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March for Womens Lives

Today, starting in Brooklyn, a March for Womens Lives was scheduled, the plan was to march across the Brooklyn Bridge to make sure that issues of reproductive health—global family planning, real sex education, accessible, safe and legal abortion, birth control options, the right to privacy regarding sexuality, and equal access to health care—are part of the national political dialogue.

Around 1pm today speakers started at Candon park in Brooklyn, the rally started small with just over 500 protesters and only about 70 police officers. There didnt seem to be much tension, with many of the cops being on bicycle. There were people there handing out water and Luna bars, to a very diverse crowd.

By 1:30, the march had begun and the crowd was up in the thousands, byt the time they started crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Reports came in of as many as 16,000 marchers going over the bridge. By the time the march reached City Hall Park for the end rally, it was three hours into it. There were reports of good vibes and lots of support (in the form of honking) by the passing vehicles.

Confusing Graphic 28.Aug.2004 12:56

Area Man

The sign that woman is holding seems to say "Abortion is terrorism". Sounds like a pro-lifer sign.

it is 28.Aug.2004 13:10

look closer

What's you're seeing is 2 anti-choice men immediately in front of where the picture was taken of sizable march. It would have been nice for the photographer to get closer but oh well. Sounds like a great event.

yeah, pick a better photo 28.Aug.2004 13:13

unless they mean about illegal abortions

Or self-induced abortions, that leave women with ruined bodies, as opposed to safe, supportive abortions with trained people to help.
Maybe the anti's were standing on the sidelines, holding up their signs. that's what it looks like. guess it was the only good photo showing the incredible number of people marching!!!!!!

thanks 28.Aug.2004 13:19


switched the image, thanks for the comments about it!

Diversity? 28.Aug.2004 16:30


"to a very diverse crowd"

The crowd at today's march, as has been mentioned several times on NYC Indymedia, was primarily white and middle class. Of course that's the case with most protests these days, but let's not try to make ourselves feel better by lying.

i saw the reports on nyc 28.Aug.2004 16:37


but i also looked at the photos and fromt he phot attached to this article it looks like over half of the women in the front are people of color. i was not out there, but from the photos, thats what it looks like <shrugs>

march for women's lives 28.Aug.2004 22:33


There is more to life than abortion issues, stupids. If I am economically independent I can have a baby if I want to. If I am economically independent I can go anywhere in the world and pay a private clinic to have an abortion if I want to.
However if there is no abortion problems, the left and the right would have to find what to do. Poverty, abortion, sex gender, homosexuality are all constructs in order to keep the masses divide and under stress, pressure, managed, manipulated, powerless...
If the women's movement had dedicated half of their time dealing with erradicating poverty and the other half dealing with abortion issues, we women in NA, would have a great retirement bank account and lots of time for creativity and relaxation. Perhaps the news media of right and left would be smaller, but the general population would be healthier and better educated...
Abortion is the way that the CIA fiound to deal with the coming liberation of women in order to continue having power over women's body and divide us.
Down with Gloria Steinen, a CIA asset.

I see it the other way around, ronint 28.Aug.2004 23:54

another woman

Seems to me that criminalizining abortion is an excellent way to control women's lives, keep them barefoot and pregnant and unable to do anything but run after children and stay dependent on men for support,and/or suffer in poverty. Check out Margaret Atwood's "A Handmaid's Tale" for some interesting reading about where the fundamentalists are taking us.

Errr... ronit... 29.Aug.2004 00:51

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...what are you on, exactly ?

It takes neither a rocket science nor a big fan of establishment groups like NOW to understand that one of the reasons they're so fixated on abortion as a topic is because the RIGHT WING is fixated on erradicating legal access to it. Of course, it might as well already be illegal in this country for millions of poor and/or rural women. However, that's another rant for another day.

Yeah, right. The CIA did it. And fluoridated water turns people into homosexuals, too. Get real.