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Hillsboro job

link to the site containing some unusual Hillsboro "search" job info but not of the kind you would expect!
see the blurb and video  http://otempores.freehttp.com/illegalentry.htm
please tell us how to 20.Aug.2004 21:23

click on

the video so we can see this bastard too!

it's the standard QuickTime movie 20.Aug.2004 21:32

anonymous (as far as this goes)

install the free player  http://www.apple.com/quicktime/products/qt/
Your browser should be able to play it. If not download the movie and play it separately

We should place more cameras, even fake ones 20.Aug.2004 22:08

cop skeptic

One of my uncles accidently broke his vehicle theft prevention device (I think it's marketed as "The Claw"). But he kept placing it loosely on the steering wheel, because it looked like it still worked, and it basically did! It deterred potential thefts.

Clearly placing a camera made this guy more cautious. You know that you can buy fake (but real-looking) cameras really cheap? Even ones that will move and that have blinking "motion" lights. Watching the watchers (or at least pretending to do so). I love it!

Who is the target? 21.Aug.2004 09:29

made up

Who is the target? IF not a name, at least an level of activety to figure out if my subversiveness is high enough to warrant such a visit.

target? activity? 21.Aug.2004 22:37

anonymous (as far as this goes)

lengthy and rough reply to this awfully naive question been posted here