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Ronald Reagan Jr's Interview Partner arrested for vandalism

Activist, Interview Partner of Reagan Jr. arrested for spraying


Ronald Reagan Jr's Interview Partner arrested for vandalism

INN Exclusive, August 28

By Guest Reporter John Buchanan


NEW YORK--A New York protester being interviewed for MSNBC TV by Ronald Reagan, Jr. in lower Manhattan was arrested Saturday morning for printing on the pavement a message that read "American free speech zone." Joshua Kinburg, creator of BikesAgainstBush.com, which is planning a peaceful protest during the Republican National Convention, was taken into custody by a contingent of NYPD officers after he failed to show identification and the arresting officers failed to determine that the white paint Kinburg had used to spell out his slogan on the sidewalk was wter wosluble and could be easily removed. After observers and passersby expressed vocal support for Kinburg, police led him away in handcuffs...

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Hey guess what? 29.Aug.2004 15:35


TIME TO STAND UP. They can't lock up everyone with a can of paint.

Welcome to fascism, where a dozen highly paid security professionals spend 1/2 an hour of their time locking up a kid with a stencil.