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Looking for progressive jobs in Portland

I am wondering how I can break in to working in a job that I can feel good about, make a difference in...
For quite awhile now, I have been burning out in my current field (computers) and deepening my awareness of social issues. I am tired of working for slimy, corrupt, uncaring people. I still have a *ton* of energy (I'm in my mid-20s). And I want to help out. But I don't know where to begin.

I live downtown. My schedule is extremely flexible except for the last college class I have to take this fall, but that is only one night per week.

I want to meet people, make a difference, stop feeding the bank accounts of greedy executives. I'm tired of hunching over a computer, losing track of the real world.

All I need is about $1000/month (or more, of course). I can't do sales (can't do anything that even remotely involves deception).

Any help is super appreciated! Email me!