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Egg On Their Faces: Democrats' Big Lie Exposed

Center For Responsive Politics Disproves Myth of Republican Funding for Nader:
Finds Only 4% of Nader's Funding Comes from Donors to Republicans
Fifty-one Donors Gave $54,000 to Nader; Same Donors Gave $66,000 to Democrats!
August 20, 2004

Washington, DC: The Independent Presidential Campaign of Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo notes that a report by the Center for Responsive Politics provides reliable data that, among the Nader donors surveyed, Republican donors who are funding George W. Bush are giving more money to the Democrats than to the Nader/Camejo Campaign.

The Center for Responsive Politics found only 4% of Nader's funding came from donors who had also given to Republicans. This compares to 25% of Nader's votes in 2000 coming from registered Republicans. These same Republican donors gave more money to Democrats ($66,000), than to Nader ($54,000). See www.crp.org

The Nader/Camejo Campaign makes the following additional points:

In addition to one-quarter of Nader's voters in 2000 being registered Republicans, Nader has worked with individual Republicans throughout the course of his career. One donor mentioned by the Center, Jeno Paulucci, the Florida frozen pizza roll magnate, worked with Nader on public interest issues regarding the Mesabi Iron Range, in Minnesota. Other Republicans in this category include Robert Monks (corporate governance) and Ben Stein (investors' rights).
Not only is the 4% of donations a tiny portion of Nader's support, it comes from people who agree with him on the issues and want him to get his message out to the public.
"For too long the Democrats have been falsely claiming that there is an organized Republican funding campaign supporting us. They disseminate this big lie to provide a cover for their dirty tricks. Now the truth is outóRepublican support is minimal, less than the percentage of registered Republican voters in 2000," said Nader. It is time for the media to stop reporting the 'Big Lie' and start reporting the truth.

The Nader Campaign is dedicated to pulling away from George W. Bush Independent and Republican voters who are furious with Bush over many of the same conditions our campaign has been articulating. These include: the Iraq quagmire; the gigantic deficit; the big-government Patriot Act; corporate welfare and corporate crime; federal regulation of local education and "Leave No Child Behind"; and the sovereignty-shredding impact of the WTO and NAFTA.

homepage: homepage: http://naderoregon.org

disingenuous gargabe. 21.Aug.2004 18:15


Great. Enron gave shitloads of money to the democraps too. Fact of the matter is that the ruling class is willing to pay whatever price is necessary to maintain the status quo. They'd prefer to see the continuation of the present junta, and the money they give nader will help them do it. They give money to the democraps to hedge their bets and make sure they are in control of whichever side the capitalist coin lands on.
The cost of giving nader enough working capital (god forbid ralph should spend his own millions) to keep some swing states contested is a tiny pittance compared to what the ruling class stands to lose in tax breaks if the next-worst contender wins.
kerry makes me want to puke, suv loving warmonger that he is. However, the last thing I want to see is pretzel boy appointing supreme court justices. If kerry had any brains, he'd cut a deal with nader for a supreme court nomination in return for his support. That would actually do this country some good.I'd enjoy "news" of verbal exchanges twixt nader and scalia/(thomas)and renquist.
It has always amazed me that republicans could get the lumpenproletariat to do their bidding, but what I find more amazing, and nauseating, is that they're able to get "progressives" to do their bidding as well.
This election offers us "skull" who panders to the extreme (christian) right whilst claiming to be moderate, middle of the road, and "bones" who is only half as far to the right of center, while again, claiming to be in the middle of the road. Thing is, once elected, skull panders to the extreme right because he's one of them, wheres "bones" is possibly aware that he is not expecially well liked by most of the people voting against "skull," and must therefore pay the occasional tribute to the majority which is to his left, and I'd damn sure rather have kerry's token progressive initiatives (tax the ultra-wealthy again) than four more years of this crap we've had.
I am soooooo grateful that nader only retains the loyalty of 500 of the 10000 people who paid to see him in "00 (myself included), and even the republican's help couldn't qualify him for the ballot here in multnomah county, his strongest enclave anywhere.
Get a life.

nader4sale 21.Aug.2004 18:23

George Bender

Go back and read the article again, slowly. You didn't even come close to getting it. All you did was let out an emotional fart.

lies, damn lies and statistics 21.Aug.2004 19:11

mark twain

By my calculations, the oligarchs who bet on all horses figured that Nader deserved to be funded at a level 81% of what they gave to the democrats. Who are these people, (other than Rupert Murdoch) and why are they in bed with Nader, and why is Nader in bed with them? Makes Tom Potter look like a real honest man, not taking more than a hundred bucks from anyone.
What "proof" do you have that 25% of Nader's votes in '00 came from republicans. I attended both Nader rallys , and I didn't see too many fur coats and silk suits in either crowd. I find your statistics a little hard to swallow. There's 3 kinds of lies. Lies, damn lies, and statistics. It's a well known fact that 87% of all statistics used in arguments are made up on the spot.
Nader4sale has a valid point. What are you going to do when w. starts putting people on the supreme court? Report to your internment camp as ordered, and/or feel kinda bad about throwing away a vote that might've countered all the fraud Diebold, Jeb, etc are planning?
Don't you think Nader could serve the country better as Supreme Court Justice than Spoiler? You know damn well he ain't gonna win, and it makes Karl Rove feels like he's competent when the left fights amongst itself.
Bush will never see "the left" as anything but a "focus group," whereas Kerry will have to make some concessions to the left so people won't be screaming "Kucinich was right" in '08.
I used to have tremendous respect for Ralph. What a shame he's done as much as corporate media to ruin his good name.

Twain, M'boy... 21.Aug.2004 23:43

alsis38 alsis35@yahoo.com

...Funny, funny man. Nonetheless, jokes alone can't carry a philosophical treatise, and you were wayyyyy more cogent before you died and started smoking all that weed.

"Don't you think Nader could serve the country better as Supreme Court Justice than Spoiler?"

Sure he could. In some alternate universe where people of conscience ran the Democratic Party and McAuliffe, Clinton, Lieberman, Gore, and Kerry were all working as fry cooks and copier-repairmen for a living.

In this universe, forget it.

Go back to the crypt and try to think up a better tack, you dolt.

BTW, you were wrong about Jane Austen. She was a damn good author, maybe even better than you. You just dissed her because you were a jealous sexist pig.

'Bye now. :)