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Anti-Klan? Stop measure 36

Fascism is of a piece
It's not a coincidence that the corporate totalitarians (Bush, Cheney, Drugs Limbaugh, etc.) have chosen to attack same-sex marriage.

They actually don't give a damn about it, but they know they can divide the nation on cultural grounds. They have created two new classes: the 'unbekante' (unacceptable) Gays and the heroic SS (the religious nuts).

I just finished picketing Hinson Baptist Church in SE Portland. The churchgoers looked uncomfortable at my sign ("Civil Rights For All: No On KKK 36"), but that was not surprising. I was quite civil and said "good morning" with a smile to many of them.

However, I was a little surprised to see non-Baptists, with "forest defender" and "Nader" and "Kerry" and anti-Bush stickers on their cars, also displaying confusion and/or annoyance.

Can it be that THE LEFT DOESN'T GET IT? Where is the solidarity with the queer community? I am seriously worried.
Pro-Queer Attitudes as a Fashion Statement 22.Aug.2004 12:36


I think the problem with *some* liberals and progressives is that they see queers as a model minority, someone who they can support because being homophobic is gauche.

But then, those uppity queers actually want to do something on their own, without help from most politicians (except Diane Linn, Serena Cruz, and Maria Rojo de Steffey)! You queers will get your rights when Vera Katz deems it appropriate, such as when the cruisy area of Stark Street turns into the South Pearl. Don't dare do anything of your own initiative.

(Sarcastic content warning, for the humorless here.)

I get it 22.Aug.2004 14:10

theresa mitchell

I think Varro's comment makes sense; the question is how prevalent that sort of attitude is.

I hope it's not too prevalent. I see a larger issue here, the question of human sexual liberation in a corporate-owned society. If one does not already realize that human pleasure and sexuality has been perverted to serve corporate "needs," then, well, it's hard to summarize....

But here's part of it: "Straight" doesn't exist. We are trained early on, in parallel with out gender-role straightjacketing, to believe that we are "Straight" but that some, self-indulgent people are ...not. Of course, the primate limbic system will have none of this; our sexuality naturally expresses itself in some ways, to both sexes. This phenomenon is essential to social ability, to self-worth, and even to the subtler aspects of intelligence.

We lefties need sexual liberation as much as anyone else; otherwise we become trapped into the "accomplishment as self-worth" perversion that has been designed to replace natural sexuality.

Here again, if you know this (if you've read Reich and the rest), it's old hat--but if you've never thought about it, well, this is the key to your cage. Take it.

The acceptance of one's spectrum of sexuality is only one part of the development (actually the re-development) of self-worth, but it is a primal part. Fascism needs the denial of natural sexuality like an engine needs pistons.

Conversely, a strong anarchism needs a strong sexuality.

Pink triangles again. . .? 22.Aug.2004 14:50

Hal E. Burton

Check the state constitution -- it specifically forbids creation of "special classes." There are, though a couple of sections that grant some spousal rights.

I think 36 will be ultimately be found invalid in the courts; but it is a good tool to bring on voter turnout from the social conservatives.

It doesn't matter... 23.Aug.2004 21:19

Uniter not divider....

There is no cause that matters.

There is no effect that matters.

The only thing that matters is that people choose to live and commit to one another without regard to any orthodox alchemy of sex. The only decision is whether the society will either choose to accept that reality by sanctioning those relationships or if it will choose the anguish of ignoring and condemning its people.

Acceptance is enevitable but in the short run this issue is simply a momentary question raised in the struggle for power and manipulated to divide and confuse the population.

