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Fair and balanced truth

Truth cannot be determined from one-sided propaganda ads. Both sides must be presented in order for people to get the whole truth.
The pro-Bush Swift Boat Veterans for Truth presents a view that is totally unbalanced in their one-sided propaganda ads.

What is needed is a real Veterans for Truth organization that presents a fair and balanced view of both sides in this controversy. I would suggest an organization, entitled Veterans for Truth Concerning Kerry's and Bush's Military Records.

This organization would then run ads comparing the military records of these two candidates. Of course, it would demand the release of the military records of George Bush, who has to date refused to release his records.

So let the whole truth be known so that the voters can better determine who is really fit and unfit to command..
Whatever... 29.Aug.2004 16:49

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

Here I was thinking that all this more-macho-than-thou shit passing itself off as political discourse doesn't really have fuck-all to do with the problems we face as a nation. Here I was thinking that the stupid and endless argument over which rich fuckwit had the bigger balls in regards to 'Nam really won't help the nation's schools, its infrastructure, its masses of adults and children who sleep outdoors every night and/or go hungry, its bloodsucking excuse for healthcare/coverage, etc etc... Here I was thinking that no one in their right mind should care about this Swift boat shit, that no matter how you slice it, 'Nam was an immoral and unjust war, and would have been so regardless of whether or not the U.S. won.

Real bravery at this juncture would be if one of these clueless, overprivileged clowns stood up and said that our military budget is ripping us all --foot-soldier and civilian laborer alike-- off and bleeding us all dry, while fattening the wallets of the sociopathic greedheads at Halliburton and making us less --not more-- safe around the world. Real bravery would entail saying that machismo and saber-rattling don't accomplish diddly-shit for the man, woman and child on the street in the U.S. or anywhere else.

Real bravery has fuck-all to do with machismo, and every day this moronic shit about Swift boats continues I get reminded of this salient fact anew.

<blink blink>

Never mind. Silly me. What was *I* thinking ?!

Thank You Mr. Bush-Kerry. You're the manliest man of all. Take me now, you magnificent two-headed stud, you.