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Nader campaign files lawsuit against conspiracy to keep him off the ballot

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- A lawsuit was filed yesterday in federal court in the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, naming John Kerry and John Edwards as defendants who have actively conspired to prevent the development of a national third party by impeding the effort of Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo to be listed on the ballot in states across the country, including Illinois.
August 28, 2004

Along with Kerry and Edwards, the lawsuit names as defendants organizations and individuals who have played key roles in the effort to deprive Nader/Camejo access to the ballot including: the Democrat National Committee and its chair Terry McAuliffe, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Michael Madigan, former Congressman Toby Moffet, TheNaderFactor.com president David Jones, Multnomah County Democrat Party chair Jeff Merrick, and others.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit are independent voters from seven states who want the opportunity to vote for the Nader/Camejo ticket to further the process of developing America's independent political movement and to create a broad based national third party.

The suit charges that in early 2004 defendants urged Nader not to run for president as an independent and when he did not acquiesce in their demand, embarked on a conspiracy to deny him ballot access in as many states as possible, thereby impeding the development of a third party.

Plaintiffs include independent voters from Illinois, New York, Texas, California, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Georgia are joined by The Committee for a Unified Independent Party, a not-for-profit whose purpose is to expand political participation and further the growth of independent politics.

"For the first time in American history a major party and its candidates are attempting to win the White House by preventing independents from even competing," said attorney for the plaintiffs Harry Kresky. "That is a very dangerous precedent for democracy."

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