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A Dynamic Hunger-strike by the Arab Palestinian Detainees is Rocking the Foundations of Zi

A Dynamic Hunger-strike by the Arab Palestinian Detainees is Rocking the Foundations of Zionist "Democracy"!

As you may or may not know, on August 15th, 2004, more than 8,000 Palestinian Political Prisoners began the formation of a Hunger Strike in protest of the ever-worsening Zionist attacks, the wretched state of Zionist dungeons, and to build a dynamic continuum with the Arab Palestinian and other masses, to support the Arab Palestinian political prisoners, regardless of ideological orientation, for a National-Democratic United Front.

Here is a list of reasons for the hunger-strike as presented by the Families of Palestinian Political Prisoners Committee.*

Arbitrary and indiscriminate beating of prisoners in their cells, in prison courtyards and during transportation to and from prisons.

Arbitrary and indiscriminate firing of tear gas into prisoner's cells and prison courtyards and intimidation of prisoners by guards entering their cells with guns.

Humiliating strip searches of prisoners in full view of other prisoners and guards each time they enter or exit their cells

Subjecting prisoners to solitary confinement for excessive periods of time, for months and even years.

Arbitrary imposition of financial penalties on prisoners for minor infractions, arbitrary revocation of visitation rights and extended confinement to cells as punishment for minor infractions such as singing or speaking too loudly

Confining children with adult prisoners and political prisoners with criminals

Withholding or delaying medical treatment and the provision of medication to sick detainees

Severely restricting the category of family members entitled to visit prisoners thus denying visitation rights to other close family members

Arbitrary denial of travel permits to family members of prisoners living in the West Bank or Gaza so that they cannot travel to prisons to see their relatives

Imposing conditions on travel for family members and obstacles that result in travel of a few hours being prolonged to 16 or 17 hours for a 45-minute visit

Conducting humiliating strip searches of visiting family members even though they are usually separated from the prisoners by a full glass barrier as well as a wire mesh barrier.

Providing such poor visitation facilities that prisoners find it difficult to see or hear their loved ones

Maintaining prisoners on near starvation diets that are insufficient to sustain health.

Applying rules concerning items that prisoners may receive from their families arbitrarily and inconsistently, on the whim of the guards, with each visit.

Withdrawing studying privileges that in the past allowed prisoners to continue their high school or university studies through correspondence courses

It can thus be said that the immediate, as well as long term demands of the Arab Palestinian Political Prisoners, is just, and worthy of support.

Not only, have the Arab Palestinian Detainees resisted with the tool at their disposal, of hunger-strike, but along side them, march the Arab masses, the masses of this world, in lockstep, including large internationally co-ordinated hunger strikes, for various days, or in full.

Part and parcel to this, have been colorful mass-demonstrations and letter writing campaigns, which you are kindly encouraged to participate in.
The Palestinian Families of Political Prisoners, kindly encourages your solidarity letter be e-mailed to  alhureih@yahoo.com.

With further research, you can find various Palestinian Solidarity and "Right to Return" Committees, in the country to which you reside, engaged in events, rallies, and solidarity hunger-strikes, in support of this cause.

Let Us Turn Out as One With The Arab Palestinian Masses In Struggle!
Support the 8,00o Strong Hunger-strike Campaign

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