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Bush Anti-Semitic Programme Places Israel In Jeopardy:

This is copy of a letter to the editor Mr. Grimes submitted to the newspaper, "The Forword" in New York city, on 8 24/04. I post it here on his behalf and urge you to vote FASCIST this November.
I write this letter as one who both admires Saddam Hussein and is also friendly to the Jewish people as a natural ethnic group.

First, let me say as someone who believes America and Israel are bound together by a mutual fate, we (U.F.U. collectively?) think deposing a secular Western-style leader like President Hussein was a mistake or, at least a miscalculation on the part of the Bush regime, as it places Israel on an anti-semitic powder keg, with various shiite factions vying for control of Iraq.

Second, as we see Israel as the only sane and worthy nation in a region of the world that's worthless and insane, it's in Americas best interests to to safeguard it's borders and preserve it as an independent nation-state. The United Fascist Union, demands order be restored to Iraq at once by whatever means logic and reason dictate. As America caused this situation, America should be held accountable with donations paid to them so they may better arm themselves until peace and security can be restored to the region.

There are some who might say I am a tad extreme wishing to place the interests of a foreign power above those of our own country. I say to them, not so, America's interests are tied in with Israeli interests in such a way that by making Israel safe and strong we're doing likewise for America.


Mr. J. Grimes
Director & C.E.0.

homepage: homepage: http://www.ufu.gq.nu/
address: address: P.O.B. 2209: Elkton, MD 21922