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Thoughts on Bush'e National Mental Health Screenings

In light of Bush's proposal for national mental health screening overseen by former drug company lobbyists, there may well be a secondary objective for this, back door gun control.
For more details on Bush's proposed national mental health screenings, please go to http://www.mindfreedom.org By now quite a few people on Indymedia have heared about Bush's trying-to-keep-under-wraps proposal for national mental health screenings. While the blatant corruption of using industry lobbyists to head the program is in itself bad, the implications are even more chilling. 1. This new department, will try to maximize sales of as many perscription anti-depressants, anti-anxiety drugs as possible. This is bad enough, considering the side effects of many of these drugs that do not even treat the underlying problem, if there even is one. Considering the broad definitions of many mental "disorders," how easy would it be do diagnose most people being screened. 2. The mental health tests would most likely be a long series of multiple choice questions similar to the MMPI and could be written to single out people of certain political or religious affiliations as mentally unstable. This was used as a means of controlling dissidents in the Soviet Union. 3. Now for the fun one. It's not that much of a stretch and is probably just a secondaty benefit of any such presidential decree, but what happens when an individual is diagnosed as "mentally unstable" and on prescription meds? They can no longer own firearms. No need to push any gun control laws and scare off his supporters. Just go the back door route. If Bush's mental health screening policy can be made public enough, this might help undermine Bush's he-won't-take-away-our- guns crowd of supporters. It probably won't turn the election, but it may help.
gun control 22.Aug.2004 09:49

greg snyderr

you can't own a gun if you have mental disease??? since when? seems like most people who own guns have various forms of mental disease. i have never heard of it being a contraindication for gun ownership. isn't a license all that is needed, legally, to own a gun in most states or jurisdictions? just wondering.

Hey Greg... 22.Aug.2004 12:23


Have you read the Constitution of the US? All Americans have the right to bear arms. That's part of the Bill of Rights. The idea was that an armed population would be more intimidating to anybody who wanted to convert our Democracy to fascism, but certainly there was more parity between a cannon and a musket than there is between a revolver and an M-16, helicopter mounted 50 cal., tear gas, and such, but there is a history to be read over the last 20 years or so of how the government can get guns out of people's hands to make any crack down on disobedience more orderly and controlled.

The NRA is a major problem for the fascists. No good progressive who is aware of what is happening should protest the NRA, even though it is a conservative organization.