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Lone Protester fronts Republican Hdqtrs RNC Send-Off

I was one, armed with woman-made sign, because my heart is with protesters in NYC.
The Bushites had a bash to honor 59 Oregonians headed for NYC to attend the Republican National Convention, and I was there in protest. I arrived at the Lincoln Center, 10250 SW Greenburg Road in Tigard, just before 10 a.m, after multiple bus transfers.

My "woman-made" sign displayed my cause: "IRAQ = VIETNAM, IN SOLIDARITY WITH RNC PROTESTERS, DROP BUSH/CHENEY." (The previous evening I had dropped 2 letters in "protesters," when I was fixing a balled-up internet problem, but I repaired it mightily with peeled-off cardboard paper, sized to word, and brown sticky tape.) I held the sign and my head high as I walked up to the entrance.

A security guard, standing in front, said I couldn't go in. I replied I had no intention of doing so. Soon 2 more guards came out and said I had to leave the area and go up to Greenburg Road. Well, it has public visibility there, as I stood on the sidewalk waving to hundreds of passerbys in cars. Bush/Cheney signs were flashed at me, along with Women for Bush, Vets for Bush, a middle finger, yelling "Communist China," "insane," "fight for peace," and "How's Kerry's cancer?" To some I chanted "Out of Iraq."

The weather, about 80 degrees, was lovely to be outside, blue sky with some clouds. The horn honks and thumbs up were not as prevalent as we got in the Hollywood District. The neighborhood, away from the heart of liberal Portland, is definitely Republican territory.

At noon the guard had disappeared, so I moved up closer. Two people came to get in, but the door was locked from the inside. Soon someone came to open them in. By 12:15 nobody came in or out, so I left, transferring busses again. This time I rode to Kaiser Sunnyside Hospital.

My "big" sister was admitted there Friday night with bone cancer. Upon arrival I bought her a "peace" plant in the gift shop. When I was getting directions to sis's room, I looked up to see a friend from Vancouver! What a dear happenstance! I hugged her and cried. She was visiting a relative with colon cancer, and gave me a ride home, saving me 2 hours by bus.

Sis had 2 blood transfusions since last night and was getting some IV prechemotherapy, She was in the midst of COLD chills. A hot blanket and other meds were given. I asked her what she needed, she said, "A new body." I stroked her. A niece arrived as I left. Another hug.

I could not be in NYC, but I was determined, proud and angry to oppose the Oregonians send-off reception. I COULD be with my sis, and my heart cries for her healing. I remembered incidents growing up. She read and drew, while I rode my horse, Silver, and watched crawdads and snails in the creek. Oh, sis, come on out and play with me, I'd persist. Once in the midst of reading "Ramona," she did. She walked out in the field right up to Silver and caught him. He had been bucking at me.
Mad solidarity 28.Aug.2004 19:48

Some Kid

Mad mad solidarity. If you want more people to attend you should post and post often. If not, you've got the will of the warior or some other cliche.

Posts 28.Aug.2004 20:30


I posted and/or announced it in 3 groups, reaching 50 people or more, after I first saw it posted on Indymedia. I checked this morning whether there were any Indymedia posts. None. Instead of being befuddled, next time I'll do a post on this web.

Sis has a long haul ahead, as do we protesters.

Woman with will for peace.

Our faithful local media 29.Aug.2004 10:41


Last night, the lead story on channel 8 news was how happy all these delegates are to be supporting Bush, and by extension how much Oregon as a whole supports Bush. Boy, I sure am glad that we have a balanced newsmedia that doesn't tell us how to think. Can anyone remember any similar coverage of the DNC delegates, talking about how much Oregon supports Kerry?

Good for you! 29.Aug.2004 11:03

Carol Brouillet cbrouillet@igc.org

I can't go to NY either- my son's birthday and mine and family pressure kept me here, but I'm on my way out the door for solidarity actions in SF at Justin Herman Plaza at 1:00PM, with banners, whistles, flyers- we must do what we can do...