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The Do Not Vote in 2004 Campaign

What we in the other [anti-capitalist-anti-imperialist] camp should busy ourselves doing is, a campaign that does not to get out the vote for the 2004 elections.
The Do Not Vote in 2004 Campaign

Ziad shaker elJishi


The majority of the American people will not go to vote in the next US presidential elections to be held in November 2004.

If the last elections are any indication the US bourgeoisie that spends millions in funding for its upcoming elections, will not even turn up 50% of the middle class, petty bourgeoisie class, and the bourgeoisie class of this country for its bonanza elections.

Yet the bourgeoisie US media will bombard the American masses until November with the continuous appeal to: GET OUT THE VOTE.

What we in the other [anti-capitalist-anti-imperialist] camp should busy ourselves doing is, a campaign that does not to get out the vote for the 2004 elections.

What would our aim in doing so be?

Well, to drive the participation of the middle class and petty bourgeoisie voters to a new historic low in this country!

We want to stand along-side the millions of poor, oppressed, and disenfranchised working class people whose anger sees growing levels and whose indifference seeks new grounds with respect to the non-choices of Kerry and Bush.

You will find us in the African ghettos of Amerikkka and with the Mexican migrant worker filled fields of California, watching our televisions in the Barrios and border Mexican towns, looking at the next bourgeoisie elections with steam building underneath our breath!

Some in the opportunist left in the US have argued that boycott is a wasted vote! That this only supports the reelection of little Bush.

We disagree!

We disagree for following three reasons.

1. There is no difference between Bush and Kerry.

Not only do these two represent the interests of the bourgeoisie classes but their stances are no different.

To look at the website of the vice president to Kerry (Edwards) we read about a love lullaby of solidarity dedicated to "israel"!

Kerry and Bush pledge unconditional support for the security and sustenance of the Zionist monster "israel", that known outpost of US imperialism in the Arab land.

This is a fact missed by the many Arab-American comprador who have rushed to the US bourgeoisie polls in America to support the Democrats and in essence objectively support "israel".

Even the reactionary forces within the Islamic mosques themselves, in some cases, have been outrageous enough to call for a vote for Bush (once more!).

On the other hand, on Iraq Kerry has not pledged to return the troops as much is being circulated in the opportunist American left.

In fact what Kerry wants to do is drag the UN back into Iraq to do the US imperialists' dirty work for it. He is for the occupation of Iraq and the subjugation of the Iraqi people not against it.

2.Kerry is More dangerous than Bush

For the petty-bourgeoisie and bourgeoisie of this nation who are in favor of Kerry over the lunatic Bush it is natural to rally to get Bush out of office.

But for those who suffer in hunger and oppression under the boot of US capitalism what difference to their lives will Kerry bring over Bush?

While Bush blatantly massacres the poor people inside the US and outside the US. Kerry does it in a much more conspiring and dangerous way.

Kerry is the capitalist fox who will continue the theft and domination of the oppressed classes and people of the world through welfare capitalism and a continence of imperialist foreign policy of domination.

But unlike Bush he will strive to represent a humane face to capitalism, one that hides behind the pseudo proclamations of bourgeoisie democracy, freedom, and imperialist "human rights".

No Kerry is far more dangerous than Bush because he is sneaky and will conspire against the working classes and oppressed inside the United States and outside the United States to sustain the welfare capitalist system.

Abroad let us not forget that his predecessor the Democrat Clinton murdered over a million Iraqis through the "humane" weapon of economic sanctions. That Clinton attacked ex-Yugoslavia and Sudan.

It is clear that if you belong to the bourgeoisie and petty-bourgeoisie classes that your interests will go with safe-guarding the achievements of the capitalist-imperialist structure.

But if you belong on the other-hand to the camp that is suffocating underneath the heavy boot of the capitalist-imperialists then you seek that that boot will be shattered to a million pieces as soon as possible.

The opportunists left of the American political scene is not interested in the destruction of the capitalist-imperialist structure. In fact it objectively is working to preserve it.

It lends legitimacy with calls to "support the troops by bringing them home" and wants to participate in the US presidential elections.

This opportunist camp is not interested in revolutionary change it is a revisionist camp that betrays the interests of the oppressed in favor of coexistence with the US bourgeoisie classes and it is the fifth column of the working class revolutionary movement.

3.The Message is That There is no legitimacy to the US bourgeoisie "Democracy"

What we strive for is working class democracy. The dictatorship of the proletariat!

Not the fake bourgeoisie democracy of the US capitalist-imperialists!

