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Again "monday-protests" all over Germany

- struggle against social cuts -

There seems to be a revival of the famous "monday-protests" in 1989 which led to the end of former GDR: all over Germany people protest each monday against the government and its plans for social cuts.
It began 3 weeks ago in eastern germany: in a couple of cities a few hundred people protested against the "HARTZ 4" program and the "Agenda 2010" which are government plans that will have an deep impact on workers and unemployed people. One aspect is that welfare money will be cut down dramatically. The situation in eastern germany is that the average unemployment rate is at about more than 20%. So finding work is almost impossible and pupils who finish school often dont find any job at all. "Hartz 4" will make millions of people live with not more than 300 Euro per month.

-3 weeks ago, on monday, a few people in a few cities shouted "We are the people" and "We will stop Hartz 4", "Down with the government" or even "Smash capitalism!".

-2 weeks ago, on monday, 50.000 people in 36 cities and towns protested.

-Last Monday more than 160.000 people in about 140 cities and towns all over the country protested; the wave of demonstrations even reached the western part of germany.

The protests will continue and are supposed to grow.

The political parties, The unions and even social movements like e.g. Attac were surprised by the spontaneous protests.It was just the "ordinary" people who went out on the streets. And their will to fight "Hartz 4" and force the whole government to step back is very strong. In Berlin last monday the first "monday protest" started with 5000 people and after walking through the city more than 25.000 joined them - came down from their houses, out of the super markets and so on... The government and the chancellor are getting more and more nervous - it seems that the further development of the protest canīt be controlled... Next monday the protests will surely take place in even more cities, with even more protesters and with even more hate on the governments plans. The protesters said they will become more and more and will continue the protests "until Hartz 4 is shut down or until the government has to step back. We once finished the GDR. We will finish every one who puts pressure on us. They should not underestimate the people. Enough is enough."

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