Wake up an smell the coffe 27.Sep.2004 22:17

Queer eye from the straight guy aimeeluv2000@hotmail.com

I think the problem with most liberals, is just that, they are liberals. Let me remind you all, that the Roman Empire, the greatest empire the world has ever known did not fall from some external power, but collapsed from within due to immorality. Let me remind all of you that for a democracy to exist the peoples that reside in that democracy must adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. Here is a little history for you. When AIDS was first discovered it was called GRIDS (Gay Related Immune Deficiency Syndrome). Gee I wonder why? Truth is truth, no matter what the politicians attest to, the foundation of this country is based on Christianity. As that foundation starts to crumble so will this nation.

Not enough information out there... 28.Sep.2004 11:49

Erika portland_girl@hotmail.com

I feel that the largest problem is that there is no word of mouth about this measure. I don't watch the local news coverage and recently found out about this measure. I've been attempting to find a website or a number of someone I can contact to help support this fight. However, I have come up with nothing so far. If you could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it!

New Times 13.Oct.2004 14:58


I know that the definition of marriage in the Bible is, a bond between a man and a women, or something of that extent. But we're in new times and there could be modifications to the Bible. We don't have to live off it! It's a new age, let there be new ideas.

E Pluribus Unum 21.Oct.2004 15:54

Dr. Steven and Maria Jimena Mento docpiano@comcast.net

Democracy itself is at risk in this election! Our free and open society will cease to exist if the agenda of the GOP is fully met. Jerry Falwell stated to the press on September 24, 2004 that 'Evangelicals control the fate of the Republican Party and President Bush'. Can you allow our president to ally with this fundamentalist type of Christian church to oppress our pluralistic democracy? His reckless pre-emptive strike on Iraq and the Carlyle-Halliburton crusade of militarism and expansionism with the blood of American soldiers was opportunistic when we should have kept focus on Bin Laden. America is more at risk as a result.
The 'religious right' funding of this administration will see to four new Supreme Court justices, a rolling back of Roe vs. Wade - sending teenage rape victims to back-alley abortionists.
The next task will be to vilify homosexuals and ban all forms of gay unions. Tolerance will be replaced by 'tough love' and all scientific inquiry and knowledge of evolution and the origins of the universe will be suppressed by 'creationism', and aggressive campaigns to politicize Christianity will grow. Roman Catholics will join the bandwagon, and insist on banning sex education in the schools and distribution of condoms, as birth control and pre-marital sex are both officially sins (we are practicing Episcopalians). Yet, many of these same people feel 'unquestioning patriotism' when it comes to war and killing (remember the sixth commandment?), especially when it will spread a legalistic 'Christian democracy' in their perverse miscarriage of Jesus' teachings ('Born Again' Christians include the K.K.K. among their ranks, and I wonder if many televangelists also support white separatism). Some of our rights were already signed away when the Patriot Act was printed in the middle of the night and signed the next morning without it being read.
Does that sound like compassionate conservatism to you, or even living in the real world? Does it sound more like a lot of power given to one man presiding over a country to dictate policy? Does it seem reminiscent of fascism or an authoritarian rule not so long ago in some other country? Think again if you think you're marching for freedom when you vote for George W. Bush. The founding fathers of this country were influenced by Christian ideals and the enlightenment ideals of equality and brotherhood rather than an aristocratic monarchy. They were not religious extremists that equated spreading the gospel with purging the nation or the world of other religions and other lifestyles and initiating war for profit! Intellectual rigor should be an attribute of the president of this great nation. The 'dumbing down' in mainstream society is something I'd rather not find in the White House. I will not vote for someone who has such an obvious lack of sophistication as George Bush, and I will not vote my support to his unholy alliances. If the majority in America still believes the mistake of Jean Jacque Rousseau's 'noble savage' and continues in it's anti-intellectual (and by necessity immoral*) prejudices by electing the 'good ol' boy' again, may God have mercy on this nation!
*lack of intellectual curiosity creates a narrow field of knowledge, insufficient knowledge derails a temperament of knowledge into wisdom, and lack of wisdom leads to error of judgment and subsequent immoral quandary.

Dr. Steven and Maria Jimena Mento

609 601-9756
163 W Johnson Ave