Our democracy is not the same as theirs!

We say these candidates do not represent the majority of the American people. They can not even muster the 50% voter turnout of their own classes.

We say the majority of the people are indifferent to these elections and that these elections do not represent a choice to the side-lined people.

We say that this is the message a boycott campaign would drive home.

In essence these elections are simply illegitimate, do not represent the voice of the people, and are far from being democratic.

When you present the people two faces of the same capitalist coin and ask them to choose it is like asking them not to choose at all!

Boycott the next US presidential elections!

No to the legitimacy of the bourgeoisie elections!

homepage: homepage: http://irsn.jeeran.com

no a smart strategy 21.Aug.2004 18:24


democrats don't give a damn if you don't vote.

the only way to get their attention is to vote, but not for a democrat or a republician. i voted "write in" nader in 2000, since he didn't have ballot in my state.

my state has converted to electronic voting. i don't know if write in is possible. if not, i'll vote fo state and local elections , but not for president.

What is the definition of "agent provocateur"? 21.Aug.2004 19:05

Hal E. Burton

Is it possible that that there are people who would goad you to vote against you self-interest? What would they say? Is it possible that incremental change might bring you closer to the world you want?

Here's what an expert on the subject says:
"Principle is OK up to a certain point, but principle doesn't do any good if you lose." Who said it? Dick Cheney.

I encourage any and all to read "Worse than Watergate" by John Dean, former counsel to Nixon.

bass ackwards logic 21.Aug.2004 19:20

still voting

This is some really tortured logic. The bourgeoisie don't vote, therefore progressives/radicals shouldn't vote either, to show everybody... what exactly? Sorry. Ya'all are just too smart for an old country boy like me. I'll vote because I believe in voting when it works. And if it doesn't work, I'm ready to fight to bring about a system where it does work. But I'm sure as hell not going to try to not do what I believe in in order to show everybody that what I believe in doesn't work, or whatever this so-called revolutionary idiot is trying to say.

If you buy this argument, well, like I say, you must be smarter than me.

what? 21.Aug.2004 19:43


Not voting is like resisting a rape by going limp. Sure. Then you have to trust the attacker not to kill you afterwards. Begging might help. You can appeal to their sense of compassion.

Write-in for Nader or just lay down and take it like an American.

Troll 21.Aug.2004 20:05


The "bourgeoisie" won't vote? What crap. These are the Republican voters who WILL make an effort to cast their ballot; they're sitting pretty just the way things are. It's the disillusioned and overworked who traditionally don't make it to the polls. Why would you want to discourage them from voting? Your scree is poorly worded and without any discernable reason.

If 21.Aug.2004 21:20

Catalina Eddie

If you don't vote, there's no way for them to see that they lost your vote. The fact that some folks will not give their votes to either Frick or Frack will not be lost on them. There are lots of good, or at least acceptable, people to vote for. How about a Libertarian? Or Cynthia McKinny? Or Ralph Nader, or Saddam Hussein, or Bugs Bunny? I think to throw your vote to a Toon is far better than giving it to a Bones. And they're gonna know that they coulda had it.

I may write in Mary Kay Letourneau.

Go ahead and vote... 25.Aug.2004 14:20


...if you think that the Democrats or Republicans do any good for this country. If you think that either party has your best interests in mind. If you think that Republicans will spend less money (snicker) or that Democrats are anti-war (guffaw). I'm sorry: I shouldn't try commenting. The bass ackwards logic in VOTING is so inspipid it shoudl require no comment, yet...

By voting, you are OKing the rape on the world, you are OKing imperialism. By voting, you are giving lie to a fraudulent "democracy" that is anything but democratic. By voting, you are choosing which rapist ravages you. Fucking great. No wonder Australia has a law mandating voting. Not voting is illegal in Australia for a reason.

Its all relative 26.Sep.2004 11:22

Ian Blase

I choose not to vote bc both candidates are more or less the same. This is a good thing though. This means both have relatively moderate agendas, and will leech off third party ideas to foward themselves from their competitor. While you and I may think Bush is an invader or a protector one thing is certain, We live in the greatest times of human civilization. Our economy must expand in a healty notion, freedom must remain and both candidates know this. If you think otherwise you must know that not all govt is corrupt and that there is some honor with leading the sole superpower in the world. If you look back from a distance, you will find the true efficiency and greatness of the American government. So I leave you with the wise words of Churchill who once said,"Capitalism is an awful idea, but its the least damned of them all."