and tries to redirigir to people towards 5¬ Reconciled. 6 new haltings in 6¬ with 34.

[ more can be seen imagenes of Web-cams traves of c-span.org ]

There is a great number of people in Power station Park, although there is little activity. There are information that airplanes of the National Guard are going to fly over single Wall ▀street but as a observation, not this anticipating that the National Guard unfolds in the city. The policia is putting hastily to the delegates of the Republican Party in the theaters of Broadway that are going to make special performances for them (who, in teoria, begin 5 of local time afternoon).

Nice translation, but you forgot the links ;) 29.Aug.2004 13:52


Nice translation, but you forgot the links ;) Check out the link in the original post for pics, web-cam links and info in spanish.
No pasaran!

gracias! 29.Aug.2004 14:29


much appreciated.